Da’Bomb The Final Answer Hot Sauce, 2-Ounce Glass Bottle

Da’bomb the final answer hot sauce, 2-ounce glass bottle is like the name suggests this is the ‘Final Answer’ to those questioning the Da’ Bomb sauce range. This is rated at an incredible 1,500,000 scoville units. The hottest of all of the Da’ Bomb line. At over a million scoville units this is clearly not for direct consumption, use as a food additive only. Warning: Do NOT eat straight out of the jar!

Quick facts

  • Bottle contains 2-ounces
  • Rated at an incredible 1,500,000 scoville units
  • Warning: do not eat straight out of the jar!, use as a food additive only

Top reviews

Serious Stuff

If you are looking for a way to get someone that thinks they can eat anything hot this is it. I purchased Kick Your Ass sauce which was rated 1,000,000 sc. Put a bunch on a chip and eat it. Nothing. No reaction. The next day Da’Bomb showed up at my door. Thinking that it’s not much worse than the other I put a bunch on a chip…..Wow pain. No Joke pain. Instantly. The first thing in my mind was why did I do that $%^&*(. This product is something that you can add to a soup or something but don’t put anymore than a drop in your mouth at a time. It is a neat experience to put a drop in your mouth, serious pain for about 30 minutes but any more rips your insides. This even from a person that heats habaneros by themselves with his food.

If you are going to play a joke on someone, just a drop is good. The braveheart yesterday had to leave work and didn’t return to normal for about 5 hours. I told him only a drop. His quoto is below when I told him what some other people’s reactions were when they took a drop.

“Tell them my insides are STILL on fuego. I tried on 3 occasions to puke it all up and nothing. I was sitting on the can and decided I’d better pull up my pants in case I passed out on the bathroom floor-that way the person that found me wouldn’t have to see me with my pants around my ankles. I took a piss and it felt like razor blades were coming out. I hope you’re happy!!”

Trust me some fun stuff and the price is much better than the other stuff that pushes the limit.

AleishaMousie, KY

1 for the collection.

This is just one for the shelf. It looks pretty interesting if you hold a flashlight to it. But, the fact it is not an actual EXTRACT and has other ingredients (habanero’s being the first) is why I put this one off for years before finally ordering. THE SOURCE from Original Juan (same company that produces this) @ 7.1 million scovilles is a much better purchase. BUY TWO! One bottle of The Source will last a life. Better yet, grab a 1 mL. vial of 16 MILLION scoville capsaicin crystal from […]
RayHebron, NH

Da Bomb The Final Answer

I bought this sauce with very high expectations for heat. I was disappointed. I know something is wrong, this is supposed to be very very spicy, but when I tried it… it wasn’t too bad at all. I got a bad batch or something. The taste is pretty bad, it’s really earthy… dirt flavor. But I wasn’t expecting good taste, just heat, which didn’t deliver very well. I kept this at a high rating because it’s really spicy, but I just got a bad batch.
RafaelBaker, MN

Excellent for Spicing up Dishes

I love the litter dropper in the lid to add just the right number of drops. It is spicy, but not too bad. For some fun try adding 4-5 drops in your next batch of brownies. It’s actually really good.
EarnestineAnselmo, NE

Hotter than hot!

India is weaponizing the ghost pepper (true story) and in my opinion the idea probably stemmed from the pain and submission that this sauce inflicts upon people. Be VERY careful with this stuff. Just one drop causes myself and all the other insane hot sauce fanatics I know to beg for mercy. It will cause avid tough guy hot sauce lovers to go into retirement.
EleanoreDelmont, SD

Hotter than Heidi Klum and more powerful than a Gorilla on Acid

I bought this hot sauce as my gift for a white elephant party. I had watched several videos of people tasting it and watched them all writhe in pain and many go to the ground. I knew that this stuff was potent and could potentially be used in nuclear weapons. Someone ended up picking it and brought it out to try. I wanted no part of this. While she was attempting to dole out her punishment some of it got on the kitchen table. I went to wipe it up with a rag and accidentally got a small drop on my finger. I instantly washed if off as I didn’t want any of its pain to somehow seep into my skin. 30 minutes later I found out the power that this beast holds. I was talking to some people when all of a sudden it felt like someone had lit my junk on fire. This wasn’t a “when you go raw dogg with some shady club chick” type of burning. This was more like pouring napal down my pants type of burning. Apparently water and soap are not enough to get a drop of this stuff off of your skin. I didn’t know that I had to wear gloves to go take a leak after being in the presence of this hot suace. Safe to say for the next 20-30 minutes I was in more pain than having to watch the Notebook twice in a row.
JeannettaColumbia Falls, MT


Title says it all. I took a dollop of this on a cracker. There is an odd mild and nondescript flavor that I doubt would taint anything. Then the burn begins to build. It just continues to build up until ridiculous levels. The mouth is the easy part, anyone can conquer that and sit mildly while waiting for the 30 minutes to go by. Its the other 3 hours of intense gut pain that makes a man out of you (you don’t see that in the videos). Its worse if you eat it later after a previously eaten meal because it just sits in your stomach burning the hell out of you until all that food goes down the tubes. Sucked both times I did it. Used properly, it puts a mean heat in anything you eat.

