Darford Mega-P ‘Nut Bone Dog Treat, 7-Ounce

Darford’s Original 7-ounce. Mega Bones come in 6 different varieties – Bacon, Salmon, Mint, P ‘Nut Butter, Turkey and Cheez. All are slow-baked with All Natural Ingredients. No Corn or Soy. All North American sourced ingredients with no added salt or chemicals and no artificial colors or flavors.

Quick facts

  • Hard-baked to support clean teeth
  • All natural ingredients, no corn or soy
  • Healthy additions: flax seeds and brewer’s yeast
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Naturally preserved

Top reviews

poor quality

I received this product and eagerly offered the dog the first biscuit out of the box. She stepped back and walked away without hesitating. I smelled the biscuit and it had a rancid peanut butter smell to it. I checked the other 9 in the box and they all smelled the same…bad. What a shame since we had purchased these previously and the dog enjoyed them. I won’t be purchasing anymore online and will stay with the local pet store for fresh treats.
AntoniaGilbert, IA