Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Org Spiced Rooibos Chai, 16-Ounce Bag

Caffeine-free South African rooibos with cinnamon, cloves, and natural spice oils.

Quick facts

  • A pack of 16-Ounce Bag
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Traded Certified
  • Caffeine-free
  • Enjoy drinking this loose leaf bulk tea with our best selling and convenient Ultimate Tea Infuser, also available on Amazoncom or Davidsonsteacom
  • Packed in a paper/kraft stand up pouch (SUP) with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

Top reviews

Caffein Free? nooo!!! No returns?? nooo!!!!

Caffein free and no returns be warned! Who wants caffein free chi that’s like beer without booz in it. Different product. The listing mentions this but I overlooked it. Who cares what it tastes like I’m in it for the K*E*I*N baby.
LorileeLakin, WV

My throat is still burning

I bought this tea and was very much looking forward to it. I love the flavor of “normal” Chai tea, and was expecting this to be similar.

How wrong I was.

First off, the good. It was delivered in a timely manner. Great service. It was packaged much better than I thought. From the picture you expect to get brown paper bag full of leaves. What is actually received is a food grade, thick plastic-lined paper bag. The bag also has a zip-lock like sealer. Very nice.

I didn’t open the shipping box for a day or so and didn’t notice any aroma. Once the outer box was opened it hit me like a mac truck. This tea is VERY fragrant!

Now, alas, for the bad. As other reviewers noted, this blend leans heavily on the cinnamon. In fact, I would say that it doesn’t lean toward cinnamon, it buries all other flavors under a wave of cinnamon. I’ve just brewed and drank my first (and probably last) cup of this tea. It hurts my throat, the spice is so heavy. I tried diluting it with both milk and water, but the pain persists.

I failed to note any Chai seasoning in the cup I drank. I do not plan on reordering this product.

In closing, if you are considering purchasing this tea, be aware that you will be drinking liquid red-hots. If that’s your thing, more power to you.

AriannaShawanese, PA

Smells and tastes like Big Red

This tea is just disgusting. The rooibos and cinnamon are organic, but they add “natural flavors” to this product and it ends up tasting fake, like the way Big Red gum tastes like. Very disappointing.
CamelliaMershon, GA

Very good tea

Great flavor and quality. I like strong flavorful tea and this doesn’t dissapoint. Be mindful though, that the spice leans heavily on cinnamon, so you must like cinnamon to enjoy this tea. Will buy again.
ByronPrue, OK


The spicy taste and aroma of this tea is unbelievably delicious! I have it for breakfast as well as any other time of the day. I even made some and served it over ice and it was just as delicious for the hot summer days. I plan to ALWAYS keep some on hand as no other tea can compete with the spicy aroma and taste. I also tried several other brands of spiced chai and they did not even compare to Davidson’s Spiced Chai. They were almost bland compared to Davidson’s.
MichelSanford, MI

only if you like cinnamon

Maybe my bag was somehow bad, but this tastes like cinnamon and nothing else. Very heavy on the spice, so much so that there is no mention of the tea in the brewed result. Simply way overwhelming. I have to assume this was a mistake because brewing it reminded me of the spice packs one might boil to create aroma in the house over the holidays. In fact that is my plan for the remainder, to take it to my mother’s on Thanksgiving for her to use in scenting her home.

Hail Flavius!

KumJolo, WV

Nice flavor, but difficult to steep…

This tea’s spicy chai blend is comforting and cozy. However, because the texture is a bit finer than other loose teas, bits of tea always find their way into my cup, and that can be annoying. I have 3 different kinds of tea contraptions, and I experience the same issue in all 3 of them.
DeadraLookout Mountain, GA

Worst Chai Ever

I opened the bag and thought I’d walked into Santa’s Potpourri Shoppe–ack! I have tried almost a dozen chai teas over the years (Numi, Yogi, Choice, Pacific, and small, independent makers at their own tea shops.) Nothing has ever smelled like this: a horrendously strong/concentrated dose of clove and cinnamon. It was strong to the point of making my eyes water and irritating my throat, and my fingers as I handled it.

