Dabur Mustard Oil 16.9Oz

Dabur Mustard Oil is the purest mustard oil that has a variety of uses. It is a good oil for hair and skin care, and when used as a cooking medium it enhances the taste of food. Only the finest quality and freshest Mustard seeds go into making the oil.The pungent – tasting mustard oil seed qualifies as popular condiment in most parts of the globe. It can also claim a long and distinguished history as a traditional medicine Used in hair. Known to be extremely beneficial for hair growth. INGREDIENT:MUSTARD SEED OIL

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Tastes Delicious…resolved gum issues…hair seems to be growing faster!

I know this product tastes good because I mix it with salt and use it for gum issues. The gums stay sore after using this mixture on them for about a week to a month but then they heal completely. It takes daily use to get the gums to heal but they eventually do.

Others have said mustard oil stinks. I washed my hair and put some in my hair as usual and a co-worker said “you smell good.” We couldn’t figureo out what it was but the only smell on me was the mustard oil.

Finally, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I think my hair is growing quicker; I put a permanent dye on my hair two weeks ago and now I have to put some more on it; dye normally doesn’t grow out in two weeks on ethnic hair.

What I like about the oil, even if the rest is the placebo effect, is that on ethnic hair, the oil absorbs in about a day and your hair doesn’t feel oily but it is indeed moisturized.

JacquesCurlew, IA

it’s great for natural black hair

I had read in an article about mustard seed oil, how good it is for your hair and how it promotes good hair growth. So i decided to give it a try..First i had to find a website that sold the oil, so i came across I”m soo glad that i took a chance and bought the product from the website…I didn’t have to wait long to receive it..It turns out that the product is working for me very well…Dabur Mustard Oil is really good..The smell is not that bad if you mix it with another can put it in your conditioner..I mixed it with Olive Oil and it works just fine..Give it a try you will love it!! and it’s good on black hair that has no chemicals on it!
SunniBarker, NY