Don’t bother trying to be an hero and eating a spoonful, you can’t handle it.

BrookeEugene, MO

Hot yes, tasty no

Lets get this out of the way – I regularly pop whole habanero peppers in my mouth and douse my food with Dave’s Ghost Pepper Insanity Sauce. That being said, I was looking for the next taste bud hot challenge and figured I’d give this a shot.

They don’t lie when they say it’s HOT. I put a single drop on a tortilla chip and although I wasn’t in pain, I was in moderate discomfort for about 10 minutes. I think the thing that got to me the most was that the taste was just not very good. I’m no culinary expert and I’m sure it’s extremely difficult to make something that hot taste good but compared to Dave’s Ghost Pepper Sauce it was bottom shelf in that department. That being said, I will be giving it another chance soon, trying to incorporate it into a hot chili experiment.

Bottom line: If you’re after a sauce to spice up a dish and leave it (mostly) edible for everyone but the diehard hot lovers, I’d recommend sticking with that sauce. If you’re reading these reviews though it’s clear that you want hot, and this sauce doesn’t disappoint.

Heat: 5 stars
Overall product: 3 stars (for taste)

Scoville Scale reference:
Habanero ~ 250k
Dave’s Ghost Pepper Sauce ~ 650k
Da’ Bomb Hot Sauce ~ 1500k

AnnamarieLawsonville, NC

Spicy and a decent taste

Well, yeah the Sauce is awesome. I had a lot of fun with it, especially with friends who say it cant be that hot. Seariously, everyone i know said its the hottest thing they ever had. Since im kinda used to it, it has a great taste at all. But pay attention, dont drop it on your hands, or your hands will start burning and its getting worse when you put them under water.
ShanonUnion Hill, NY

Great Stuff

One drop of this stuff will make almost anyone cry for mercy. It has 1.5 million scoville units which measure heat in food. FYI your average Jalapeño Pepper has 2,500-8,000 s.u. A Habanero chili can have upwards of 350k s.u. A Bhut Jolokia (ghost chili) is the hottest known naturally occurring chili and that has around upwards of 1 million s.u. The Final Answer is 50% hotter than the hottest grown chili. If you want something to break out at parties this is it. I have yet to give it to someone who hasn’t shown physical signs of pain. Even people who eat hot foods on a regular basis will still find this stuff extremely hot. I have had lots of fun with the stuff and would recommend it to anyone.
LeraPlattsburgh, NY

Excellent hot sauce. A good fruity taste and great heat.

A drop at a time in a bowl (or pot) of chili will give you the heat level you want. I will save a lot of money on peppers for my chili. A little on a toothpick brought a fellow heat lover to tears.
RasheedaPhiladelphia, MS

Hottest sauce I own!!!! Unbelievable

I have tried many sauces from Habanero, to 7 Pod and Trinidad Scorpion, to the Ghost Chilli, and to those not too tasty extracts. And this is the hottest one I have. Hard to believe the hottest pepper in this sauce is the habanero. How can this be hotter than the ghost chilli and others I have. Because of the killer pepper extracts in there. If you can’t even handle Ground Zero then don’t even look at the final answer. It’s ground zero knocked up a million notches. Don’t believe me? Try one drop. One drop will leave you drooling and in a lot of pain. It taste pretty bad. It’s only meant to taste hot and hurt you. I don’t suggest one drop straight on the tongue like I did, put it in chilli or on cheese. But If you gotten up the nerve to try it straight then props to you, enjoy the pain.

Worth the money. This small bottle will last you years it’s that hot. And cool for any hotsauce collection.

VerniaGreenville, KY

Mother lovin’ hot

Yes, the final answer is YES, IT IS HOT! Why even ask the question? It is 1.5 million SVU, if you are looking add a little heat, this is not for you, if you want to cry yourself to sleep wondering “WHY, WHY, WHY!!!???”, then you are looking at the right product, IT’S HOT!
KileyMassena, IA

Practical for hotheads

this review ended up a little long, for those who want something quick, if you have any taste buds remaining this will easily provide a satisfying burn. at least when directly applied to your own food. but also works very well when used as an additive.

the flavor starts a little smoky sweet and after 5 seconds it begins to creep in with the heat.

that covers my quick verdict, and how it satisfies the reasons I got it. now here is what was going to be my original review and some personal accounts.

