Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Herb Pure Org Hibiscus Flowers, 16-Ounce Bag

Tart and full of Vitamin C, brewing a lovely red in the cup.

Quick facts

  • 16-ounce bag
  • USDA organic
  • Certified organic by State of Nevada Dept. of agriculture.
  • A pack of 16-Ounce Bag
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Caffeine-free
  • Enjoy drinking this loose leaf bulk tea with our best selling and convenient Ultimate Tea Infuser, also available on Amazoncom or Davidsonsteacom
  • Packed in a paper/kraft stand up pouch (SUP) with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

Top reviews

bulk tea

The tea is bitter because I made it too strong. It would be much better for me if the bag had instructions on the amount to be used.
ValdaHatch, UT

2nd time ordering this item, 1st time much better product

The 1st time I ordered Hibiscus Tea it was great. The 2nd time I have to use double the tea to get the same strength. Where’s the quality control?
VernonMorganton, NC

Not original hibiscus flower tea

I love this tea, its everything everybody is saying about it. But from the first time I brewed this tea, my husband took one look and said to me that its not hibiscus but sorrel tea. I argued, whatever but I decided to look it up anyways because the tea did look and taste like sorrel drink that we make in the Caribbean. In the US its called red hibiscus or roselle or Florida cranberry. It does lower blood pressure and it is healthy. My point is that folks think they are drinking actual flower tea and it is misleading when advertisers have these pretty hibiscus flowers on the cans etc (not this particular brand). This plant is comercially grown in the tropics and also in the US in Louisiana and Florida.
SheilaHarbor View, OH

Hair growth and Great Taste!

I am trying this tea to see if it speeds up my hair growth as most people have said it would. It tastes great! I take some cheesecloth, put about 2 tablespoons in, tie it with string and let it seep in my tea for about 10 minutes for maximum potency. I will let you know how its working by the end of the month
MaiaCallahan, FL

Fast Service, Great Tasting Product

I ordered the hibiscus tea based on information that drinking two cups per day would help reduce blood pressure. I have not been to the doctor yet to see if this working. The product arrived promptly. I drink two cups per day sweetened with a little stevia. My only critical comment would be that
the packaging doesn’t give instructions for preparing the tea, such as how
long it should steep. I have been steeping it for five minutes. If that is too long or too short of a time I hope someone will let me know!
GerthaNew Richmond, WI

Slightly Tart

I bought this tea in hopes it would lower my blood pressure. I have not been to the doctor yet to see if it’s helped. I drink it without any sweetners. Beautiful red color. Packaging is good with a zip lock to keep it fresh. I did find this same tea at my local Mexican market where it’s sold as Jamaica at a lower price. Will probably keep buying it there.
NobleCotton, GA

Tasty sour tea!

I am also trying out hibiscus tea because I have read that there are clinical trials that show hibiscus lowers blood pressure. I’m not sure how strong hibiscus tea is “supposed” to be, but about 10 petals in a coffee mug works for me. The tea produced is very strong and exceptionally sour which, personally, I love. I would say it’s similar in taste to rhubarb which I also love. You can add a sugar or sugar alternative if you want, but I say it tastes great straight.

I was expecting this to be a finely chopped powder, but as others have said, these are full petals (see my user added image). You don’t really need to buy a tea strainer for this. I use a bombilla sometimes,Stainless Steel Spring Bombilla 1 Count, but really, it isn’t necessary. Which is convenient for those of us who get lazy. Put petals in coffee mug, pour in water, microwave for 1:30, voila! Just throw away or eat petals when finished. (They have a nice texture to them after they’ve steeped for a few minutes).

Other notes: the tea produced is a very deep and pretty magenta. If it spills on something white, like for example my shirt, it turns into an indigo stain. Would probably be good for and all-natural tie-dye.

From Wikipedia:
“A study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension has shown that drinking hibiscus tea can reduce high blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes. The study results showed the average systolic blood pressure for those drinking hibiscus tea decreased from 134.8 mmHg (17.97 kPa) at the beginning of the study to 112.7 mmHg (15.03 kPa) at the end of the study, one month later.[5] This is consistent with its supposed role as a diuretic.”

