Danish Butter Cookies, 4-Pound

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies 4 Pound Tin Each Tin contains approximately 240 Assorted Danish Butter Cookies. Please note this product is seasonal and may come in a holiday festive tin as seen in the second picture.

Quick facts

  • Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies 4 Pound Tin
  • Each tin has approximately 240 Danish Butter Cookies
  • Makes a great holiday gift
  • Great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years

Top reviews


Purchased these expensive cookies on December 12th based on the LIE that they would be shipped in 4 to 5 days. THE LIARS shipped the cookies on December 22nd UPS ground. This product is a rip off and sold by FRAUDS. DO NOT WASTE your time and energy dealing with such FRAUDS, go to a local store and buy, like we ended up doing anyways. What a WASTE OF MONEY. I will be back in to post another review about how BAD the cookies taste when I do get them. You can look for that around New Years.
GwenRange, AL

Knock off Danish cookies!

This is not the true Danish brand for sugar cookies. The sugar crystals looked and tasted like sand granules. The cookies were bland not rich and buttery. I will not buy this brand ever again. Thank goodness Costco had the authentic brand!
FloKissee Mills, MO

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies are pretty good, but not as good and buttery as Jacbsens Imported Danish Butter Cookies. Royal Dansk Butter cookies not as flavorful as Jacbsens Imported Danish Butter Cookies.
ClydeTuskegee, AL

royal dansk danish butter cookies

I was disappointed about this. It was a birthday gift and it arrived very late. Won’t use them again. Not good service.
ShalonOchelata, OK


I liked the cookies very much. They were more expensive then I thought they should be.
KierstenCulloden, GA

Great cookies for a gift and for yourself!

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies 3.3 Pound Tin

These cookies are absolutely wonderful! I bought these as a Christmas present for my aunt. I ordered two tins of the cookies twice by mistake, but I’m glad I did! I gave one tin to my mother-in-law and kept one tin for my family. The cookies are so good that next year I may order even more! I highly recommend them.

Lynne Buchanan
Plano, Texas

LaurenceRevere, MO


This is one of those gifts you send to yourself! And, maybe, of course, EVERYONE else you know! They really are that good. They use clear sanding sugar on the sugar cookies and boy, well, there just aren’t enough cows in the world to get all the milk you need to dunk those things! Think I’ll have to order another tin! The best part, however, is that they seem to last forever, even though it seems like you’ve been eating them forever, they take forever to disappear. A good thing too because you never tire of their melt-in-your-mouth taste. Been buying them for years. Highly recommend!
MollySardis, OH


For 28 years I have told my husband about being a little girl where every Christmas I was looking forward to going to my Grandma’s home in PA where she had these great bubble lights on her tree and this Danish can of Danish cookies, that I loved (No, she was not Danish but had great taste!.) My husband being of Scandinavian American ancestry, never had these great cookies? I have come across them in the past, but they were not the real thing from Denmark.

He surprised me on my Birthday, with the REAL DANISH cookies, although they did arrive AFTER my birthday, they were just as I remembered them and a lot of cookies! LOL. Being a child, I used to dunk them also in hot chocolate, therefore, being an adult, I tried them with coffee.
EVEN BETTER! They are also terrific for Tea Time (for herbal tea drinkers).

The only thing negative I can say is they are addicting because they are delicious (as they may be butter cookies but they are light) and there are a lot of them! So I am offering samples to friends and neighbors. Otherwise, I could eat them all in about 4 weeks as they are that YUMMY! Not a SOFT cookie, a hard cookie with a lot of flavor and light (nut buttery tasting). Simply terrific.

LarhondaCortez, CO


They came in two days, just before Christmas.

They’re delicious and there’s a lot of them. I highly recommend them if you like cookies.

CarterWest Barnstable, MA

A splendid Christmas present

These cookies made a splendid Christmas present for relatives who lived too far for us to visit for the holidays. They were high in quality, delivered promptly, and helped add cheer to a Christmas party. Everyone who tried them told us that they enjoyed the cookies, and so people felt our presence at the party even though we could not attend.
StacyGonvick, MN

these cookies take the cake!

I just love these cookies – the texture is somewhere between a sugar cookie and shortbread but with a nice buttery note that is unlike either of the others. The best I could describe the flavor is sort of like pound cake, but in crisp cookie form. Perfect with tea, coffee, milk or even just by themselves.

These tins are great to give as gifts during the holidays too; I’ve never met anyone young or old that didn’t like them. They are well packaged with the little muffin liners so rarely a broken one and they keep for a really long time. The tin seals nice and tight and is reusable.

Pleased with this product and happy to recommend.

JoseEden, SD

Favorite cookies of all time

I think these are the best cookies ever. I only wish I could buy them year ’round. I can only find them
during the holiday season. My 98 year old mother loves these cookies also. I bought this tin to give to her
for Christmas. They are already gone.
ZackMammoth Cave, KY


The metal cover has severely disformed. And most of the cookies inside have been crushed into small pieces. Shopping experience is awful. I’ll never buy it online again.
JeannaNew London, CT

Dented container, broken cookies

the cookies, as always were tasty although darker baked than I usually receive, pkg was slightly torn and cookies mostly broken, glad it was fir my own use I would not have wanted these to be a gift arriving with dented container and broken cookies
DemarcusSonnette, MT

Legal addication

I generally get these at Costco–but they only handle them at Christmas. As I bit the last of the Christmas lot I had already started withdrawal anxiety. Luckily I had remembered by secret name and Amazon came to my rescue. Three-a-day is all you need to continue to function “normally.” More than that leads to a phone call from Mayor Bloomberg.
KareyBristol, GA

royal danish cookies tastes great

royal danish butter cookies in a big 4lb round blue tin can

it has lots of buttery taste.

the shipment went well. i’ve had a nice comment from
my kids. it’s a perfect xmas and i would say, for
other occasions.

CeciliaSteuben, ME

Sooo Good!

These cookies are absolutely delicious. Bought a tin for Christmas treats at home, gave a few small plates away to the neighbors, and still had plenty left for my husband and I. Was glad to see they are still in stock. I’m going to order another tin for Valentines Day treats. (Any excuse will due to have some more of these wonderful tasting cookies in the house.)
MarivelBriar, MO