I had read about various hot sauces for several weeks to find something I could be sure would satisfy. while well beyond the realm of a sauce, with a rating of 1.5 million scovilles, about 6 times hotter than an habanero and nearly twice that of the bhut jolokia, is as others have said hot enough to give anything a satisfying burn with a few drops.

my applications so far include on a ritz bits sandwich, on a brownie, tacos, hot chocolate and my sleeping brother.

for those of you that have thoughts of pranking others with something like this, I would at least recommend great care in choosing victims. woke my brother within 5 seconds and had him chugging milk withing 10.

my personal favorite application is one drop on the ritz bits. I nice strong burn for about half an hour and the small endorphin rush that follows is a good pickmeup, but, by no means recommended, I’m abit of an idiot at times and have been told in other scenarios that I have no taste buds.

lastly, so far as I can figure one drop of this in 8 fluid ounces of liquid will raise it about 300 scovilles. so I assumed 4 drops in a cup of hot chocolate would give me about half a jalapeno. well, I could hardly taste the chocolate and my stomach threatened to chew it’s way out alien style.

and I just reminded myself that I got some sauce on my finger nearly 5 hours ago because after all that time and various hand washings my eye still burned after scratching it.

sorry if that’s a little long, but I wanted to add more input to this highly underrated product.

and very lastly. if indeed the dropper releases 50 microliters at a time (the best description of the measurement of a drop I could find) then there are well over a thousand drops in this bottle. though I’m not that great at math, so you don’t have to take my word for the numbers I give here.

happy eating,

TeressaHigh Point, MO

Try and and see for yourself

Let me preface this by saying that I dont even like hot sauce but after marrying a mexican woman and meeting friends who like spicy food I had to try a few things…I first bought some of Dave’s insanity sauces, the ghost pepper and the “hottest sauce in the universe” and when I first tried them I did not think it would be possible to try anything worse, then I found this bottle of terror…Let me tell you, those sauces taste like kethcup compared to this, i put about half the amount on those sauces than I did with this sauce and it was so hot, after about 5 minutes I ended up throwing up lol!! I would not recommend under any circumstances to try it straight out of the bottle, I dont think there is a human being alive that could handle it but if you have a friend who thinks they can handle anything, they will meet their match with this sauce I can guarantee that.
VickiKattskill Bay, NY

Ever wanted to breath fire?

Let’s be honest, most of us buy this for the heat itself – out of curiosity or stupidity.
After trying blair’s ultra death (i think it was at 1 million scoville), i can tell you that this is much hotter as advertised.
1.5 million is not a joke so use one drop per serving.

I would give it a 4/5 because of the lack of flavor and taste. There’s barely anything to enjoy or to look forward to when you use this hot sauce, but that’s expected. I simply use it to make things “hot”, not to enhance taste or for flavor, and it never fails me.
Being that hot, it can last you a long time, worth the $23 dollars.

MelodiMelrose, IA

HOT as Hell

Excellent product! I use a drop on everything. Suprisingly, this hot sauce actually tastes good. I expected it to just be hot, because it includes a pepper extract. But it actually enhances the flavor food, if you like hot.
JedDu Bois, NE


Warning this stuff is hot. Just adding a drop into some pho was too much, but if u like and can handle spice then this is for u, be warned thou! Enjoy.
PeggieSummerville, PA

Damn this is a hot sauce!

Not for the faint hearted! This is really, really hot stuff! I tasted 1 drop on a toothpick and it burnt badly for 10 minutes. But it’s all good:))))
SimaTunnel Hill, GA

Definitely the FINAL answer (for now)

I started with tabasco sauce at age 5, worked my way to jalapenos in my teens, then habaneros, and finally the ghost chili in my 20s. I am always on the hunt for the next HOTTEST sauce as i keep killing my taste buds on this stuff. The last sauce I rolled the dice on was the Dave’s Ghost Pepper sauce and it was fantastic. I thought ghost peppers would be the hottest thing until I got my hands on this little tiny bottle called Da Bomb – The Final Answer. Hmmmm… made from Habaneros and pepper extract? It couldn’t be too bad I thought. Like a champ I put a dime sized blob on a chip and tossed it in my mouth. After a few chews my parents asked me “Well how is it?” I tried to talk and realized once this bad boy goes aerosol or you breathe it you’re done. “It’s goo…. *cough* *cough*” My eyes began to water and the heat took over. This stuff is not a joke, not a game. Over the past year my mouth and tongue has become desensitized to it and I can eat it no problem but the intestines never lie. It feels like the devil himself is laughing while he crawls through your colon, clawing you from within. Do NOT attempt to eat this on an empty stomach. In a pathetic attempt to show off to co-workers I brought it to work and we all tried some before lunch. After a few minutes I felt as if a fiery ulcer had erupted and had to chug about 3 Sodas before it subsided. This is the hottest stuff i’ve found to date… yet i’m still on the hunt. Use at your own… misguided risk.
ZenobiaNewport Coast, CA

The final answer indeed!