KarlaNorth Berwick, ME

hibiscus flowers plus

In addition to the labelled content, the following items were found: cockleburs, peanut shells, pieces of yarn, twigs…and many of the flowers showed evidence of mold.
GrazynaWest College Corner, IN

Bird Feathers

Found bird feathers inside the tea. Incredibly disguisting. If you don’t mind the feathers then go ahead. Some people receive the tea clean, but now I have second thoughts about packaging in general. There is not link to contact the seller or return it. Buyer beware.
FrediaPiedmont, SC

Not the hibiscus I expected

I grew up drinking Hibiscus most of my life. Of course there are many kinds of hibiscus with different flavors. The good ones usually great deep red clear drink with some acidity and a nice mild distinguished aroma. This hibiscus looks great from the moment you open the package. It is clean small flattened flower individual leafs. The first thing I noticed is the absence of the hibiscus aroma. It smells like an old black tea that has been opened for long time.

Now for the drink, once added to boiling water, the drink looks good. It has a nice deep red color and the drink is clear…. Now for the taste: There was no taste what so ever. Juts a little acetic taste and that’s it.

The drink has the expected effect of making your body getting rid of excess water but I couldn’t enjoy it as a drink at all. I had to add more of the hibiscus with a lot of sugar to create a drinkable drink…. Well, that’s not what I expect from hibiscus drink. I would give it only one star just because of the flavor. I am going to increase it to two stars because I used it as a tea additive to give a nice acetic flavor and the anti-oxidants.

My explanation of the lack of flavor is that they picked the younger hibiscus flowers that have the deep color and acidity but didn’t develop the real hibiscus taste yet. Or maybe they dried it fast in machines that caused it to loose flavor. But looking at the leaves and how thin they are makes me think that is the first one.

I tried other Hibiscus products from Amazon and there were some really good ones.

JaysonBrookland, AR

The Greatest Tea Ever!

Tastes good. Smells good. Great color. No coffeine. Natural – no additives at all.
The best tea ever. The only tea I ever need.
At least, that’s how I feel after I’ve been using the tea for a few weeks.
Love it! What else can I say?
Also, I like the packaging. It is pure and simple – no colors, no fancy designs, no long description(s) of how good the tea is. It simply is.
I like that the tea is in bulk. I can put as much (or as little) of it as I want into my cup.
Thanks to Davidson for having such a good product on the market!
LayneRock Glen, PA

Davidson’s Hibiscus Tea in bulk

Great tasting tea, just wish it were in tea bags – would be much more convenient to use.
IselaMatfield Green, KS

organic hibiscus tea from Davidson’s teas

The Organic Hibiscus tea from Davidson’s Teas is excellent. Have really enjoyed hot or cold.
DouglassChadwicks, NY

Refreshing and delicious

A friend of mine had tried hibiscus tea and said it was a great “fruity” tea. I bought the Davidson’s and was pleased with the product. It is a loose tea and can be steeped for 3-5 minutes. I used roughly a teaspoon per 8oz serving. I sweeten it with agave syrup or honey. It’s great served over ice too!
WarrenVails Gate, NY

Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Herb Pure Org Hibiscus

This is my initial cup of hibiscus tea and it is very warm and pleasing. The tea comes out a beautiful red color and has an uplifting floral scent. I like the sour bite the tea yields. I look forward to many more cups of this wholesome organic brew. This is pure health in a cup and I feel good drinking it.

If you like tart herbal tea, this is the tea for you.

AnnmarieMill Springs, KY

Bird Feathers

There were bird feathers in my last shipment. I wrote the company about this, asking how this can happen and where they source the product, but received no response whatsoever. The presence of bird feathers in the tea is quite unsanitary. and the lack of response by the vendor is equally quite troubling. Please note the date of this review. Product received in March 2012.
SimonaSpringboro, OH

good tea but isn’t clean.

don’t know where this tea comes from but found two dehydrated human? hairs in the bag already. they areb’t my own so… its kinda disgusting.

i feel bad writing this because the tea is good but the company really should look closer at how this tea is being processed. finding black long curly hair dried up and stuck to the leaves of the tea is not my idea of wonderful.

