Danielle Crispy Fruit Chips, Honey Banana, 2-Ounce Bags

Our Danielle snack chips are hand selected and cooked to perfection using the vacuum frying method, in which selected fruit pieces are put in a vacuum chamber, and a fine mist of heated non-hydrogenated palm oil is sprayed on the fresh fruit pieces under very low pressure and high temperature. This process retains pureness and flavor of the fruits and absorbs less oil than conventional frying methods.

Quick facts

  • Thick-cut Gourmet vegetable and fruit chips, hand-selected and hand-cooked in small batches for best quality
  • Perfect for any occassion. From the fanciest to the most casual of picnics, every single snacking experience can now be more exciting
  • All natural, no preservatives and no trans fat
  • No Trans Fat

Top reviews

edible….. but barely!

so i purchased the mango and coconut just based on the other reviews, as people said they were so amazing, addictive etc.
i was looking for a yummy, relatively guilt free snack, and thought these might be perfect.

ok. so i just tried both of them. the coconut is fine. nothing i’m excited to have to ever taste again but definitely better than the
typical 99cent variety that you typically find. i will try to put these in my kids lunch boxes and hopefully they will get eaten over time.
best case scenario.

as to the mango-blech! really people? you LIKE these??! they are puffed up, and look like “mango fries” which sounds better than they
taste. these are simply gross and i know that even my kids never want to eat these–so these are a big, expensive, gross lesson, as these
go in the garbage.

save your money, this stuff is nasty.

BrunoCaryville, TN

Danielle Sweet Mango Chips are Simply the Best!

My wife discovered the Danielle Sweet Mango Chips at a Cost Plus World Market. I hate to think of the fuel we burned going to every one of their markets in the Seattle area looking for more.

The Mango chips are outstanding – intense flavor, good crunch – with the added bonus of being sugar,gluten and preservative free.

Having owned a restaurant in Mexico which had a huge mango tree in the patio. I learned how great the naturally ripened fruit really tastes. Most of the mangos we find in markets here are still green and lack the mature, well-developed flavor of tree-ripened fruit. The Danielle Sweet Mango Chips capture the pure essence of ripe mango flavor!

We’ll be setting up a recurring order with Amazon so that we’ll never have to be without our favorite snack.

EldaCadiz, KY

Tastes wonderful – but….

These taste wonderful – on the flavor I have no complaints at all… afterall, I love coconut and that’s why I made this purchase – these were meant to be a tasty and healthful little snack for the kids and I. I do, however, want to let others know that the amount per package is really small, the pieces are also not very large (after a short time of nibbling you almost feel as though you should have just bought a package of shredded coconut from the local market and toasted it in your oven… or even had purchased a fresh coconut)… as far as “bang for your buck” these got a thumbs down for me. I have no problem spending more money for healthy goods for my family, I see it as a very worthy splurge – but, these left me disappointed… bag full of air and a small palm-ful of toasted coconut… 🙁
KatriceArnett, OK

Does NOT taste like durian at all!!!

I was so excited for durian chips because I love durian fruit. But these just taste like regular potato chips. Absolutely NO indication that they are actually durian at all! Considering durian has a very strong, distinct smell, and these chips have absolutely no trace of this smell, I’m pretty sure it’s just potato. What a huge disappointment. And no returns?? never again. DO not buy!!
CicelyGoldfield, NV

High quality Durian chips

I’ve had fresh durian chips from Thailand before, and these are very comparable. Very crisp and not too salty. Probably the only way to get Durian chips in the states.
JustineZephyr, TX

Delicious and crunchy!

Big, crunchy ribbons of coconut that look a little like paper gone through a shredder to give you an idea of the shape. While not very substantial, these are very tasty little morsels. They are very flavorful (coconutty, of course) and just slightly sweet. Fun to munch on, though I do wish there was more in a bag… a little pricy for single serve, and 2 oz couldn’t make for more than that.
BasiliaWoodworth, WI

Danielle Banana chips & Mango chips

Danielle chips are just delicious. They are also all natural and have no chemicals, preservatives or additives…such a rare occurrence nowadays. My son has autism and is on a very special diet…gluten, casein and soy free…he LOVES the banana chips and mango chips and I feel good that he is eating something fun and healthy. I also love that they are a US company right out of Boston, MA…my hometown!! Great value, great product!!
DiaFoster, MO

