Davidson’s Tea Caramel Peach with Coconut, 25 Count Tea Bag

Caramel Peach with Coconut is a full-bodied, delicious herbal tea, combining the flavors of sun-ripened peaches with buttery caramel and coconut. Delicious hot, of course, but surprisingly wonderful iced!

Quick facts

  • 25 Counts tea bags
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Caffeine-free
  • Delicious nut and fruit character Dessert tea

Top reviews

Our Favorite Tea!

Davidson’s Caramel Peach tea is our absolute favorite (so far..we haven’t tried all of their teas yet) You won’t regret buying this tea! If you go directly to their website, you will find a ton of selection.
LilyWarrensville, NC

Davidson’s Caramel Peach with Coconut Tea

I’m not a tea drinker. In fact up until the last week I would have said that I hated tea, in all its forms, hot, cold, sweetened, iced, etc. But I’m bound and determined to make myself like tea because it’s good for you and better than the soda I continually chug for the caffeine source. So when I found Davidson’s tea at a local market I decided to give it a try because the flavors sounded interesting and I didn’t really have anything to lose. And I’m so glad I did. While I’d still rather be drinking a pepsi, this tea has made me realize that I may be able to convert myself.

This particular flavor, Caramel Peach with Coconut, is considered a dessert tea and I figured that was the best place to start. Something sweet to replace the cloying taste of a soda. And this actually was pretty sweet. I decided not to add any sweetener to the cup of tea as I figured that might be a bad habit to get into, so I just steeped this tea in boiling water for about five minutes, removed the tea bag, and started drinking. And I was actually ok with the flavor and enjoyed sipping on it. The most noticeable taste was the caramel. It’s what I really could taste aside from the bitterness of the tea itself. I didn’t so much taste the coconut, and only got a fair hint of the peach, but that was ok. The taste was smooth and while there was that faint aftertaste of bitter tea that I don’t really enjoy, it wasn’t as bad as in some other teas I’ve tried.

The ingredients were also very good in this tea. Most of it was organic and used barley, chicory, chamomile, carob and rooibos and some natural flavors. I was very pleased with the blend and it made me feel pretty healthy drinking it. And it’s not often you can find an organic tea at the reasonable price this is offered at either. It was caffeine free, but that’s just as well considering I used it at night while reading a book and getting ready for bed. It made it all the more relaxing.

As a beginner tea drinker I’d say this is very good. It’s the second of the brand that I’ve tried and both have been very palatable to me. I look forward to drinking more of this flavor and branching out and trying others.

Review by M. Reynard 2012

GlennaScammon Bay, AK