Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Earl Grey, 16-Ounce Bag

Traditional premium blended black tea with natural oil of bergamot.

Quick facts

  • A pack of 16-Ounce Bag
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Traded Certified
  • Contains caffeine
  • Enjoy drinking this loose leaf bulk tea with our best selling and convenient Ultimate Tea Infuser, also available on Amazoncom or Davidsonsteacom
  • Packed in a paper/kraft stand up pouch (SUP) with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

Top reviews


We have previously had Davidson’s English Breakfast tea and stored it in a plastic clear container. We bought the Davidson’s Earl Grey tea and within 3 days the clear plastic container has been chemically etched where the tea had touched it. The container ultimately became totally opaque and now permanently shows where the tea level was. The tea tastes good but one has to ask ‘Is this good for you?’ – I doubt it and will not be buying the Earl Grey again.

I have since been in contact with Davidson’s. They believe that the oils in Earl Grey may be the culprit (never heard of oils affecting plastic before!). I have since sent them the container and they have sent it to their management for review. Davidson’s have also said they are going to send me a glass container in return.

AlexanderRowe, MA

Earl Grey with a Little Difference

As far as teas are concerned I am partial to the black teas. I have 2 pounds of the Earl Grey and 1 of them says that there is lavender in it as well. When it is in the cup a slightly sweet lavender smell greets my nose which is very pleasant and tasty. I have not noticed a smokey essence as has been reported by other reviewers just a full bodied tea that has great aroma, terrific taste and comes at a very affordable price. And, if you purchase your teas on a subscription basis from Amazon and are a Prime member there is free shipping and a 15% cost reduction for your following purchases. To me all the Davidson’s teas we’ve purchased are first class and organic. I highly recommend them and purchasing them through Amazon.com
SaranChadwick, IL

Good Tea Gone BAD !!!

This is the worst tasting tea I have EVER had ….. it was very dry and flaked into powder when you but it in between your fingers. Had a taste of come chemical that had to have been used in it’s drying or production. I have drank teas for many many years and after one cup through this way … I also tried their english breakfast style…. and again way too dry and chemical taste in the tea … DO NOT BUY THIS TEA …. thank goodness for Amazon’s customer service department … they sent me two new bags which were also bad and then refunded my moneis…..Again, Do Not Buy this product.
JameySanborn, IA

It’s brown but is it tea?

I was so looking forward to a nice cuppa of Earl Grey but I had no idea what I was in for when I brewed my first pot of Davidson’s organic Earl Grey tea. It was the worst cup of brown liquid I’ve ever put in my mouth and as my granddad used to say, ‘everybody has to eat a peck of dirt before they die.’ The Bergamot oil was foul and the tea itself was sour, bitter and tasted of chemicals. I’m not picky, but DAMN!
CoriDammeron Valley, UT

Lemon Tea

If you do not like lemon do not buy this tea. I was looking for a standard Earl Grey but I would classify this as a lemon flavored tea with some Earl Grey.
IsabelClatonia, NE

Poor quality and taste

I got this at the same time I got Davidson’s Assam tea. While I love the Assam and would recommend it, I cannot say the same for this Earl Grey. There is a lemony citrus taste, not the smooth Bergamot flavor I am used to in a good Earl Grey. It is way too bitter because of this. I wish I could like it a bit more as the price was great, but nothing is good about the price when you cannot enjoy the product at any level.
WilliamClarita, OK

Heart warming

Just what I expect for breakfast, a fragant and tasty cup of tea. Although I love and enjoy the can presentation, the $ savings is good and cans are so good that I have just refilled several of them.
ParticiaNichols, SC

davidson teas

Davidson teas are high quality,flavorful and smooth the rooibos tea is a healthy tea which even children like.
MarileeSagamore, MA

So This Is TEA….

Forget the little bags and boxes ..this is not just a Tea to brew and sip but to Brew and Experience is what makes Tea drinkers so eclectic…this type of Tea is new to me & I never would have imagined that there could be such a fantastic difference as I’ve found it to be in a High Quality Tea and the limp tea in the supermarket (pap and drivel)Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Herb Pure Org Hibiscus Flowers, 16-Ounce Bag.I’ll not buy any other boxed or bagged teas again if I can help it..I will though in the near future be laying in a good supply of this Brand in various flavors .
Oh I must tell you too that although I’ve always enjoyed a good coffee rush in the morning to get me ready to roll out ,,this has just as much of a jolt when prepared just right as any high powered coffee you can name..if you don’t like a caffiene jolt ,don’t make this to strong or you might have to climb down off the ceiling after your first cup.

Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Earl Grey, 16-Ounce Bag

AliWildwood, PA

loose tea literally

Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Earl Grey, 16-Ounce Bag
When received outer box was fine. However, package inside was open and tea was spilled. Attention to packaging is required.
JenaeKenton, DE

Tastes empty

This is the case when you have to take into account the bad reviews. I did ignore the bad reviews and purchased this tea which was a mistake:( When I received this tea I was greatly impressed with the package and the flavor but it had no taste at all! Even the strongest cup of this tea was a complete disappointment.
KrystenDenison, TX

Bad lemon tea

This did not taste like Earl Grey. It tasted like some kind of bad lemon tea. It wasn’t as bad as the English Breakfast, but it was bad enough that I didn’t want to keep it.
LavadaMinnetonka Beach, MN

Smokier than expected.

