Dark Costa Rican Tarrazu, Whole Bean Coffee, 5 Pound Bag

Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world’s premiere coffee growing regions, thanks to its volcanic soil and ideal drainage. Costa Rican coffees tend to be more acidic then some, with chocolaty and subtle fruity undertones. We bring this to the French roast level for a fuller bodied and more complex cup than the standard light Costa Rican.

Quick facts

  • Coffee is roasted fresh immediately prior to packaging
  • Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out a fuller, more even flavor
  • Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer
  • Coffee beans are packaged to ensure optimal freshness
  • 100% Dark Costa Rican coffee beans

Top reviews

Not my favorite!

Upon opening the bag, I noticed smell was somewhat on the spicy side not sweet enough for us. Higher acidity level comes out in the flavor leaving a bitter after taste. Better than grocery store coffee though!
TieshaBuzzards Bay, MA

Just about as good as it gets-Coffee Bean Direct Dark Costa Rican Tarrazu

From a purist with a passion for excellent Central American coffee … this is the ultimate. What sets these guys apart is their roasting skills. Not too little, not too much, a glisten of oil, a color of polished mahogany, a thick body and mouth feel, and all the complexity of true coffee flavor.
FernandoMichael, IL

All right for the price!

I have tried the Costa Rica and Brazilian flavors so far. I prefer the Costa Rica blend. The Brazilian dark roast is nice and dark but seems to be missing something of flavor. However compared to the 8 O Clock coffee this Coffee Bean direct coffee is much better and a better value!
ErinnChicago Heights, IL

super coffee

All I can say is it is the best coffee we have ever had. We have 15 lbs shipped to the house once a month. That says it all!!!
JacqulineSwannanoa, NC

Delicious, almost as good as Cafe Britt

I’ve been buying Costa Rican coffee direct from that country’s largest export roaster for over a decade and love their products, especially their Tarrazu, Tres Rios and Poas blends. But prices have been creeping up faster than other coffees.

I tried this blend of Tarrazu from Coffee Bean Direct. I think this flavor is just a tiny bit less fabulous than the other brand, but still delicious. It’s robust, flavorful, not overpoweringly strong, and not burnt or bitter tasting. I’m satisfied to drink it daily. The delivery service is equally fast, just 2 or 3 days from order date.
The savings are significant enough that I think it’s worth a try; it’s less than $8 / pound, where the other is about $13.00 / pound when you buy 5 lbs.

I also tried Coffee Bean Direct’s Italian Espresso blend and found it very tasty, but I cannot compare it as easily with other supplier’s since I don’t drink that flavor as often. Finding two good ones is a good sign. But buying 5-pounds at a time makes taking a chance on a new blend a bit scary, I think. And I would not want to open two bags at once to rotate my morning selection since 10 lbs won’t stay fresh long enough.

WiltonSouth Bound Brook, NJ

Love this coffee!

After traveling to Costa Rica, our famiy fell in love with Costa Rican coffee. These are the dark beans, which are so full of flavor. So rich and delicious! You have to try it!
VeraCadiz, KY

Good, but unremarkable

This medium-dark roasted Costa Rican varietal is a decent everyday brew. Unremarkable, but consistent, hard beans at a fair price. I have bought several coffees from CDB, and prefer a number of more distinctive coffees to this one. Try Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for a few more dollars.
LynelleFort Lauderdale, FL

Tarrazu Coffee

Great coffee! I have ordered now twice on Amazon from Coffee Direct. Great full-bodied flavor (dark roast). Now the only coffee I drink.
MargeDeloit, IA

A Very Good Coffee

This brew is typical of the Coffee Bean Direct. It is bold with no bad after-taste.
The price is a right for this quailty of coffee. There are better blends at a much
higher price, but at this price point you can’t go wrong.
NapoleonVentnor City, NJ

“Dark” Costa Rican Tarrazu

This is very good Whole bean coffee at a really good price. I had tried the Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee previously and was looking to re-order, but I didn’t pay enough attention, and ordered the “Dark”, which I am guessing is double roasted (or French Roasted). At first I was a bit disappointed, normally I don’t care for double roasted coffees, turns out this one is pretty good, I will make sure I pay closer attention for my next order though. This is a good full flavored coffee but not as strong as other double roasted coffees I’ve tried.
PandoraDelray Beach, FL

Great Coffees

CoffeeBeanDirect is truly a great source for coffees. The varieties offered and the freshness of the beans is unparalleled. The Dark Costa Rican Tarrazu has become one of my favorites…its lingering after taste is just right. Can’t beat this roast. Give it a try and see what you think!
JacalynNew Berlin, NY

Tried to like the costa rican

I really tried to like the Costa rican Tarrazu beans. I tried a couple bags.
Sadly the beans seemed old as they have very little coffee taste. This was an Amazon purchase.
KennethMilford, KY

Like sweet?

I was totally disappointed with this coffee. I love Costa Rican coffee but not this one. For my taste buds it was WAY too sweet as I like a more bold and balanced flavor like Tullys Italian Roast, and the Costa Rica Dark Roast at some of the Costcos. I started using this by itself and the ladies here, who love chocolate, loved it and rated it a 9. So, I tried to balance it by grinding it with 50/50 ratio with French Roast from Trader Joe’s which helped, but I finally found the right blend when I added Trader Joe’s Italian Roast in 50/50 blend. Would I order this again? No.
PamilaLovington, IL


Fantastic Dark Roast Costa Rican. I thought that this dark roast was not going to be that great considering the great price. Compared to the prices of other Costa Rican Dark Roasts, this is the best deal going. For example, most other companys charge about $9 per 12oz bag. Coffee Bean Direct comes out to $5.88 a 12oz bag and I feel this is better than those others. I used to buy from Cafe Brit, but that will now change.
SuzanSan Juan Capistrano, CA

Remarkably well Balanced

This is a dark roast, but not overdone. It has an acid taste, but is not overly bitter. I have tried others, but I keep coming back to this one. For the price, you can’t beat it.
ArnetteThomaston, GA