David Seeds Jumbo Sunflower Barbeque Flavor, 5.25-Ounce Bag

David Jumbo Sunflower Seeds with Barbecue Flavor are delicious and fun to eat anytime, anywhere. Whether you need something to keep your focus, or to kick back and take a break from a hectic day, David Jumbo BBQ Flavor Sunflower Seeds are perfect. Our high-quality sunflower seeds are wholesome and nutritious, providing a good source of vitamin E. When regular-size sunflower seeds just won’t do, grab a bag of our Jumbo seeds because bigger is better! Since 1926, David Seeds have provided a quality difference that you can taste. We start with select top quality sunflower seeds, then double wash, roast, and season them to perfection.

Quick facts

  • Contains (12) 5.25oz bags of David Barbecue Flavor Jumbo Sunflower Seeds; great for group and solo snacking
  • David Jumbo Sunflower Seeds with Bar-B-Q Flavor are perfect when you need to maintain your focus, or to kick back to take a break from the day
  • Each serving of David Jumbo Sunflower Seeds are a wholesome and nutritious snack, providing a good source of vitamin E
  • David Jumbo Sunflower Seeds make a great snack choice at the game, on-the-go and is the perfect complement to a great barbecue
  • When regular-size sunflower seeds just won’t do, grab a bag of Barbecue Flavor Jumbo Sunflower Seeds because bigger is better!

Top reviews

What Can I say, they named them after me!

With a name like David you can’t go wrong. I’m on a 2 and 3 month rotation of the BBQ and Nacho Cheese, respectively. I started buying these for summer softball and after paying from $1.29-1.49/pack, I was sick of being robbed. So I found these and Setup a re-occurring reorder, at $10.66 for a box of 12….The Price is RightOn! So….stop readin’ and start seedin’! Get yourself some Davids’ and start snackin, enjoy!
BusterPatriot, OH


Seeds are my favorite snack to eat while watching a game or just flat out doing nothing. I love seeds so much that I bought this 12 pack of Davids Sunflower seeds BBQ flavor..Oh boy there a lot of seeds.

-Pretty cheap
-A lot of seeds
-Easy to split to get to the kernel

-Lays sunflower seeds has more flavor than this
-A lot of broke shells are in the bags

Overall, Good for the price but not so good for the flavor.

AlicaDeer, AR

Good Sunflower Seeds for the Price

For about a dollar a bag, this is a good deal to buy sunflower seeds in bulk. Good flavor in the seeds and each bag lasts a decent amount of time.
MicaelaWanchese, NC

Good but salty

They are good but they are a little to salty for my tastes. The kind of salty that makes your tongue feel weird after eating a cup or so.
JennineMars Hill, NC

Awesome Sunflower Seed

We like the Barbeque flavor David Sunflower seed very much especially the kids. We would recommend to everyone whom likes sunflower seed. Enjoy.
AnjanetteSprague, NE

Awesome and addicting

These seeds are addicting. They cure my salt cravings and help with snacking. They are getting harder and harder to find in stores, so I ordered a case. That is the best purchase I’ve made in awhile.


MieshaLincolnton, GA

What a deal!

This product was such a good deal, I couldn’t pass it up! 12 5.25oz bags of BBQ sunflower seeds for a little over $12, can’t beat that price. I cannot rate the taste of the sunflower seeds because I sent them in care packages to a friend of mine that is in the Army and currently in Iraq. He loves them! Thanks for such a good deal that put a big smile on a soldier’s face!
AnnmarieWillard, KY


I purchased these Barb-q flavored seed for my son and he was thrilled. I am not sure the 36 bags will last him through his summer league of baseball!! Especially since his older brother took several packs!
KizzieWimberley, TX

Just like Tequila

I used to really love sunflowers until I purchased this box of BBQ sunflower seeds. Sadly, I found an entire dead worm in my mouth from the first bag of seeds. I have not eaten a seed since. I gave the rest of the box to a friend that was willing to look past the worm.
DorseyOvando, MT

Best sunflower seed there is !!!!!!

Theses are very hard to find where I live you can find them in some gas stations but who really goes inside to pay these days right. I am a big fan of David’s sunflower seeds as a kid and as an adult never had a bad experience to share. I didn’t think they could get any better then the original but when I tried the barbecue flavored I just could not stop eaten them you just can’t put them down thy have a great barbecue taste and are very very good. I was amazed I found them and could buy them by the case!!!!!
CindieHockley, TX