Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Gunpowder Green, 1-Pound Bag

Tightly rolled “pellet” shaped green tea from China with a strong deep flavor.

Quick facts

  • 16-ounce bag
  • Strong deep flavor
  • Organic green tea from China
  • A pack of 1-Pound Bag
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Contains caffeine
  • Enjoy drinking this loose leaf bulk tea with our best selling and convenient Ultimate Tea Infuser, also available on Amazoncom or Davidsonsteacom
  • Packed in a paper/kraft stand up pouch (SUP) with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

Top reviews

It’s Okay Gunpowder Green…

Perhaps I received a “bad” batch, because I found this tea to have a significant amount of dirt and debris. I found sand-like grit, black and slightly metallic-looking flecks (not in anyway related to the tea) and so far, one piece of some sort of fuzz-like fiber and some other cork-like debris. I did not expect this. As for the taste, it’s okay; not our favorite gunpowder green, but for the price, the taste was acceptable. Although, we felt it’s a little too smokey, bitter and not enough “grassy”. I think this would be a good tea mixed with other things, such as mint. A little of this goes a long way. I’m not sure if I’d order this brand again, perhaps one more try sometime in the future. Hope this helps!
AthenaRaeford, NC

What a deal!

Awesome value AND an awesome tea. Much more robust than a traditional green tea, as gunpowder teas ought to be, with a slightly smokey/toasty flavor. I dunno what ‘grade’ it is, but what matters is that it’s delicious. Don’t hesitate.
NumbersSaint Benedict, PA

You have bean cheated.

Look at the picture people IT’S not Gunpowder Green TEA!
The Gunpowder tea it called that as it resembles Smokeless Gunpowder!
The tea leaves are rolled in to VERY TIGHT round Balls before steaming. And while that looks like a good Green tea it is clearly not Gunpowder TEA!
Witch is far more expensive as to the quality and additional steps in preparation.
That is ordinary Green tea. Might taste good but that is not Gunpowder Tea.
Witch because of the extra step of rolling is far stronger and better health befits.
As for organic?

Well if there lying or mistaken about WHAT it is as a tea why would you trust it to be right about it being Organic????

You have bean cheated.

So anyone here interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyned ???

Or some nice beach property in Nevada ?

I will give Davidson’s Tea Bulk the benefit of the doubt that they are not Lying just wrong as they did show pictures of the product.(normal green tea)
Now I have seen that they do offer Real Gunpowder Tea in other offers,BUT I will not buy any products from company that knows so little about there own products. As if there honest but mistaken because there ignorant of what they Sell that makes it worse than if they knew what they were selling and just lying!!
Stupid is regrettably Forever!

No excuse one should know what one sells.

AdrienSpring Lake, NJ

Great Tea, Amazing Value

This has to be one of the best bargains on green tea ever. No, it’s not a high-end gourmet tea – but it’s not intended to be. What it IS, is a terrific everyday green tea. Mellow, slightly earthy, and very pleasant on the palate. Second brewing yields a good cup, as well. As with every Davidson’ tea I’ve ordered, the quality of the leaves was wonderful, with very little dust, or stems. It’s obvious that they care about their product, and it shows. The origin is not stated, but who cares? The tea is just fine.

EDIT: I recently received my third order of this tea, and this batch was, quite simply, awful. The bag was mis-labeled, and is not green tea. As we immediately store tea in sealed containers when it arrives, I do not have the original packaging, and can’t return it (thank heavens it was inexpensive). I have had great luck with Davidson’s in the past, and assume that this was a fluke mistake, but, BE CAREFUL TO CHECK THE CONTENTS!

EllieJenkintown, PA

Make sure you like gunpowder tea first!

Caution: I had never tried gunpowder tea before ordering. My wife refused more than the first tiny sip of this tea. I forced myself to try brewing this several different ways before giving up. We consider it completely unpalatable. This is very different from a normal mild green tea. Yes, it is very smoky and somewhat oily; a very powerful tea.
LarraineOjibwa, WI

Blah Tea Blah Blah meh

It’s okay.
It’s doesn’t suck.
It’s the worst gunpowder green I’ve had.

