Dare Cookies, Lemon Creme, 12.3-Ounce Packages

Baked in a nut free/peanut free facility. Product of Canada.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 12.3-ounce packages of lemony sandwich cookies (147.6 total ounces)
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients, including wheat flour, lemon juice, and natural flavors
  • Tangy lemon treat is perfect for dipping in milk; no artificial colors or flavors
  • Makes a sweet and decadent after-dinner treat both kids and adults will love
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Pass me an infant so that I may spike it

If I were a suicide bomber I would request that Allah give me 72 boxes of these cookies and keep the virgins for himself. Never have I tasted a cookie with such elegance and grace as this lemon treat bestowed upon us by the fine folks at Dare Foods. And who else but America’s hat could deliver us a cookie worthy of Zeus himself. If a representative from Dare foods approached me and propositioned me to kill his estranged ex wife because the alimony payments (Do they even have alimony in Canada?) were getting to be too much of a burden and he needed a hitman on a budget, I would take as payment 597 boxes of these cookies, plus any gas and tolls incurred.
ChristenEast Spencer, NC

Luscious Lemon Luxury

I had a craving for a lemon something sweet. Not pie. Not candy. Cake? Oh, a bit too much. But the craving would not go away. I thought about baking some lemon cookies, but dismissed that idea. I’m a good baker, but I was not in the mood for it.

So I went to the supermarket and checked at the bakery. I got donut. Well, I didn’t buy donuts; I mean the bakery had no lemon cookies. Then I checked the cookie aisle. These were the only lemon cookies I could find. I was shocked! And they were on the top shelf at the end of the aisle, where the merchandisers like to place the pricey stuff. Not that one could miss that green and yellow package, and why do they show a cockatiel? I was skeptical, but the craving had evolved into an obsession, so I bought them, expecting to be completely disappointed.

They are wonderful! Best new cookie I’ve tried in many years. These are sandwich cookies with more heft than Oreos. The cookie is made short and not too sweet. The cream is a perfect concoction of smooth, lemony and sweet. The overall flavor and texture of this cookie is truly fine. They are unquestionably lemon, but not overbearing.

Best of all, these go wonderfully with tea. There’s nothing worse than an overly sweet cookie with tea! A perfect match with black, green or oolong. I wouldn’t recommend them with a spiced tea. I enjoyed them very much with Numi Organic Tea Magnolia Puerh, 16-Count Full Leaf Tea Bags (Pack of 2)

Bonus points for those looking for cookies made in a nut-free factory.

MaximoRoopville, GA

If you like lemon, you’ll love these cookies

These sandwich cookies have a shortbread-like exterior and plenty of sweet-tart lemon filling. They’ve been my favorite commercially baked cookie for years.

Dare is a Canadian company and also makes chocolate, cocoanut, maple and perhaps other flavors of sandwich cookies, and they’re all excellent.

PenneyHarper, OR

Best lemon cookies out there!

I miss the old Lemon Coolers that are no longer made and I am always on the lookout for lemon cookies to satisfy that craving. I came across these the other day at the Fresh Market and they are delicious.
I was first attracted to the packaging and then when I realized they were lemon, I had to try them. The filling on the inside is awesome!
I guarantee satisfaction.
EusebioRew, PA

dare lemon cookies

I used to buy these cookies when we lived in California, but when we moved to New Mexico I couldn’t find them anywhere. So I decided to try and find them at Amazon and low and behold there they were. My husband has 3 of these every morning with his coffee. They have such a delicious lemon taste. I would recommend them to anyone.
GenieMelvin Village, NH

Dare Brand- Best Commericial Lemon Cookies

I’m Canadian. When I moved to Indiana to work, I was horrified that I could not find my favourite Dare Cookies. (Lemon Creme and Ultimate Maple). Every time I fly home to Saskatchewan, I go on a shopping spree and fill a huge box with goodies from home. Then I ship it south to Indiana.

Today, I decided to check on line to see if Dare Cookies could now be purchased on line at a reasonable price. I was delighted to find they were available through Amazon! As an Amazon Prime member, I can even get them shipped for free. That’s a real bonus.

Now if someone will just start selling EatMore Bars!!!

EdnaEastport, ME

Mrs. Hecht

How can you compare a cookie made of chocolate, marshmallow, and raspberry to a lemon cookie. Dare makes both – Whippet and Lemon Creme. They are both just as good, no great. Best cookies ever!
SeanWilliamstown, MO

Yum Yum!

Very high quality cookies. The lemon flavor is much more intense than some other cheaper brands. These are great!
RolandoWalker, KS