Most Delicious Coconut Chips

I am from a country, where coconuts are the thing. 😛 we have them on the streets, even on the backyard, pretty much all year long. I am now in the US where a fresh conconut is not the same :(. SO when i saw these chips in the store(TJMax), i was pretty intrigued. I cannot believe how good they are. They taste just like coconut, not overly sweet, but just like a coconut tastes like! I cannot wait to get moreeee!!!
JulietBig Timber, MT


You get what you pay for!
These are the best tasting coconut chips ever created.The flavor is intense without being tooo sweet.Once you try these you will become addicted and will be a repeat customer forever.Don’t forget to try the other choices in the line-up, you will be equally pleased.
YuonneFerndale, PA

Perfect for a number of uses:)

I learned of this item from a healthy food blog. These have surprised me to be even better!! Sweet, crunchy, and slightly salty. All natural and super healthy! Perfect for adding to breakfasts, salads, desserts, or straight out of the bag as a healthy snack. So glad I didn’t wait on my Whole Foods to start offering these.
AldoMount Pocono, PA


These are a great gluten free snack! I eat them alone or add them as a topping on yogurt. They are crunchy, slightly salty/sweet, not greasy and travel well in a hot car. If you like coconut, I bet you will be a fan of these chips! Be advised, if you are expecting these to be the size of a potato chip, they aren’t. They are big rectangular shreds about an inch long.
EstefanaSwanlake, ID


Danielle coconut chips are the best things ever in life. I first found them at a airport gift shop on a phoenix layover and I’ve been addicted ever since. They carry these at Whole Foods, but the supply is always sketchy and random, so ordering them online in a 6 pack always seems like a good option.

Here are the flavors that I really like:
1. Coconut – the best ever
2. Mango
3. Honey Banana
4. Tangy Pineapple
5. Sweet Potato

The okra ones are okay, so are the taro and the durian, I find the jackfruit ones disgusting, the pumpkin ones are gross and the carrot ones are SUPER icky (but I despise carrots, so I may be biased)

PingGlenmora, LA

I’ve gone Bananas over these Banana Chips!!!!

My first exposure to these chips was at a local gourmet deli. I hestitated to purchase them due to the price ($3.25 for a 2 oz bag) but I bought them anyway. I AM SO GLAD I DID! These taste nothing like any banana chip I have ever tasted. They are simply DELICIOUS!!! The flavor is sweet but non-geasy and the chips have a nice crunch with a light as air puffy texture. The Ingredients: Just fresh Bananas and palm oil – that’s it. No preservatives – No Trans fat. The only down side is the price, HOWEVER, if you order them through Amazon’s subscription service you will get them at a better price.(you can choose how often you want them delivered). I couldn’t wait to place my order and now I will be receiving them on a regular basis. TRY them, you won’t be dissapointed!
CesarMiddlebranch, OH

Liked Them The First Time

I liked them the first time I bought them. Then, I bought like 6 bags and had 1 chip and just really didn’t like them. Too much of a good thing I guess. Best to eat these with moderation.
JoyaSmithville, IN

Loving my coconut chips!

Great crispy texture, delicately sweet flavor. Large enough portion for sustained snacking. I can imagine it would be awesome in combination with other sweet things, like cakes or ice cream. Chips are long, slightly curled, and narrow, about 0.5cm-1cm in thickness by 1.5-5cms in length.
KarmenMacdoel, CA

Expensive, but good

It’s pretty expensive considering how much chips is actually in the package. But, it tastes great (similar to durian chips I’ve had in Thailand) & healthy to boot. If you’ve never tried durian / heard notorious things about the fruit / hated how the actual fruit tasted, fear not! It doesn’t taste/smell remotely like the fruit: more like non-oily potato chips with a smooth buttery aftertaste.
RafaelaMc Dermott, OH

Super addicting!!!

I usually don’t like artificial coconut flavored stuff, but this roasted coconut chip is soooo good. I ate the 1 whole bag on my way to work, though I do not recommend doing that. The chips are crispy and sweet, with a strong coconut flavor. I would give the jackfruit one a try if Amazon sells the 6-packs rather than the 20-packs one. In short, if you like coconut in general, or even if you are not a big fan of coconut, give it a try and you will be amazed!!
MylesCassville, GA

Roasted Coconut Chips

These roasted coconut chips are absolutely fabulous. A nice little snack treat that is creamy in taste and crispy in texture. They have a true coconut flavor as there are no preservatives.
MilfordNewton Falls, NY

The perfect treat!

These things are unbelievably good and satisfy so many cravings all at once.

First – they are crunchy, so if you have a need for a snack with crunch, this is perfect.

