Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Formosa Style Oolong, 16-Ounce Bag

Delicate, orchid-like oolong with light and sweet milky character.

Quick facts

  • A pack of 16-Ounce Bag
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Contains caffeine
  • Enjoy drinking this loose leaf bulk tea with our best selling and convenient Ultimate Tea Infuser, also available on Amazoncom or Davidsonsteacom
  • Packed in a paper/kraft stand up pouch (SUP) with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

Top reviews

Best Oolong I can afford!

First of all this tea is not from Formosa. It’s from India. That said the way this tea has been picked & dried has produced a high quality cup of organic Oolong tea. At a fair price. Most Oolong costs about the same for 3 to 4 oz only! Note all tea is from the same species of plant. so the growing conditions, leaf stage at picking & the drying process dictate the final cup most. together with storage & handling by the packer & you the consumer. Davidson has got this tea to me in good condition.

This tea looks like green beads when dry. When brewed complete leaves unfurl with a only a small number of broken leaves. Chinese style tea does not grade by leave size, like black teas from India & Ceylon. These leaves will give 2 to three re-brewings by just adding hot water & allowing a 2nd infusion after 1st brewing has been poured. 1st brewing stronger & less sweet than 2nd brewing.

This style of tea is drunk without the addition of milk, sugar or lemon.
It has a faint aroma of honey on the nose & subtle natural sweetness. However if your palate is used to drink very sweet soda then this may be too subtle.

Tip put a few leaves in travel mug. add hot water & top up during the day with fresh hot water unto twice or three times. But remove the lid to smell the tea, to enjoy the subtle aroma, if safe to do so ( at your desk not traveling in a car).

I am told that:
This has zero calories, high in flavonoids so is a healthy alternative to diet soda etc.
Some also find this style of tea aids digestion (note most chinese drink tea with food for this reason). May Help in calming a stomach, if lunch was a little too rich in fat.

Other teas from Davidsons I like are:
Ceylon black OP & English Breakfast These I drink with milk added.

LieselotteNorthern Cambria, PA

Strange smell

I feel the presence of a strange smell and taste bad
I could not complete the package
I would not recommend purchase
FranklinSavery, WY

Smooth tasting organic Oolong Tea

Smooth tasting organic Oolong Tea. I am very impressed with this Formosa style Oolong Tea. It is grown in India which i prefer to it being grown in China, this is also why the name is “Formosa STYLE Oolong” and not “Formosa Oolong”. It has a very smooth and great taste and can be re steeped if you want. I like to steep it for 5-7 minutes for a more bold flavor instead of the 3-5 minutes recommended on the bag.
EleanoraDunn Loring, VA