I handled it in order to sift out the big chunks of cinnamon. There was a bit over a whole cup of cinnamon pieces (that smelled stronger than any cinnamon sticks I’d ever cooked with), and 4 cups of tea leaves (that stank to the heavens of clove.) I couldn’t bring myself to taste this stuff–I brewed a little of the leaf part but couldn’t bring myself to taste it–it would be like drinking clove oil.

I called Davidson’s to give them feedback and ask, basically, “what is that awful smell?” It seems I had missed the “Product Details” that came after the “Product Features” before I ordered. If I had seen any sort of oils listed I never would have ordered–THAT’s what makes this stuff so overbearing. Good Chai is made with bits of actual spices not concentrated oils.

But the contents differed from detail here of “natural flavor oils”. On the bag it says “Ingredients (*Certified Organic Ingredient): Rooibos*, cinnamon* & natural flavor.” Note the “natural flavor” is not organic, and there’s no way to know what’s in it or how the flavorings were processed. It could be more than oils. “Natural” just means it’s not gmo or petroleum-based/synthetic; it does not mean it’s not MSG, hydrolyzed wheat protein, or that it does not have plants-processed-with alcohol-until-they-become-chemicals-that-work-as-preservatives in it.

Amazon issued me a refund but did not want the product back. There’s no way I’m ingesting this, and I don’t want it in my compost…maybe I could give it away as sachets of xmas potpourri a TEASPOON per room.

JoetteWoolwich, ME


This tea is amazing! I am somewhat new to drinking tea (specially loose leaf) as I’ve always been a coffee drinker. This tea has excellent flavor. It’s supposed to be chai, but it really does have more of a cinnamon taste with almost a touch of sweetness to it. There is definitely no need to sweeten it, at least in my opinion. I think another reviewer said that it made their throat burn, but I’ve found that review to be a little over dramatic, now that I’ve had the tea myself…I just can’t see how that could happen. Anyway, I love this tea and it’s great for sipping on in the evening before bed, also seems to keep those late night cravings at bay 🙂
IvanWoodbury, KY

Great Bedtime Drink

I got this tea specifically because I was looking for a strong cinnamon-flavored tea. This product definitely delivered! It has a strong cinnamon flavor, which I love. If you don’t like cinnamon, or if you only wanted a slight cinnamon flavor, then this tea is not for you. I did not think it was spicy, and it did not burn my throat as someone else claimed. I think it had a great, smooth and deep cinnamon flavor.
TerrenceTexico, IL

Delicious caffeine-free chai, and relatively cheap!

This is great tea for people who love chai but are sensitive to caffeine. I would be absolutely nuts about it if it contained cloves, cardamom, or other spices, but as it is, it seems to be just rooibos and cinnamon. It’s still good, though!

I drink it unsweetened because the cinnamon has a natural sweetness. I think it might be a little too saccharine if you added honey or sugar, but maybe that’s just me.

Davidson’s gives a relatively good price for an herbal tea like this. Rooibos is usually expensive.

SharilynMadisonville, KY

Good with or without milk, mild cinnamon flavor.

I switched to this tea about 2 years ago from regular caffeinated tea. Since I switched, I found that I don’t actually need caffeine, and also that my teeth got whiter, since the tannin in regular tea will stain teeth. There is no teeth staining with this tea.

As for the ‘burning the throat’ comments. I personally find those cinnamon candies and especially cinnamon gum way too strong. This tea is very mild by comparison. I’ve never experienced any burning or discomfort.

My 2 year old likes to drink this tea – he prefers no milk added, and since there’s no caffeine it’s safe for him.

HirokoSanta Cruz, NM

Amazing, flavorful tea!

