Davidson’s Tea Earl Grey, 100-Count Tea Bags

Earl Grey combines superior organic black tea from India and natural oil of bergamot.This tea was created for the Second Earl of Grey in the 1800s, and has remained a popular favorite ever since. Oil of bergamot is extracted from the fruit of a citrus tree native to the Mediterranean and has an exotic lemon-orange flavor with hints of lavender. Tea as good for you as you expect it to be. Uncompromisingly healthy and delicious teas.

Quick facts

  • A pack of 100-count Unwrapped tea bags
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Traded Certified
  • Contains caffeine
  • Black tea with oil of Bergamot
  • Economical and bulk packaging

Top reviews

Good Earl Grey

I would consider this to be good, every day Earl Grey, not particularly one you would treat yourself to on special occasions. Like most of Davidson’s teas, it’s good, not great. But, it’s priced accordingly and that makes it a very good bargain for everyday use.
NellyGrand Island, NE