I drink a lot of tea.
I like green tea even if it’s bitter or grassy.
I have a mustache.

It doesn’t expand the way gunpowder is supposed to BLAM!
It’s not wrapped properly.
I’m not talking about the packaging.

The packaging is GREAT!
The price is okay….probably too high for the quality.
They ship it lightning quick.

flavors: bitter, acidic, slightly fruity, very smokey (like the hibiscus of green teas), not pleasant aftertaste.
mouthfeel: oily, thick, dark
look: bright green – almost radioactive green with a heavy brew, light green and kind of smokey with a light brew.

I’ve had very good gunpowder before. This is not very good.
If you’re a tea pounder (guzzleguzzle), get it.
Otherwise, stay away.

KaneshaLoving, TX

You get what you pay for, and more.

This is pretty good tea! It’s not the best gunpowder green that I’ve ever had, but it is certainly a bang for your buck for the price. Someone previously said that it’s a good “everyday” tea, and I 100% agree with this. It’s good, it’s almost great, but it’s not a tea that I would anticipate curling up with in a blanket on a cold evening and savoring the experience. It’s just a good cup of organic green tea. I’m still so pleased with it and the price–you can’t beat that! Buy it!
AllenWest Mystic, CT

Junk Aged “Green” Tea

This is the worse tea than any fresh green tea. Indeed it was “Green” tea by the time they are produced. Poor storing condition, not in the sealed enviroment, exposed extensively in the air make this tea lost all the flavor. Don’t know how old of the tea is but in my experience it’s at least 3-5 years old in loose condition in the air. Junk.
BerylCopen, WV

bitter tea

I have been drinking gunpowder green tea for quite a few years, and this tea is perhaps the most bitter that I’ve had.
SunshineHampstead, NC

On my second bag…

I don’t see how I lived without this!

I let my coffee addiction subside (one cup a day but every day) and I needed some kind of caffeine alternative. What better than green tea!?

Get your caffeine AND your anti-oxidants!

I used one of those ball infusers and then a plastic one until I finally got a Finum stainless basket…. perfect combination… I put a cm of tea in the bottom and it blossoms up 20x by the time it’s infused!

I let it steep and steep and steep and make a nice strong tea! It’s an acquired taste but delicious (and powerful!)

My buddy says he doesn’t like gunpowder teas generally — I think he must have been traumatized by smoke-flavoured foods as a child. The tea IS smoky but not terribly or undesirably so. I love it.

People who mix it with honey or milk etc can probably make a really lovely tasting green tea out of it… mellow and tasty.

The beauty of this is that you just get so much tea for such a good price! Quality, delish, does the job.

Can’t recommend it enough.

I’m hooked for life.

JohnsieJamestown, LA

Average quality Gunpowder

This Gunpowder is Ok. Not the best, not the worst. You get what you pay for…
TraceyVernon, AZ

Tastes like dirt and ashes

Bought it as a gift for my tea-loving wife based on the 35 five star ratings on Amazon. MISTAKE. This is undrinkable and tastes so earthy, it’s like dirt. It also has a severely smoky smell and almost ash-like aftertaste. We’ll probably use it to compost and that’s about it.
KileyMazie, KY

Great Tasting Tea, Very Economical

This is an unbelievable deal. For the same price as the mystery cube o’ leaves you find at Asian grocers or internet vendors, you get a full pound of Organic leaves. The Gunpowder Green has a hint of citrus, a hint of nuttiness, but most importantly, it tastes clean. You don’t have to worry about undoing the health benefits of green tea with heavy metals or other pollutants in non-organic products. The 16 Oz. bag lasted me over two months with several strong cups per day. I highly recommend this tea.
KinaWyandotte, OK

Nothing robust, smokey, or toasty about it

I’d never had gunpowder tea, and the reviews led me to believe this was something special. Well, the tea I received tastes like green tea. Period. It’s drinkable, but I personally like a bit of extra flavor to my morning tea. Anyway it will last a long time, maybe too long.
IsaMatlock, IA

