Davidson’s Tea Bulk, Organic Assam Banaspaty Estate Tea 1 Pound Bag

Malty, full flavored black tea. Wonderful with milk. From famed organic Indian estate.

Quick facts

  • 1-pound bag
  • USDA organic
  • Certified organic by State of Nevada Dept. of Agriculture
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • A pack of 1-Pound Bag
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Contains caffeine
  • Enjoy drinking this loose leaf bulk tea with our best selling and convenient Ultimate Tea Infuser, also available on Amazoncom or Davidsonsteacom
  • Packed in a paper/kraft stand up pouch (SUP) with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

Top reviews

Maybe good tea but packaging is very poor

Tea should be stored in an airtight container. This paper bag is just folded at the top w/o any seal. Tea was tasteless. I should have returned it but I was too lazy to do so. I am sure Amazon would have taken it back and would have paid for shipping. I like Amazon but not all the products are excellent.
StormyHope, AR

excellent classic Assam tea

This is a wonderful deep-flavored classic Assam tea, and certified organic, as well. The flavor is malty and rich, with no bitterness or off-flavors. Stands up well to milk and a bit of sugar but would also be excellent without them, say, as an iced tea in summer. I am a simple tea drinker, not a gourmet expert. I simply like this tea a lot and will purchase it again.
MelanieWhite Sulphur Springs, MT

Not so Hot

It was neither fresh nor tasty. Perhaps if they wrapped it in an airtight container it could change my opinion but by the time I got it it tasted as if it been lying around gathering dust. The flavors of the tea didnt matter because they were overshadowed by the other factors. Had high hopes but had to toss it all out.
SabinaFelicity, OH

Very weak, not what one would expect from Assam.

Quote “Assam tea is known for its body, briskness, malty flavor, and strong, bright color.”

This offering is pretty abysmal, it is lacking in every department, maybe it was mislabeled. I am not sure what I am going to do with it!!

FredrickGrayson, GA

Delicious and malty

I love this tea. Full bodied and malty. The packaging has a ziploc top to keep it fresh. Very nice tea for a heavy tea drinker.
JennaWeymouth, MA

Still good

I have been purchasing this tea regularly for a couple of years through Amazon’s subscribe and save program. I have never been disappointed with it’s quality. I am not a tea snob nor connoisseur of fine teas, so I don’t look for the finest tea or even know how it compares with other teas. All I want is an affordable tea that tastes very good to me. Any extra quality would be wasted on me, so why pay more. This loose tea certainly fits the bill, plus it beats all the store brand tea bag teas and actually works out to be cheaper than most if not all.
CherrieMakinen, MN

Good buy.

Classic Assam Estate tea, malty, full-bodied, medium-strength organic black tea with a slightly sweet aroma and aftertaste (clearly a second flush offering; the first flush pickings have a Darjeeling-like astringency). Very drinkable by as is, but does very nicely with a spot of milk. I will purchase this tea again. Highly recommended.
CandelariaNorth San Juan, CA

Purely Assam

A good rich, malty, bready assam that can stand up to milk & sugar. As usual don’t over steep an Assam. Wonderful value for fair trade organic!
SavannahHartland Four Corners, VT


I normally like Assam teas, but this is pretty bland — the flavor is simple & shallow. There’s no richness, earthiness or depth. Considering that this a pound bag of the stuff, if you buy it there’ll be a lot of boring tea to slog through (or throw out).

One reviewer commented about the paper package impairing retention of flavor. FWIW, while the outer bag is paper, it’s plastic-coated on the inside; it may not be a hermetic seal, but it’s adequate. Based on my experience, if you’re spooning single servings, you can probably expect the wire fold-closure to break halfway through the bag, so have a clothespin around.

RoniIona, SD

Acceptable for tea, excellent for kombucha

This is a good tea, for an incredible price. However, unless you drink tea on a daily basis, it is probably not what you’re looking for. It comes in a very large quantity that will not stay fresh forever.

