Davidson’s Tea South African Honeybush, 100-Count Tea Bags

Honeybush is the “sister” of Rooibos (Red Tea), both mild, but full-bodied herbs harvested from shrubs grown in high elevations of the cape region of South Africa. Brewing red in the cup, Honeybush has rounded undertones and slightly peppery top notes. Honeybush has few tannins, no caffeine, and an abundance of vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidants, linking it to numerous health benefits. Tea as good for you as you expect it to be. Uncompromisingly healthy and delicious teas.

Quick facts

  • A pack of 100-count Unwrapped tea bags
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Traded Certified
  • Caffeine-free
  • Honeybush contains powerful antioxidants which can empower your immune system
  • Economical and bulk packaging

Top reviews

Too Strong

I LOVE honeybush tea. However, this is too strong and a little bitter. So far my favorite brands are Stash & Numi. If you get Stash, make sure to get the tea bag and not the lose tea. Their lose tea have a lot of sediments due to fine tea leafs. I heard that Numi lose tea is bigger but haven’t tried it yet. Anyhow, I would not purchase this again.
EmmalineOneill, NE

Just okay.

My only previous experience with Honeybush tea was the Stash brand so I’m far from an expert on how it should taste but I didn’t like the taste of this one nearly as much. It has a really strong spiciness that I found a little overbearing when compared to the lighter, sweeter taste of the other brand. The packaging is just a box containing a ziplock bag with small tea bags/no strings. Won’t be re-ordering this brand.
MelodieCopper City, MI

Awesome tea!

This has become my go-to herbal tea. It’s so soothing and delicious. It’s perfect sweetened with a little honey instead of sugar and just a dash of milk. Yum! I drink it all day long. My husband, who is a coffee drinker, even likes this. I had a terrible cold/flu recently, and my throat was so sore. This soothed my sore throat every time! Love it! It’s definitely a keeper, and it’s priced much better than the fancy boxes I find in the high-end grocery stores around here, which is the only way I can find African Honeybush tea here.
LauraMountain Home A F B, ID


I have had Honeybush tea bought in South Africa. This stuff is horrid with no flavor. Will not buy again. My fault for seeing a deal, more like a steal of my money.
KaceyPutnam, CT

Excellent Tea

Absolutely excellent tea! We receive this once every three months on subscription and are never disappointed in the taste or quality.
LiliaCromwell, AL

Good Product, But Not What I Was Looking For

The tea was good, but I was hoping to find the perfect substitute for Trader Joe’s Honeybush Tea. Honeybush tea helps to soothe my throat, especially when singing with the choir. I have also found that honeybush tea doesn’t give me that dried out feeling in my mouth that most other teas do. I know you have plenty of fans out there and I do thank you for the close second!
CordiaUrsa, IL

Great Rooibos Tea

This is great rooibos tea at an excellent price. We’ve drunk our way through several boxes of the tea and love it with a bit of cream and sweetener. It almost makes you think you’re sitting in the Ladies Number 1 Detective Agency and drinking with Mma Ramotswe.
MikeDrumright, OK

Hearty Tea

This is some good Rooibos. It comes in a ziploc bag inside the carboard box. This is not fancy, but it is handy, because it allows all the tea to be re-sealed.

The flavor of the tea is rich and intense – in a manner that is very pleasing.

GastonPalm City, FL

Excellent Tea

This is very good rooibos, makes me feel like I am back at home. Will definitely be a repetitive customer.
RoryCashion, AZ

Great tea, amazing price

This brand does great honeybush as well as rooibos teas. I’ve been buying Numi brand at the health food stores for a long time. Davidson’s is over 5 times the quantity and only costs twice the amount of 1 little box of Numi. And there are no tea bag wrappers to deal with – less waste on packaging and less hassle. The bags are just packaged in one zip lock bag which keeps them plenty fresh. Highly highly recommend this product.
LashonGreenfield Park, NY

Fantastic tea, great price

This has become my favorite drink. Add some honey and Stevia to sweeten and to enhance the honey flavor, refrigerate, and you’ve got a quart of awesomeness with no caffeine and nearly no calories (only what the honey provides).
NiaHyrum, UT

Pleasant product

This is a nice tea, and it’s good to be able to find an organic honeybush. The flavor is not as intense or pleasing as the one I used to get from Trader Joe’s, but since that one’s no longer available, this will do.
DennisSouthern Pines, NC