Daddy Hinkle’s Original Instant Marinade Mix, 1.5-Ounce

The original Instant Marinade Mix is our most popular instant marinade. It will tenderize and has a light onion and garlic flavor that does not overpower the natural taste and goodness of meat. Your steaks will taste like they were prepared in a world class steak house. For marvelous pork chops and grilled chicken sprinkle some original on today. Whatever the combination of seasonings, the steaks proved to be irresistible to one and all of the parade of guests, family, and business associates that dined at Daddy Hinkle´s table throughout his lifetime today the marinades, seasonings, and rubs baring the name Daddy Hinkle´s are sold in an ever increasing number of states though out the USA.

Quick facts

  • Two part marinade is quick and easy
  • Just sprinkle on you favorite meat, cook and serve!
  • Each package marinates about 2 pounds of meat
  • Dry and /or wet marinade
  • Pack of 24 1.5-ounce packets

Top reviews


I have been using this stuff for years. I recently moved to Los Angeles and can’t find it out there please get it in Ralphs or Albertsons.
MyrleDeersville, OH