Davidson’s Earl Grey tea is a little different than other Earl Greys I have experienced.
First of all this tea has a smoky flavor to the tea itself, which not unpleasent is not what I have come to expect from the black teas used in other Earl Greys.Also the bergemont in this tea seems to have a more lemon flavor than the citrus blend of others. I generally like my tea quite strong, however this seems to be better in my opinion when steeped for less time and with less tea used.
FlorindaOrland, CA

Davidson’s Earl Grey Tea Bulk

As a tea junky, the quality of the product and the shipping/handling were great. I enjoy the tea and would buy more from them for sure.
JadeSouth Dennis, MA

The Good Stuff

Great flavor and wonderful aroma. I’m looking forward to trying Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Earl Grey with Lavender, 16-Ounce Bag
GwynethEdwardsburg, MI

The Good Stuff

Bought this as a present for my wife, an Earl Grey fiend. She says it’s VERY GOOD and so I’ll be getting more soon to slake her infernal desires….
NickiLaconia, TN

Not Impressed

I have been buying tea from another supplier for years, but the shipping has become too expensive. So, I decided to try this tea. The cut of the leaves seems good although the color is darker than expected and seems over dried. I will be going back to my old tea. The tea lacks a full bodied flavor. The overwhelming taste sensation is a sense of bitterness with not much else. If I had saved the bag, I would return it.
JustineSaugatuck, MI

Absolute Best Earl Grey I have ever tried

Wow, so deep, rich and bursting with flavor from the first sip to bottom of the cup. I love that it is Organic and such a great price.
If you look at the boxes with the little individual tea bags, you will find you are paying $ 60 a pound for the tea your drinking. No wonder those big name tea companies make so much money. Plus I do not care for the waste with all that packaging.
I think the negative reviews on here are because this tea has wonderful Bergamont flavor – bitter orange – duh. I love it……
This tea is a real brain booster. A nice perk me up at any time of the day. I enjoy it hot or cold from the frig.
Okay, I confess I have been emailing friends about this tea. I am ordering 2 more pounds ……. ya, seriously that good. I will store them in Zip Lock gallon bags for added protection and storage.
I am going to order another 12 pounds of their various teas – the price is so affordable and the quality is off the hook.
And thank you Amazon for the FREE shipping – that really, really helps.
ClaudetteUnion Grove, WI

Good everyday tea

I’ve bought this tea a couple of times now, and I really like it. I’m no fancy pants tea connoisseur, but I drink at least 4 cups of this tea a day, and certainly enjoy it. Definitely a good every day tea and at a good price! I’ll buy it again when I’m out.
CarleeKincheloe, MI

Davidson tea from Amazon

I have enjoyed Earl Grey tea from several companies but thought Davidson’s Earl Grey to be the very best. The aroma, flavor and clarity of the tea were all excellent and the price was very reasonable. I have several of Davidson’s tea but think their Earl Grey will remain one of my favorites.
MarybelleMeadowbrook, WV

Good Solid Tea

Nice flavor and aroma. Good hot or iced. I had to quit drinking it because it was making my feet swell; but I did enjoy it other than that.
NichelleWeston, MI

Excellent Earl Grey

The main thing I like about Davidson’s teas is that they are certified organic. I have been buying these teas from Amazon now for a few years and with their “subscribe and save” program you can get automated delivery at a reduced price and if you are a “Prime” member you get free shipping as well! The Davidson Earl Grey tea is to my taste very good and I have it automatically shipped to me at three month intervals. I highly recommend this tea and the Subscribe and save program!
RenaeStroud, OK

Soothing Evening Tea, consisting of fresh full tea leaves.

This tea seem to be made with high quality Darjeeling type of tea, with full leaves. I make this tea with 1 teaspoon in the evening and later use it 2nd time before I go to bed, as a decaf. Tastes great as sweetened black tea and not best for making Chai. Addition of Lavender flowers really enhanced the taste and relaxing effect one feels with this tea, even though their is caffeine in the tea.
KipStanfield, OR

Excellent tea at an affordable price!

This tea is first class quality. Excellent flavor and aroma and absolutely delicious to drink. The price is affordable too!
OwenWaterboro, ME

delightful and delicious

my grandson got hooked on my earl grey; I found this and ordered it; on a very cold day outside was an absolute delight to savor the flavor! He is coming home for Christmas and will be probably end up taking most of it home with him! Great taste! really enjoyed making it in my Blue Willow Teapot!
SalenaShoreham, NY

Earl Grey in Bulk

My husband and I drink ice tea daily and appreciate the ability to make more or less and adjust the strength of our tea. Which is why we choose bulk tea over bags. When we opened the bag, the aroma was fragrant and gave promise of a flavorful brew. And it is. Using a coffee filter, our tea brews up, smells delicious hot and cools to a brisk, refreshing drink.
CaseyWest Newbury, VT

Great tea

Fantastic tea. Excellent flavor. Whatever Lipton and others sell as “tea” in their teabags is a total junk. If you want to taste a real tea that is the one to buy.
CharmaineAdvent, WV

Nice Earl Grey

We were looking to replace the Twinnings Earl Grey that we bought in the store in the tin and found this one on Amazon’s site. This is a very nice Earl Grey. It is very fragrant and is not bitter at all. The leaves are whole or close to it. It is a little lighter than Twinnings (although that may due to the quantity of leaves used). A terrific black tea!
MissNisland, SD

Great tea and great price.

Strong black tea with nice bergamot flavor, less time for steeping. Organic Early Grey at this price? I will definitely order again.
MargaritoTariffville, CT


Davidson’s Earl Grey is wonderful, full-bodied and decidedly deee-lish! Good flavor and totally yummy. The bag is large and if you open it right has a ziplock closure. Cheaper than Stash and much better!
CathrynLankin, ND