Dark Chocolate Dipped Apricots, 2 Lb Box

Our huge Australian glace apricots are hand dipped in our premium dark chocolate. Great for a dinner party dessert or just to indulge yourself. (9 per one pound)

Quick facts

  • Premium Jumbo Australina Glace Apricots
  • Dipped in Premium Dark Chocolate
  • Makes a great dessert at a dinner party or hostess gift.
  • At least 18 apricots in a 2 lb box
  • Makes a great gift for any apricot lover

Top reviews

Rave reviews!

I order these chocolate covered apricots over and over again as gifts and for my own indulgence. Such plump and moist apricots—never dry or stringy in tecture. Love both the dark and milk chocolate dipped. Wish they had white chocolate, too. An assortment of milk, dark and milk chocolate dipped apricots would be even better!

A Very Satisfied Customer

DenaeAnawalt, WV

Major Disappointment

I’ve been a “connoisseur” of dark-chocolate-dipped apricots for years and this is the first time I’ve ordered them from Amazon.

This brand, Old Naples, was a real disappointment.

The apricots have an artificial flavor, a strong aftertaste, and a stale, jelly-like texture. It was not at all the melt-in-your mouth, sticky-sweetness that I have experienced from other brands.

The chocolate layer is thin but more importantly, it’s cheap chocolate. It’s a waxy, flavorless, too-sweet chocolate that barely even looks like dark rather than milk chocolate.

On the positive side, each one was individually sealed in cellophane so they weren’t as messy as I expected, and the simple gold box was attractive.

I would not order these again.

BeataCrystal Spring, PA

chocolate glazed apricots

Delicious but messy; chocolate mostly off apricots but still very tasty; package must have gone through a tumbling dryer; apricots still out of this world
KaterineHope, KS

dark chocolate apricots

Simply delicious! Moist, soft and rich! Totally delectable and satisfying… I’d order them again. These have always been a favorite of mine and my family.
SuellenBruceton Mills, WV

Addictive and expensive.

These are sweet, delicious, addictive and quite expensive at approximately $5 per piece.
The apricot flavor is explosive and natural tasting to me.
I disagree with the reviewer who said they are “artificial flavor, a strong aftertaste, and a stale, jelly-like texture.” The chocolate is dark chocolate, not milk chocolate, and it does appear to have a higher cocoa butter content to make it more firm on the moist apricot, but I would not describe it as “waxy”.
I highly recommend these as an occasional indulgence.
BobetteMillington, IL

If I only could have these delivered automatically every week!

Very, very high quality and extremely delicious! I can’t indulge in them as often as I’d like but would if I could. The dark chocolate is rich and flavorful and the apricots are succulent. Enthusiastically recommended!
VoncileIone, CA