D&D Gold Madras Curry Powder, 16-Ounce Jars

Product of USA.

Quick facts

  • Great variety of cookies in a nice red tin box with Chinese Dragon & Phoenix design.
  • Great for gift and souvenir
  • Product of Singapore

Top reviews

Great Value, Great Curry

Decided to give this a shot as apposed to ordering again from Penzey’s spices. Very pleased with the quality of the curry powder and the amazing value that you get with this. Wonderful flavor and moderate heat make this an excellent choice!
FernandoAlbany, MO

The price is right

This is high quality curry for next to nothing. Three pounds for the price of four little bottles. I go through a pound a month. To preserve freshness keep it in the refrigerator.

8/5/2011 Update: This has been out of stock for quite awhile. Glad to see it’s back, I’ve since tried Marshal Creek and Sun brand. Neither came close. All the rest were way too expensive.

5/22/2012 Update: A different company bought the brand and completely changed the formula (the lable is the same but without “D&D Gold Product”). There is so much very hot chili pepper mixed in that it completely overwhelms the curry. More than two tbsp of curry in two gallons of vegetable soup makes it so hot it’s nearly inedible. Too bad! This used to be really good curry. I can’t recommend it anymore.

CarmelaEarly Branch, SC

Good value, very tasty

The description is in error: “Great variety of cookies in a nice red tin box with Chinese Dragon & Phoenix design.” It doesn’t come with the a seal (e.g. foil) for the container to help keep the other two jars fresh while you work through the first other then the cap. But a brilliant taste.
KendaLucile, ID

So much curry

For some reason, the jars were way bigger than I expected. So before buying, just keep in mind that you’ll end up with enough curry powder to feed a family for about 2 years, even if you eat curry regularly. Otherwise it tastes great with some chicken, potatoes, carrots, and coconut milk, with chili powder to taste.
PaigeTowanda, KS

Great spice mix

I thought this would be more of an Indian curry, but it doesn’t taste that way. That said, I received three very big jars of this and in the end it really does taste nice. I gave one away and took one to my vacation home. Very good value if you like to prepare curries. Also, I didn’t find it overwhelmingly hot, but we do like our curries hot.
HyeEros, LA

The Yummiest Curry Powder

If you plan to be cooking Thai curry (be it yellow curry fried rice, or simply yellow curry soup), you may bet that no other yellow curry powder will win over this one. LOVE THIS! been using it for years now. Once I was introduced to it, I could never really feel too strongly about all the other curry powders I have tried (while waiting for the reload of D&D Gold yellow curry powder)
LakeeshaFort Fairfield, ME


This is my most favorite curry. Smooth, flavorful and wonderful aroma. You can heat it up with this product, or keep it mild and mellow. Unfortunately it’s hard to find even on Amazon … so when in stock buy it because it sells fast.
FreddaKing Ferry, NY