Second – the are both sweet AND a little bit salty. Just enough salt to add a slight tang to the flavor.

The texture is great, and the 2-ounce bag is the perfect size … for yourself. You won’t want to share.

DolorisGlendora, CA

Perfect snack!

A co-worker shared her coconut chips with me yesterday and I liked them so much that I immediately went to the internet to see where I could buy them. Living in a secluded place, there is no store close by but the company suggested I try Amazon. I am happy to see the chips available and with the added help of auto-delivery. Thanks to Danielle and Amazon for a great product and service!
ArianeNewmanstown, PA


A coworker just brought these into the office–surprisingly good! Sweet and tangy with a good crunch, unlike dried pineapple but not too greasy. wow! Definitely check these out if you get a chance.
RyannBretton Woods, NH

Tropical Treat

If you love coconut, then this is for you. As a bona fide coco-‘nut’, I can tell you this product is delicious…crispy and lightly sweet wide flakes. The drawbacks are that the bag contains a pretty small amount and the pieces are brittle and break. That being said, the coconut is great for snacking or garnishing desserts/baked goods.
WilburHankins, NY


I first purchased this Danielle product at all places, Marshalls. I was on my way to the movies, and was looking for something to munch on, and somehow found this bag to look appetizing. I immediately opened in my car to see if I was gonna like this hidden snack before I got all comfy during coming attractions.
Oh WOW…I was hooked. I literally had to force myself to stop eating, and wait until I got to the movies. It took a lot of restraint, and (I’m a picky foodie when it comes to snacks.) I enjoyed every little tidbit of Coconut in the bag, and was sad when it was gone.
When the movie ended, I googled where I can find this snack, and found out it was only sold in stores in the New York area. Somehow Marshalls ended up with this product due to some overstock not sold, or in some other capacity. I hit the Marshalls the next day, and sadly found all the Coconut sold out. I purchased the Pineapple in hopes it had the same kind of taste the Coconut had, but no…it was horrible.
I’ve been looking high and low for this at other local Marshalls, but no luck. I finally caved in, and purchased here. I’m excitedly waiting for my 12 bag order.
If you LOVE Coconut as much as I do, you will truly love this snack. I agree with others, for the price, the bag should have a bit more to enjoy.
VanettaEstacada, OR


These are great tasting. I like the larger size instead of the macroon size coconut flake. The only draw back is if you’re not into sharing you will be slapping alot of hands.
AdelinaStoneham, ME

Nutty and delicious

I tasted these at a produce trade show – and they were so delicious! I happen to love durian but these have none of the infamous smell. they are nutty, salty, and delicious, tasting more like the boiled durian seed. My only complaint was that the chips were perhaps crushed in transit and very very tiny.
CoralGardenville, PA

Love these coconut chips! Fast delivery.

The coconut chips are delicious and seriously addictive. I wish there were more coconut in my neighborhood rather than pineapple or banana.
DongMoreland, ID


After buying coconut chips at Trader Joe’s and loving them, I had to find more (I don’t live near a Trader Joe’s). Found these on Amazon and HOPED they would be the same kind of product. Was excited to find out they are! They’re basically shaved pieces of coconut that are baked/roasted. Ingredients listed on the bag are fresh coconuts, sugar, and salt. They’re delicious and have the perfect crunch! As a bonus, they’re a natural treat. I eat them as a snack all by themselves; my toddler loves them too! The six-pack will last us quite a while.
ChunWilton, WI

Heavenly snack for a coconut lover!

We’re on vacation in Maui and I happened to pick up a bag Danielle’s coconut chips from a shave ice vendor down the street. I LOVE coconut but get discouraged by all the over-sugared options. These are WONDERFUL! I have 2-year-old twin boys, and I couldn’t get them to stop eating them. I was so eager to get my hands on more that I emailed our local Whole Foods from the beach, only to find out that they don’t carry the coconut flavor. I begged them to reconsider – but then I discovered that Amazon carries them, so all my troubles are over. 🙂 Really, if you like coconut, give these a try! (By the way, the mango is delicious, too!)
CarmenSouthwest, PA

Golden Durian chips

This are amazing! 🙂
I and my family enjoyed the Durian Chips so much!
Though it is a little pricey for the amount of chips in tha bags.
KoriMechanicsville, VA

You can’t even imagine how good these are.

I LOVE them. The pineapple are INCREDIBLE. These are so delicious that they are worth ordering in bulk and having on hand.
PhyliciaLoyalton, CA