David Rio Chai Mix, Elephant Vanilla, 14 Ounce

Our very first chai flavor, this variety remains as popular as ever. The premium vanilla used is known for its pure clean flavor. At David Rio, we make chai because we are inspired by traditional Indian milk tea, and we set out to blend Eastern traditions with Western style to create America’s Premier Chai. For centuries in India, “chai wallahs” have been brewing chai from black tea and real spices, then adding milk and honey to the final preparation. Inspired by them and Western café culture, our goal is to establish a premium product using high-quality ingredients with a rich, well-balanced taste, in a unique and attractive package. Chai is the perfect median between coffee and tea, earning its rightful place on café menus, and David Rio chai is the premier chai known worldwide as well as at home.

Quick facts

  • Makes 12 delicious servings
  • Rich, creamy mixture of black tea and premium spices
  • Enjoy it hot, iced or blended for a delicious treat
  • Gluten Free with organic and natural spices
  • No hydrogenated oil or trans fats

Top reviews

I wish I could make my milk more foamy…

I tried the traditional chai mix at the coffee cart at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and it was, needless to say, love at first sip. So, when I found the vanilla chai mix on Amazon, I simply had to have it. Aside from the fact that all I could do with my milk is microwave or boil it, this mix is absolutely heavenly. For Chai purists who are used to the traditional way of making chai, this may not be necessarily your first choice, but for those of us amateurs, it offers a quick fix. My only suggestion is, if you happen to be lucky enough to own an espresso machine that can foam your milk, make sure you do so as it seems to be what added the additional body that I enjoyed at the coffee cart but failed to reproduce at home.
ClarethaDayton, ID


I usually order at Large Iced Vanilla Chai Tea with soy milk and light ice at Starbucks ;)NEVER AGAIN! This is so much yummier and alot cheaper! I can’t wait to try out the other flavors. I’ll probably try the sugar free decaf vanilla chai when I run out of this one.
LitaSamoa, CA

Best Chai

This is by far my favorite Chai!! I use this for the morning and the flamingo Chai at night. They are great!
AraMilton, TN