A lot of dirt

This is not a great green tea. It contains a lot of dirt / powder that goes through the tea ball and makes the cup look like a suspension rather than an infusion. The taste is weak so one has to use a lot of this tea, which results in an over-caffeinated beverage. Finally, even the color of the tea itself is on the yellow side rather than green. Not a satisfactory purchase!
KiaGreenwood, MS

Worst green tea ever…

Bought this one because there are some positive reveiws, but I got to say I really hate the ordor of this product. When you brew it, it smells like an old, musty carpet. Awuful, very very bad, and I can’t even finish my first cup. this is definitely the worst tea I have ever tried. Pushes my bad experiences on horrible teas to a whole new level. Totally waste of money.
KarlynHardwick, VT

highly recommended tea seller

I decided to try Davidson’s teas, both this gunpowder green and the irish breakfast. Both were a good price for a pound of organic tea and moreso, to my happy surprise, the quality of the tea is superb. Not the best that money can buy but far, far better than I expected in this price range. Both teas have leaves that are nicely dried, with care, mostly whole (as opposed to all broken up), and the Gunpowder especially has a lovely luster to it. Well done, Davidson’s!
RemonaAberdeen, WA

Wonderful flavor and aroma, beautiful unfurling

I cannot believe how much I enjoy this green tea. I typically despise green tea because the only way I have ever had it before was through a plastic bottle made by some large company or in tea bags, also from a large company. It was always a disappointment. However, the flavor in this tea is wonderful. I actually felt something in my stomach while I was drinking this, it seemed to calm it a bit because I was hungry. Maybe it was the placebo effect because I have read so much about green tea and I want it to do something good for me, but overall despite the supposed health benefits it was actually just good to drink with some honey.

Sadly I don’t have proper honey, just highly filtered and processed honey, but it still helped mellow the tea out just a little bit, which it needed because I steeped way too much the first time I tried it. That is in fact my only complaint, that I don’t know what I’m doing, so it’s going to take some trial and error to determine the amounts that I enjoy the most. I used a full tablespoon, which when you see the leaves unfurl you begin to realize is way more than necessary, and then you drink it! It was very strong, but still excellent.

TempieWillis, MI

Musty taste

I drink green tea for health. This is my first loose leaf and first gunpowder. Sorry, but I don’t like the taste. It’s kind of musty, someone else here described it as “earthy.” I won’t be buying again.
BeauAshland, MA

Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone about this!

This is the best-kept tea secret on the web. I am accustomed to buying high-quality loose tea from Stash Tea, but Davidson’s bulk tea on Amazon is my new favorite. For $12, I get what would have cost me *$45* from Stash!! It’s organic, delicious, with nutty and grassy flavors, and can be brewed 2-3 times. Please don’t tell anyone about this, lest Davidson’s realize what a ridiculous value this is and raise the price!
HisakoSouth Fork, CO

This isn’t gunpowder green tea

I like tea, in fact I like it a lot. I’ve had some good gunpowder green tea in the past from adagio as well as Twinnings and it is a beautiful thing. You put what look like little BBs of green tea into your cup or teapot, add the water, and you can see the tea practically explode into nearly full size leaves of tea (hence the name).

Davidson’s tea disappoints. The tea leaves really don’t expand much which tells me they weren’t really rolled the way gunpowder green tea is supposed to be. This tea also lacks flavor (at least compared to the other gunpowder green teas I’ve tried). I used the same amount to brew the same cup of tea I’ve been enjoying with Twinnigs and frankly the Davidson’s version tasted more like hot water than green tea. This may be because the leaves aren’t as compacted as a proper gunpowder green tea so the same tablespoon of tea now has less actual mass of tea leaves, it could be because this tea has a lower quality tea leaf in it, heck it could be because this is an old batch of tea for all I know.

The point of this review is to say that this tea was a complete waste of money. I am sorry to say I paid for an entire pound of it. I will try it once or twice more, but if the results remain the same I will likely have to throw out the rest of the bag and that would just make me sad because it would mean that I’ve wasted both money and tea.