This is my favorite of all the Davidsons teas that I’ve tried. Yes, it is strong with a strong cinnamon flavor, but if you’re a fan of strong tea, this is the tea for you! I serve it with honey and a dash of milk, and use about 2 tablespoons per teapot, which makes 1 huge serving, or 2 normal sized servings. (I personally like my tea in a cup the size of a small swimming pool: That’s how much I love this tea!) If you like robust, creamy tea with no caffeine, you’re in for a real treat!
DonaldYachats, OR

Incredibly good tea!

I’ve had mixed results with Davidson’s teas. Their honeybush was great, but their peppermint was pretty bad. Very happy that I tried them again with this spiced Chai tea. It is simply wonderful! Very rich and flavorful – quite enjoyable. It does emphasize cinnamon as others have noted, but not to the point where it’s overwhelming. Zero bitterness even when steeped for a long time.

Smells great while brewing, and tastes even better. I will absolutly be buying this again.

TylerLincoln, KS

Strong Cinnamon

I was impressed with the price of the tea and how quickly I received it. I do agree with others that it has a very strong cinnamon flavor. I expected that when I ordered it through reading the reviews. I love to drink chai tea and while the flavor is definitely overwhelmingly cinnamon, I like it. It tastes like liquid red hots to me. I am able to make very large cups of tea and still have the strong cinnamon flavor. I am planning on ordering other versions of Davidson’s chai teas to see if the flavor is any different. I think it is a very good value. If you are not a big fan of strong cinnamon flavor, try something else.
JoeannEl Paso, TX

Yummm! (If you love cinnamon.)

Steeped until deep luscious cinnabar red, this has become my go-to tea. It needs no additional sweetening for day-to-day use; but with honey and lemon, it could be dessert. I would highly recommend this tea to cinnamon lovers. That said, I have noticed that the amount of cinnamon can vary from bag to bag. If not for that variation, I’d give it 5 stars.

Also, this tea made my transition from all things caffeinated tolerable. Although this might not work for everyone, I found the flavor robust enough for early morning, which was my main criterion. (Unfortunately, it did nothing for the rotten caffeine withdrawal headache.)

JoParsonsfield, ME

Not what I call chai…

Very heavy on cinnamon, and I’m quessing cardamon. I really can’t pick apart what makes “chai”, but I like chai, and this isn’t it. Very strong cinnamon. I even mixed it 1 to 3 parts loose black tea, and still strong. Not too bad with juice. Maybe even resembles mulling spices.
It does make a nice potporri for large rooms.
AdanSmyrna, GA


I have been drinking chai rooibos teabags which I liked. When I received this order, I made a fresh pot of tea. My husband and I were surprised by the aroma and flavor-and my kids too. I am sure there is better quality chai rooibos out there, but this is as good as it gets for the price. I put 4-5 table spoons of tea into a coffee filter and tie it with the cotton string- give some room in the bag for the tea to expand. This worked better than any tea infuser, and none of visible chunk escaped. I will buy it again! Happy tea time~~~
FerminCaledonia, MS

Sweet and Cinnamon punch

I usually order the normal organic South African Rooibos Tea and have jugs of this prepared in the fridge for iced tea, and even prepare half and half lemon rooibos tea. I wanted to try something different and decided to order a bag of the spiced chai for a change. I have enjoyed this Organic Spiced Rooibos Chai, hot with soy milk. It’s amazing, adding a bit of sweetener adds extra sweetness or just as is, this tea is sweet and cinnamon punch gives it an original yummy and exotic perfect taste if you like strong flavors. I make a cup every night in my coffee maker and sit and read. It could be an option to replace your morning coffee as well if you want to drop the caffeine. With or without milk makes a great hot tea.
AlessandraMonticello, GA

Others are right about the Cinnamon assault

Cinnamon must have been there cheapest bulk purchase lately because this is not Chai Tag… A bag of Cinnamon ruining the the Roobios flavor… I a bad buy on my part. I have been thoroughly enjoying just there plain Red Roobios very very much though.
JacquelynnFairbanks, IN

Too much spice.

