Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Sauce

This is the original hottest sauce in the Universe and our best seller. In fact, it is the only sauce ever banned from the National Fiery Food Show.

Quick facts

  • Hottest Sauce In The Universe!
  • Face Melting Heat
  • Did We Mention the Heat!
  • Use With Caution!
  • Award Winning!

Top reviews


Years ago, when I had what seemed like an eternal cold, I read that if one takes hot sauce, it helps clear out the bronchial tubes. I got a bottle of Dave’s Insanity Sauce from a health food store (?!), brought it home and took about half a teaspoon of it with some salad. About 15 minutes later, I was writhing in agony on the bathroom floor and semi-conscious. My husband called an ambulance, and the last thing I remembered was a medic saying, “I can’t get a pulse.”
My husband took the jar of sauce along to the hospital — the ER doctor said to me later, “My brother eats this stuff, but they make him sign for it when he buys it.” I thought he was kidding, but he assured me he wasn’t kidding.
There were no permanent after-effects. My husband said it was the first time he’d ever seen me take anything without reading the label first — turns out the label said to put only a few drops on the food — and I took half a teaspoon. Live and learn. (Oh, yes, BTW, it did cure the cold.)
Years later, an M.D. friend told me that once, in a foreign country, he was eating some food with hot sauce on it and he passed out, falling face forward onto his plate.
Hot sauce can be dangerous stuff. Use with extremely high care.
ArmidaWattsville, AL

This is hot?

First of all, let me start this off with saying, I am not the toughest guy ever when it comes to hot foods, but I do like it hot. I am not the type to eat a whole habanero, but it wouldn’t kill me if I did.

When reading the reviews, I see people saying 1 drop will do you. This is a complete fallacy.

Now I understand some people take to spice a little differently than others, but this hot sauce is on the tame side compared to others. First time I opened the bottle, I accidentally dropped about a tablespoon and a half of this sauce into a crock pot stew I was making. After it was done, it was hot, but not incredibly hot.

Don’t get me wrong, the flavor is great on this sauce, which is why its getting 3 stars, but when you call your sauce “Insanity Sauce,” you would expect something a little hotter than this. Don’t purchase this if you want something really hot or you will be mildly disappointed.

VincenzoSmilax, KY

Too hot… Way too hot.

I have to admit this stuff is way too hot for me and I regularly eat all of the tabasco flavors. A friend made a pot of chili years ago and only added according to him, a “few” drops of this stuff to the whole pot. Literally to say it far and away was the hottest thing I have ever eaten not to mention the hell it wreaked on my digestive system, Every bite it got hotter and hotter. I thought it had a not so great flavor, but then again it got hot so quick it was hard to enjoy any “flavor”. Worse than biting into a habenero. Like fire that feels like hotter than possible to imagine and it is very persistent and a long lasting burn. Pretty senseless to make a sauce so hot you need to use this much caution to use it.

I think it is more of a novelty item, something along the lines of college guys daring each other to try it is what comes to mind. If you really enjoy abusing yourself with hot pepper extract or you simply can handle ANYTHING and say NOTHING is hot enough for me, then this might be for you. If you can honeslty say you like the burn off this my hat is off to you because you are one tough person. I actually like to be able to put a little sauce on my food and add flavor AND heat not just insanely stupid balls of neverending raging fire. I will pass on this and stick to the varieties of tabasco I love.

ApoloniaGreenfield, MO

Hottest Hot Sauce Known To Human Kind

I kid you not, this is the ultimate bottle of hot sauce. The smallest of drops will light your food on fire. If you love spicy foods, this is the sauce for you. Since so little of the sauce is required to dynamically alter the dish you are preparing, this is a tremendous deal. I must warn you: TOO MUCH INSANITY SAUCE WILL BURN YOU. My older brother once applied this to a sandwich like it was Tobasco sauce and found himself literally crying (in front of his girlfriend). Start with small amounts and ramp up your tolerance – this is like fire in a bottle.
SamellaWest Jordan, UT

Insane in the Membrane

After I began using and going through Sriracha (and various other supermarket hot sauces) like ketchup, I decided step up the heat and try Dave’s Insanity Sauce. I first tried it on a slider sized sandwich- one drop with the mayo. First impression? Taste was good, and it was pretty spicy. So I decided to test the hot sauce (and my limits) to three drops total. Mmmm! This is good! And it tasted awesome, but I paid for it afterwards. My tongue was on fire for about 10 minutes after finishing the sandwich. So the taste tricked me in to using more and more, and then the heat bit me. It wasn’t unbearable, but made me uncomfortable. Definitely worth it and can’t wait to try more of it.

Doing some research, it looks like its rated at 180,000 Scoville Units. Their hottest sauce, Dave’s Insanity Jolokia Private Reserve, is rated at 700,000. Sriracha is about 2,400, and Tabasco sauce measures 2,500-5,000 SHU.

Quick shipping and processing from vendor, “Miss Fit.”

