Dare Whippet Cookies, Raspberry, 8.8-Ounce Packages

A heavenly cloud-like marshmallow cookie coated in pure dark chocolate. Enrobed with pure chocolate. Quebec’s favorite since 1927. 0 g Trans fat. Since its creation by the Viau family in 1927, the irresistibly sinful taste of Dare Pure Chocolate Whippet has been Quebec’s favorite cookie for generations. Whippet is a heavenly cloud-like marshmallow cookie that is smothered in a pure dark chocolate for a taste that is sure to satisfy your every desire. Prepared in a nut free/ peanut free facility. Product of Canada.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 8.8-ounce chocolate-covered raspberry and marshmallow cookies (105.6 total ounces)
  • Made with cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, raspberries, and wheat flour
  • Real, fresh-tasting raspberry filling covered in rich dark chocolate; zero gram trans fat per servings
  • One of Quebec’s favorite cookie for generations
  • Baked in Canada in a 100% nut- and peanut-free facility

Top reviews


If you love good chocolate and raspberry together Whippet Cookies with Raspberry are for you! I serve them as dessert on many occasions and since we cannot purchase them in US supermarkets they are an extra treat. Actually, they are BETTER than sliced bread!!!!
JimMandan, ND

Whippet Cookie

I LOVE this cookie and can’t find it. Sooo I would like a notification when it’s available.
SigneSand Point, AK


This product arrived in excellent condition and is delicious. I have trouble finding this product or anything even close to it. It is also reasonably priced
LindsayFort Valley, VA


I love these cookies. So I decided to order them in bulk. They arrived stale and smashed. I will be cancelling my next order. I was very disappointed.
KarenSouth Canaan, PA

Didn’t Get Excited

This cookie has a thin graham crust with a slim layer of raspberry topped with a lot of marshmallow and covered entirely in dark chocolate. If these ingredients work well for you, you will love this cookie. I was hoping it would have more raspberry and less marshmallow but that wasn’t the case…I could only give it a 3 star.
AbeDanville, ME

Fresh Fresh Fresh Cookies

I had given up finding these cookies, searched everywhere. Couldnt believe I found them here. Other than having to buy them in bulk, these cookies are marvelous. Fresh and tasty. We went thru two boxes already.Thank you for carrying them. I highly recommend these if marshamallow and chocolate are your thing. The raspberyy is a bonus. YUMMY.
CecilleHartford, IL

Whippet cookies-great!!!

I have been looking for these cookies for a decade- finally found them here. They were great- just like I remembered them. The chocolate coating was cracked, probably due to shipping, but that didn’t detract from the taste! Will probably order more soon!
GarthMonrovia, MD

easily addicting

I love these cookies! It is just the right amount of raspberry to accent the flavor. Plus it is like a raspberry jelly and not just some red colored stuff. The cookie is flaky enough without being too brittle. The chocolate is not waxy like American chocolate can be. And of course, the marshmallow is fresh, soft, and luscious. It properly melts in my mouth. Should I be embarrassed that I order these cookies by the case?
GeorgineHenrietta, NY

Best cookies ever

On a visit to Quebec, I discovered those “melt in your mouth” cookies and had to find out where I could find them here in the US. The pure dark chocolate alone is heaven. Even my husband who rarely eat cookies loved them. You eat one you’re hooked.
BethannBeecher Falls, VT

Best Cookie Ever!

These are the best cookies I have ever had. The chocolate melts away in your mouth as you taste the whisper of marshmallow. The cookie is moist and the raspberry – yummy. I love this cookie.
JesusaMelrose, MT