That said, I brew kombucha in five gallon batches. This tea makes an excellent kombucha, and I use it quickly enough to justify the quantity.

JeffBondville, IL

bland but cheap

As others have mentioned, the taste is pretty bland. But it’s cheap and if you put twice as much tea in it tastes almost as strong as fancier, more expensive brands. Almost.
JamilaSmithfield, IL

Good and affordable

Not a connoisseur by any stretch, but tea is whole leaf and tastes good. Considering the Twinnings tins in the store give you about 1/5th the amount for the same price (and it’s tea leave dust) this is all the more valuable. 1lb lasts a while so maybe portion into zip top bags for longer storage.

Not sure how folks cannot make a strong cup of tea with this product. It has the capacity to make rocket fuel if you use too much.

KimberPie Town, NM

Great Assam at a great bulk price

After having only 2 previous Assam teas I can say this is without a doubt the best one I have tried yet. The price was the deciding factor when I purchased this and I am not displeased. I would recommend this product without hesitation.
FayJohnsonville, NY

Takes me back to England!

Ever since I discovered tea the way the British drink it in the late ’70s, I’ve been searching for a good black tea that, with a bit of milk, would produce that same rich, smooth cup of tea. This is it! I love it, as do the many friends I’ve served it to. I highly recommend it!
KaliEvergreen Park, IL


Just received and made last night. Very good tasting.
This 16oz bag is a lot of tea – more than I thought. Glad I have though.
Nice packaging — but will put in tins because of the amount to keep it fresh longer.
IdaliaDunellen, NJ

Pretty Solid Tea

I didn’t exactly know what to expect when I ordered an affordable bag of bulk, whole-leaf, organic tea. Each of these qualities seemed to clash with the “1 pound for 16 dollars” quality.
I’m pleasantly surprised.
Tastes great with a lot of forgiveness in brew time (you almost have to try to make bad batch).
Nice, resealable packaging.
Back to the flavor, it’s malty with a astringency and sweet (sort of how sugar tastes, with out the sugariness) quality very reminiscent of a darjeeling.
Holds up well to milk and/or honey.

Seems a little weak, doesn’t handle multiple infusions very well.

Recommendations: order away, expect a pretty solid, consistent, enjoyable tea.

TulaRamah, NM

From Tetley’s to Assam Banaspaty !

I was drinking lots of tea from the local Jewel, Tetley’s British blend. So when I saw this I thought it was an opportunity to try something better. Indeed its a lot better tea, does get strong nicely and I use skim milk. It tastes much better obviously than the Tetley in a box, its full bodied, but it did not have a refreshing taste.
The reason I say that is I was drinking some other Assam team from a store in Cleveland(Teavana) and that was very refreshing, full bodied. Likely it wasn’t organic. Obviously the price at Teavana for a few oz. was a lot more per oz. than the Banaspaty tea, so it has that going for it.
The Twinings are pretty good, likely they have their own tea-estate, but my guess is the tea-estates vary in flavor.
But, hey, remember where I came from, Tetley’s bags to Assam Banaspaty. Big leap for me.
ShemikaMinnetonka Beach, MN

Not very good at all

This is truly bad loose leaf tea. I still haven’t used very much of it and I bought it some time ago, and no it didn’t go bad (unless it was shipped bad), as it was very subpar when I first got it. Quite bitter and lacking any maltiness whatsoever (at best it tastes slightly above Lipton bagged tea). Do yourself a favor and order from teasource.com or uptonteas.com both are far better then this. Heck even Teavanna is better than this. Extremely disappointing….can barely make passable sun tea out of it.
LouannBlocker, OK

No Flavor

This tea was a major disappointment. I had been used to drinking the Assam from Teaism in DC and was looking forward to buying this variety of Assam in bulk to save money but it ended up being a waste of money. There is no flavor no matter how long you steep it or how much you use. It gets two stars because it does not taste bad, there just is no taste.
KacieDahinda, IL

