Daniele Bresaola Dry Cure Meat Whole, 32-Ounce Bags


Quick facts

  • 32 oz avg chub of dry cured Bresaola
  • Made from 100% lean beef
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Excellent old fashion Italian raw food that tastes super

-These kind of cold cured meat products never go over 100 degree in Fahrenheit, yet for 1000’s of years this process preserves meat and while retaining all the nutrition and enzymes of raw. It tastes just awesome like a beef prosciutto.
-Prosciutto, ham is salted and then air dried for a period of up to two years. After curing, prosciutto is sliced into paper thin pieces which are usually slightly transparent. It is typically eaten uncooked.
-I have a Mandolin slicer that I use to shave the Bresaola very thin. Watch out very addictive with cheese and crackers. Maybe some wine too.
AugustineMaugansville, MD

Hard to find

The Bresaola Dry Cure Meat is very good but not excellent.
You need a restaurant quality slicer to do it justice.
SusyRhinelander, WI

Just like in Italy

I purchased Daniele Bresaola about a year ago for the first time and was very skeptical. The item arrived very well packaged in a sealed bag and with an ice pack. Since then I have ordered it 4 more times, the quality of the product is excellent. Sometimes the amount of salt added differs, but generally the quality is similar to italian. I first tried bresaola in Italy, so I know what it is supposed to taste like. The only recommendation I have is slicing it with a professional knife very thin. This makes the meat easier to digest and you would fully enjoy each single slice.
NanciClinton, MT


This was very delicious. I loved it. There was more than we could eat in the time frame we had, but it sure was delicious.
AronTarzana, CA