LubaBig Rapids, MI

WTF Peanut Shells?!

How did peanut shells get into the mix? Thank goodness I don’t have an allergy, esp. since they looked like the ovaries of the flower at first. Some of them were even stained red so they looked like petals. There should at least be a warning that there could be peanut and other allergens in the product. This is just a class action waiting to happen.
IveyStockwell, IN

Clump of hair entangled in the dried petals

As I was transferring the flowers to a large glass jar, I found a huge clump of hair entangled in the flowers. I threw it away along with almost a cup worth of flowers. Be careful before placing an order with this company.
JacklynNew Holstein, WI

Hibiscus Tea a five star

We bought this tea hopeing it would lower my hudbands blood pressure since he has alot of problems with medication. It REALLY works. I drink it myself. I would definately recommend this tea.
EveretteAguada, PR

Hibiscus Tea…. Really good

I tried this at Starbucks and loved it (even though theirs is different), so I brew up a container and mix it with decaf green tea and it is very refreshing and fruity. Healthy for your too, give it a try instead of sugary fruit punch for kids, brew up use your favorite sweetner and lots of ice. Really good.Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Herb Pure Org Hibiscus, 16-Ounce Bag
AnamariaBarnesville, MD

Love it with a good squeeze of fresh lime on ice..when its 112 degrees outside

Looking for a way to drink more un-sugared liquids so I went with a bulk tea that folks say is a very healthy one (Hibiscus). I make it real strong and add a lot of fresh lime. It has been a lifesaver with temperatures here in Austin Texas in the 105-112 range these last couple of months.
LouettaHarrisville, NY

very good indeed

This is the best Hibiscus tea I tried. It contains whole hibiscus flowers, not dust and dirt like many bagged teas, and the taste is wonderful. The cost is also much less than tea bags.
VernettaThompsonville, IL

It really works….

I’m not a huge fan of herbal tea, but the taste of this tea is OK, and it is a great value and easy to brew. What I really love about it, however, is that after drinking it for a couple of weeks, it has noticeably reduced my blood pressure. I try to drink two cups a day, and am hoping it will bring my numbers down even more with a little bit of time. Very happy to have found this natural remedy!
GuyIntercession City, FL

Love this tea

I love this tea. I drink it every morning. It is suppose to have benefits such as lowering blood pressure,but not sure about that. I put a little Agave necter in it. I enjoy it more than coffee and I don’t get the heart burn or upset stomach from it.
ShaneLindenwood, IL

Davidson’s Hibiscus Tea

I just received this tea and I’m trying to drink a couple of cups per day to see if it has any effect on my BP. So far so good. To enhance the flavor of this rather sour tea, I’ve added some Teavana Orange Blossom Herbal Tea, or Peach Bloom Rooibos Tea. These combinations make the hibuscus tea quite enjoyable to drink. I’m sure there are many other teas that would complement the Davidson hibiscus.
WynellAntrim, NH


I just love this tea, pleasant taste, good value. So much better than what we can buy at the local store.
ChristoperGreenville, FL

I Drank Tea

This Hibiscus tea is absolutly delicious! I have been looking at a buch of stores such as: World Market, Publix, Health food stores, etc, and the prices for this tea is astronomical. When i went onto Amazon i saw a whole pound for 11.88 and i was soo happy!
RhiannonStuttgart, KS

Wonder Tea

This is really a wonder tea. Every tea lover should try this whole bud tea in their life time and see the results. I saw lot of imrovmenet in the glow of skin. No caffine make sme to drink at least 3 times a tea. I can feel the imrovmenet in my energy levels.
LavinaMaxbass, ND

Wonderful Hibiscus Bulk Tea

This hibiscus tea comes in bulk in a reclosable packet. It is full flavored and can be enjoyed hot or cold.
AudraTwin Lakes, CO