I am extremely happy with this product. I used it to add a little fire to my salsa and was not disappointed! Be careful if you get any of the undiluted extract on your skin as it does not easily wash off. The oils are persistent and if you rub your eyes, etc. you will likely feel the burn. If you want a brutally hot sauce, this is the one to use.
DewittMilford, ME

the other reviews are right!

the ingredients are ” habanero peppers,hot pepper extract,apricot nectar,mustard flour,garlic,and allspice.” I wrote a review after trying Da Bomb the first time but now that I’ve had it for a few days i have to revise my statement. I really like this stuff but it’s intense. I started small and thought I was a hot sauce champ so I got cocky and put idk how much on a BBQ sandwich.I got dizzy and confused and was like,”uh-oh” lucky my wife wasn’t there to see it because she’s always lecturing me about spicy food. Around 2 hours later I was pissing razors. I will continue to eat it though,as much as I can stand anyway.
WillPanola, OK

Da Bomb: The Final Answer? Yes.

This sauce is most definitely hot. Not intolerable, but definitely hot, the hottest I own and I have sauces made from the Ghost Pepper. I put a drop about the diameter of a pea on a tortilla chip. Immediately you have the flavor, which isn’t too bad to be honest. Kind of a dark, smoky, pepper fruit flavor. Then the heat shows up and keeps building from a tinge until your mouth feels like its glowing. Maybe its because I wasn’t an idiot who took a spoonful of the stuff, but there was no 30 minute burn. The real burn lasted 5, *maybe* 10 minutes. The gut bomb that everyone talks about? Nonexistent. And I am not one of these people who claim to eat habaneros plain on their own, because I don’t. Personally I have to call BS on the people that say that. Its a bit expensive for a 2 oz bottle, but when all it takes to give something a pleasant heat is a drop or two without changing flavor, its worth the price. This sauce will last you for a while.

Final thought: Dont be a hero and try to take a whole spoonful of this. Not only is it too expensive to use it like that, but take that much and you will regret it.

DovieRickman, TN

Hottest sauce ever.

This is the hottest sauce I have ever had. Just 1 drop in a soup makes my mouth burn for 30 minutes and I start crying. This sauce is not for the faint of heart.
TreenaWestminster, TX

Excellent food additive

Like most other ‘sauces’ in this heat range, this sauce adds heat to a dish without significantly affecting the flavor. When you want to control the flavor of a dish with its other ingredients and just add pure heat, this is ideal. The bottle has a dropper attached to the lid, so it is easy to meter out just the right amount. Although the price seems a bit high for such a small bottle, it really is a good deal since it only takes a small amount to add a lot of heat.
SheridanWest Yellowstone, MT

Heat with flavor

Adds flavor and heat to food. Hot, but not intolerable for those who can handle spicy foods. Purchased as a gift and would buy again.
BetteCherry Valley, AR

The Final Answer? OH YEAH!!

This is one hot extract. I use 1 drop in a bowl of soup and it makes it plenty hot. I also use it to heat up my chili. If you like it hot, but not so over the top you can’t taste the food, then this is the Final Answer you’ve been looking for.
AdamCairo, WV

Very handy

Aside from the obvious benefits of using this product to spice up your food, it also works wonders with multiple other “regular” household problems. Rusted bolts don’t stand a chance against the metal disintegrating power of this product, it works better and faster then WD-40. It also does wonders for pest control as I had a few ants constantly in my garage so I put this stuff in a dish with some syrup in the middle. All the ants died crossing this sauce. I also successfully removed a small grease stain from my garage floor, which isn’t as practical as it is possible because you have to use a majority of the hot sauce.

The sauce itself is unbelievably hot. I’m talking pain inducing I’m too sick to move spicey. I put a squirt on a chip and thought my nose started bleeding. I’d recommend you only use this product in LARGE batches of food (large pot of chili). If you want to experience about as much pain as possible without any long term effects (at least I hope not) take a swig of this stuff. I’d also recommend a comfortable toilet seat and possibly a magazine subscription and some kleenex if you start crying. Amazon really knows what to sell if they are trying to increase product sales in other departments.

NickiSeagoville, TX

Insanely Hot!

I really liked this hot sauce, it is incredibly hot. It’s perfect for pranking friends with, if you’re looking for something like that. My only complaint is that it’s a bit hard when cooking with it to find a good balance of the hot and flavor. Other than that, the heat and flavor are both there and are almost perfect!
AlmetaBivalve, MD


This stuff is pretty dang hot. It doesn’t have the best flavor, but that is understandable for sauce that comes with a dropper. Best used for spicing up a pot of beans and rice or chili. So if you want to try this stuff on a chip or something you better have a half hour or so to deal with the burn…its intense!
LenoraHamler, OH