David Seeds In-Shell Sunflower Seeds Original, 0.9-Ounce Packages

America’s favorite sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are delicious and fun to eat anytime, anywhere. Natural and nutritious, DAVID® Seeds has lots of great flavors and multiple sizes for group and solo snacking. ABOUT CONAGRA David is a member of the ConAgra Foods family, one of the largest packaged foods companies in North America with major presence in retail outlets, foodservice and restaurants, and in ingredients. Our more than 70 brands–which include favorites such as Pam, Hunt’s, Healthy Choice, Wesson, Swiss Miss, Rotel, Peter Pan, Marie Callender’s, Hebrew National, Wolf Brand Chili, Rosarita, Egg Beaters, Orville Redenbacher’s, and more–are in 96% of U.S. households, and more than 30% of ConAgra Foods brands are number one in their category.

Quick facts

  • Roasted in the shell, this robust, salty flavor started it all.
  • Each serving of David Sunflower seeds provides a good source of vitamin E.
  • A great snack choice at the game, on-the-go or anytime you crave a fun, tasty snack!
  • A healthy snack choice at the game, on-the-go or anytime you crave a fun, tasty snack!
  • America’s favorite sunflower seed

Top reviews


Can you hear me scream from there? That is because there was NO picture when I bought this item and NOWHERE did it indicate that there was a price on it. When it arrived, all of the little packs are marked 30 cents! Now I have to stock my entire concession stand with nickels and dimes and all of a sudden the flunkies I have working for me are going to have to count out real change and do real math to sell the merchandise when I had everything in multiples of a quarter. I had actually planned to sell these for 50 cents, because people expect a certain markup, but they ARE very small. They are good, and my ballplayers literally demand them, but I can’t wait until they sell out. Personally, I think if you sell pre-priced merchandise, you should so indicate.
SachikoChamberlain, SD

Seeds of misfortune, heartache and triumph

Though the package was shockingly tiny, ConAgra’s David seed have no rival.

You will enjoy bag after bag.

JanellePinedale, AZ