RonHodgenville, KY

I expected more of this sauce

Let me get this out of the way right now: most of the reviews on Dave’s Insanity Sauce exaggerate the greatness of this product. It’s hot, but there’s not much else good about it. With a few drops on a plate of food, I can get my eyes watering. I was under the impression that this sauce was so hot that you shouldn’t even use it on a single serving of food (based on Amazon reviews). But that’s only if you’re using it on dry meals. If it’s blended into a sauce or condiment, it’s watered down nicely and palatable. In terms of flavor, this sauce has a plastic-y taste to it. That’s the best way I can describe it, and it seems to be a common problem in sauces which use hot pepper extract. I was under the impression that it was flavorless, but no, it actually tastes sorta bad. Because of this, a good use of Dave’s Insanity might be to heat up a lesser sauce which happens to taste good. In terms of heat, there are definitely hotter sauces out there. But that doesn’t mean this sauce is a pushover. If you dab a little too much, you’ll find yourself running to the fridge for milk. One problem with using Dave’s Insanity on single food servings is I find that I can never get just one drop. Inevitably, when I pour a drop out, a bit gets on the side of the bottle and I have to swipe it off with my thumb and spread it onto my meal as best I can, then lick the rest off so that it doesn’t go to waste. This is a problem because that small amount of sauce is enough to leave my tongue with a light burning sensation, while my nose is on the verge of running (though, this varies depending on how much I can water down the sauce in my serving). That might just be because I exclusively use this on single servings of food (I’m not a cook). Ideally, for me, I just want a bit of a kick, and did it ever give my food a kick. I can handle a few drops of it if I need to, but I prefer not to leave myself tearing after every meal. Overall, it’s not bad. This sauce garners a lowly three out of five due to its unique flavor. It’s plenty hot, so had it tasted better, it would have gotten a higher score. If you’re a huge fan of saucy meals and looking to use this on single food servings, you may want to consider picking this up. If you prefer sauces with rich flavor, look into something without hot pepper extract. Alternatively, if you’re looking to use this as a cooking additive, you’ll probably want something hotter unless you’re a spice novice.
MalcolmLukachukai, AZ


the first time i tried dave’s insanity sauce, it was at the urging of some coworkers.
i had watched them for a few days shaking two or three drops onto their meals, and figured i could follow suit…

when i realized my mouth was on fire, it was too late. it’s like eating battery acid. talk about heat? this sauce packs it. after a few weeks of building up a tolerance to a few drops, you start to realize that it really adds the heat to your meals without ruining the flavor of the food, like some hot sauces do. you can still enjoy what you’re eating, but it’ll definitely leave you sweating.

a word of advice.. wash your hands after handling the bottle. i had picked up the bottle one time and some had dried to the side of it. later, i stubbornly itched my eye. that was a mistake. felt worse than getting maced.

ShelaRoscoe, MO

Cry, blow nose, tear up, question your sanity.

LOLOL… sweating… ouch ouch ouch…whooooooooooo. Seriously, dude!
I decided to look up the Insanity Sauce after having knowingly put 5 drops in a bowl of cabbage soup;that’s how I found these reviews. Why did I think that it was not going to be as hot this time!?!

I have never tasted anything this hot and yet I cannot stop eating it! As everyone recommends, dilute, dilute, dilute or prepare for pain. I love heat and have had hot sauces and chili sauces all over… this is way hotter than anything else.


– Don’t do any of those “dare” type things where you drink this for money or to impress your friends. You could need medical attention.
– Keep away from kids.
– You may want hide it when relatives come to cook or they may think that it is one of those hot sauces that is all hype and dump a bunch in the chili.

BeliaCamden, AL

This Stuff Is HOT – Highly Recommended

“Dave’s Insanity Sauce” is not to be taken casually or even as a way to add heat to individual servings (for most people), this is meant for larger dishes such as a whole pot of chili or a big batch of salsa since one or two drops will make a large amount of food VERY hot. That being said, this does have a really good flavor that adds a nice pepper tangy hit that complements most Mexican or South-Western dishes, but I wouldn’t use it in Indian or Chinese style dishes. There are hotter sauces available, but this one is a good balance of flavor and heat.

There are several amusing and somewhat painful to watch videos of people abusing this sauce on various web sites and a quick search will provide you with a lot of hits.

Highly Recommended!


ValentineBuchanan, MI

They’re not exaggerating…

When they say this is the hottest hot sauce in the universe, I believe it. I taste-tested this hot sauce when I was in the French Quarter. There was a selection of hot sauces you could sample. You were given popcorn to sample the hot sauce with. I took a piece of popcorn and dipped it, ever so lightly, into the Dave’s Insanity Sauce. Then I popped the piece of popcorn in my mouth and…OH…MY…GOD…it felt like a choo-choo train drove out of each of my ears simultaneously. I thought I was going to drop to the floor. Once I recovered (slightly), I searched desperately for something to drink. I bought some Powerade and it helped, as long as I held the Powerade in my mouth; once I swallowed the burning pain started again in my mouth. It took drinking a glass of milk and a margarita or 2 in order for me to feel remotely “sane” again. If this is the experience you are looking for you’ve come to the right place. PROCEED WITH CAUTION, indeed.
GildaLacona, NY