I thought the tea had way too much spice. So I purchased a pound of Honey Bush and made a 50/50 blend.
HalleyEllisville, IL

Fragrant and delicious

This tea takes me back in time to some cinnamon tea I bought a couple of decades ago and never saw again. The fragrance is perfect to cozy up the house on a winter day. With a little touch of honey to bring out the flavors, this tea is just delicious. If you’re a coffee drinker rather than a tea person, the robust flavor of this tea is just as rich and fortifying as a good cuppa joe. I also tried it with some orange juice in it, also good.
HalinaFair Lawn, NJ


So far we have made 3 pitchers of this as iced tea and we have not had it a week. The spice blend is delicious and the rooibos chai taste is way stronger than the bags we were buying at three times the price. I suggest the Save and Subscribe for auto delivery on this one cause you dont want to run out.
WendiParmele, NC

Great Cinnamon Caffeine-Free Tea

I agree with the other reviews, if you are looking for a chai tea… this is not it. I would consider this a cinnamon/roobios tea. I tend to drink this later in the evening when I’m winding down for the night and want a something a little sweet. It’s really a nice flavor…. but you have to like cinnamon.
LilaCaledonia, IL

very tasty herbal tea

I have always purchased this tea in tea bags…..however, never again. The loose tea is stronger, richer, and if you add sweetener and whole milk, the tea is raised to dessert status. It’s strongly flavored with cinnamon and other herbs and spices. This makes for great mouth feel along with a high satisfaction factor. Most of the time I enjoy a large mug of tea before going to bed. It relaxes me and I sleep very well, or have an afternoon cup for break. This tea has moved up to my favorite herbal tea and second only to my morning cup of black tea. I whole-heartedly recommend it, and for that matter, any and all Davidson’s teas. (No, I don’t work there, but their outlet store is five miles away and they have wonder gift items.) Catalog is available on-line.
CodiLewistown, OH

Delicious! GREAT price with subscription at Amazon!!!

Purchased a subscription for this tea and when I first tried it, decided I wasn’t crazy about it and cancelled the subscription but I still had a 1 pound bag I couldn’t waste so I’ve been drinking it. I have completely changed my mind about this tea and I love it. Am going right now to re-activate my subscription.
ColettaAlex, OK

Sweet and cinnamony

This tea is great! I really enjoyed the flavor balance. It arrived fresh and well-packaged. I don’t do well with caffeine, so this has become my usual tea.

I do tend to let it cool before I drink it. I drink most of my tea that way. This blend has the extra advantage that the flavor stays sweet and balanced if I leave it on the leaves in the teapot while it cools.

RichardMunster, IN


This tea is delicious!…Has a strong cinnamon taste to some …to me it kinda tastes like root beer…we’ve been drinking it for a few months and we can feel a difference in energy levels and my husbands blood pressure is normal again.
MikkiLyons, GA

I adore this tea at bedtime!

After reading other reviews, I ordered this tea warily along with the Davidson’s Honeybush tea, in case I needed to tone it down a bit. I was pleased with the price for organic tea. Well, no need for the Honeybush, I love this tea as is! It does have a strong cinnamon scent and flavor with hints of clove & perhaps nutmeg or allspice, which I find wonderfully soothing at bedtime. I think it helps me sleep, which can be a problem for me. The cinnamon adds sweetness, which means I forgo my usual teaspoon of sugar. Of course, my favorite chewing gum is Dentyne Fire and I love red hots, so consider the source. If you love cinnamon as I do, I cannot recommend this highly enough!
ClintonChillicothe, OH

Great taste! Love it!

Great taste if you like cinnamon! I use it for everyday iced tea and hot tea during the winter. Has a great sweet Flavor without adding any surgery.
BongRushford, NY