I have added a photo of the actual tea I received (compare it to that in the original product photos and you’ll see a huge difference). Mine is the one that does not look like it is magically hanging in the air and defying gravity.

TL;DR version: Don’t buy this tea. It isn’t really gunpowder green tea and is not worth your money.

JeffreyAthens, PA

Not fit for consumption

This was my third shipment of gunpowder green. The first two shipments were great. This one was worse than horrible. I had to throw it all away. I think they got it confused with the rotten, moldy tobacco.
LexieSaint Thomas, MO

Excellent deal; very good tea

I’m not a connoisseur of fine teas. But, I do enjoy my tea, and gunpowder green has been a favorite of mine. A big problem, though, is trying to find it. There is a tea store near by that is very expensive. If you buy 2 oz or more, it’s $4.00 an oz. Too expensive. I finally found a couple of health food stores where it ranges in price from about 70 to 85 cents an oz, but it is such a hassle to drive there; and too many times they’re out. I’ve found it on-line, but the shipping costs haven’t made it such a good deal.

Well, with the “subscription” purchase, this is a great deal. It’s cheaper than anywhere I’ve found it, at $10.20 a pound or less than 64 cents an oz. And I love that 48 hrs after placing the order, the post office delivered it to my house.

So, the big test, then, is how is the tea? Well, like I said, I’m not a connoisseur, but I do enjoy Davidson’s Gunpowder Green. It’s as good as any that I’ve bought. Since the stores where I have been buying it are anywhere from 10 to 25 miles away, and not even near anywhere I normally go, I can say that I have found my new source for tea. I would recommend it if you’re looking for a great deal on a very good tea.

BeverleyMount Sterling, IL

Now Bad, Was Once Good

This used to be really good tea. For two years we drank it and really liked it.

The last two batches have had some kind of sludge that comes off it, so much so that it cloggs the filter on the coffee maker I use to brew it. (The same one I’ve used for years.)

It would be good if we had a way to contact the manufacturer so we could alert them that their good product just went bad, from one month to the next.

Hope this helps.

Frustrated Green Tea Guy

DeadraPe Ell, WA

It was good tea before they switched supplier

I had been subscribing to this gun powder tea; it was very good tea given the price. But now it is terrible, I am not sure I can even call them gun powder tea anymore – it doesn’t look like it, doesn’t smell like it either. Time to find an alternative.
NorbertoBussey, IA


This tea is an awesome value, and tastes pretty good for the price. It is slightly smokey, like a gunpowder should be, but still grassy to remind you that it is still a green tea. The leaves can be brewed at least three times. I love this tea, and the price.
LuiseMoclips, WA

Good tea, excellent price!

Product was as described, and arrive quickly and in excellent condition. Flavor is good, but not great, a little more smoky and less grassy than I would have preferred. Overall a good product, at a great price!!!
BradlyMonson, MA

Not gunpowder this time around

I’ve bought this tea before and was quite happy with it. This past purchase though,(and I bought two 16 oz bags) rather than getting gunpowder, tightly rolled balls, all the leaves had unfurled — disappointing to say the least. Still, tasted fine — but I wanted gunpowder.
JasonHolcomb, IL

Inconsistent Gunpowder Green Tea

I “subscribed” to this gunpowder green tea. The first pound was pretty good, and was what one expects from “gunpowder” tea… each leaf was tightly rolled into a ball as it is suppose to be. The second pound that I received does not look like gunpowder tea at all. Simply hard little blobs of nearly flavorless tea. NOT the same quality as the first pound. This all sounds like tea-snobbery, I know. But when buying loose tea, one should be able to expect consistency. I am going to cancel my subscription. Unfortunate- I would have been a customer for life.
ZettaPullman, WV

Great deal

I’m by no means a connoisseur, but I am very pleased with this tea, and the price is unbelievably good for organic green tea.

It’s gunpowder, so it’s in nice little tightly packet “pellets” that are nice and green and they smell very fresh.

The flavor is subtle, and what I expect from unflavored green tea. I always steep about a gallon with fresh ginger and drink it cold.

I will definitely buy this product again.

MervinMalone, TX