Always Great Tea

This tea is a very great substitute for coffee. I found it about five years ago as a recommendation from a friend and have been drinking it since. It has a great flavor and versatility. I like mine strong with a couple teaspoons of honey, organic sugar is great as well. It makes a good cup of iced tea and it does get milky when cold so just be aware of that. I recommend this tea to most anyone. If you have this first thing in the morning, be sure to eat something with it.
WalkerKaweah, CA

Weak; little flavor

I decided to try this tea based on the description and reviews, but found it weak, with little flavor. For reference, I like my tea very strong and normally buy the Davidsonas English breakfast tea.
ArtParade, SD


I had high hopes for this tea, but I have to agree with the reviewers who called it bland. I normally drink Twinings Ceylon OP, English Breakfast, or PG Tips, and those are all much more flavorful. Even using twice the tea I don’t get as strong or dark a cup with three minutes of steeping. The tea itself looks fine and seems appropriately packaged. Davidson’s seems like a great company (check out their website) and has lots of organic and Fair Trade teas, so I’ll give them another shot with a different variety.
EndaLa Fayette, GA


I was sadly disappointed in this brand of Assam tea. Once properly brewed, the tea was weak. When I brewed another pot, I added more tea, in the hopes of making it drinkable. The second pot was weak, and bitter.
FeliceTakoma Park, MD

Great tea

It is hard to get Assam tea in the store, let alone organic Assam.
I was pleased at how fast this one arrived and how nicely it is
StormyPleasantville, NJ

What I hoped for

Good flavorful tea. Organic and tasty. Stands up to some milk or to drink plain. I love loose leaf teas and this is an easy way to find a good one. It’s nice to have it come in a 1 lb bag. The bag is a self closer zip lock one, but it doesn’t really work once you open it. I just use chip clips or put it in anoterh container. Enjoy!
JessikaSparkman, AR

It is okay … I’ll drink it…. but won’t buy it again

Perhaps just this batch… not a flavorful tea. A milquetoast quality. I like a robust tea so this may be my own misunderstanding of how this blend is supposed to taste. I’m glad I tried it.
LaquitaSeguin, TX

Tasty. Not ‘bland’, but not as strong as other Assam teas.

This Assam tea is delicious, and a good deal, especially for organic and fair trade. I will say that I expected it to have a bolder flavor, which I am used to with other Assam teas I have tried. It has the same flavor characteristics of other Assam teas – it just doesn’t brew dark and strong even with a lot of leaves in the infuser. That said, I am enjoying this somewhat more delicate Assam tea a lot, and the price was right. The listing promises “fair trade certified” and “certified organic”, but the label on the bag doesn’t have any fair trade certification. Hopefully the advertising is correct.
HortenciaCentral Valley, NY

I am not a tea snob

But, I have tried some other teas to find something to replace that awful Lipton junk that I have been using for my iced tea for years. What I do know is that it has great flavor in iced tea, better than anything else I have tried (although I haven’t tried any of the other Davidson teas). Tastes like dirt? That reviewer needs a taste bud tune-up.
KalynMeriden, WY

Davidson’s Bulk Assam Tea

I found Davidson’s Banaspaty Estate Assam tea to be a very good Assam at a very reasonable price. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is that I’ve had better but at more than twice the price. Davidson’s is the hands-down winner on value. This is the second time I’ve purchased it and I intend to buy more in the future.
TennieEagleville, TN

An excellent tea

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that one can buy loose tea on Amazon, though I admit to a degree of trepidation because I had never heard of Davidson’s Tea before. Their catalog of available teas is quite large, and it quickly became a matter of choosing teas for now and saving new teas for later, because their descriptions are both interesting and helpful. Their packaging is good; delivery was timely; but the real test is – how does it taste? I enjoy the full-bodied flavor of Assam, and this is an excellent tea. I recommend it highly to other customers, and I will be re-ordering when this lot has been happily consumed.
FreddieTetonia, ID