Dalat Peaberry Robusta Whole Bean Coffee, 1lb

We feature all four of the remaining commercial species of coffee still produced in the world. – Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica. Robusta is a “back palate” coffee for the 50% of people in the world who are not “front palate” people. Many people who have never found their perfect coffee are “back palate” people and fall in love with good Robusta when they find it. Vietnamese Robusta from the Dalat Highlands is the secret ingredient in Italian espresso. Its lush body, chocolatey taste, and excellent aftertaste are a product of the rich basaltic soil in Vietnam, and the fact that they are able to sun-dry the coffee cherries, which develops Robusta’s natural sweetness. Peaberries are round, unsplit coffee beans that have a sharper, more complex flavor. Why Robusta? Scientific tests have shown that people around the world, including the USA, are evenly divided between “front palate” people and “back palate” people. We find that people who respond well to Vietnamese coffees in general tend to be “back palate” people, and Robusta excites primarily the back of the palate. In particular, Vietnamese high-altitude Robusta has developed indigenously to be almost its own subspecies, and the gourmet Robusta from this region is exceptionally delicious, quite unlike the low-altitude versions and Brazilian Robusta. High caffeine, high body, low acid, very smooth. Fresh roasted weekly and vacuum-packed in foil vent bags.

Quick facts

  • Chocolatey taste, very smooth
  • Great for espresso
  • High caffeine, high body, low acid
  • Back palate coffee
  • NOTE: PayPal coffee claims to ship this product, they do not, this is our ctatalog registered item and only we carry this high-altitude robusta. If you order from PayPal Coffee, please do not send complaints to us.

Top reviews

robusta beans

I use Robusta beans for their higher caffeine content. Couldn’t find it locally, a little hard to find even on the web. I’m glad I found it on Amazon. Also, having it in bean form works better because it can grind the way I want it.
AnabelPlymouth, NE