De Cecco Egg Enriched Tagliatelle Spinaci, 8.8 Ounce Boxes

According to an old rule egg based De Cecco pasta is made with extremely fresh eggs (collected about 3 days after having been laid), free from colouring agents, shelled, pasteurised, kept at 2-3 C and then kneaded in a special way in the thinnest pastry possible, just like home-made pasta. The quality of the wheat and flours is the same as usual. The eggs are obviously fresh and natural, guaranteed by De Cecco.Tagliatelle belong to the long pasta family, thay have a flat or almost flat section, they are 0.021″ thick and 0.220″ wide. They originate from the Northern Italian regions, in particular from Emilia where they are well established in the culinary and gastronomy tradition.An evidence of the Emilian origin of the Tagliatelle can be found in popolar sayings and in the Emilian’s idiomatic phrases. An instance of the deep Emilian roots of Tagliatelle is in “The Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well” by Pellegrino Artusi: “Short short and long Tagliatelle, say the Bolognese, and well said too, because long bills frighten the poor husbands, and short tagliatelle vouch inexperience of the maker and served that way, they look like a leftover.” Tagliatelle area rather versatile format which can be eaten with a wide range of ways and sauces.. Excellent both as dried pasta dishes and pasta flans and absolutely perfect with fish and shellfish sauces, with butter and white sauces made of soft or melted cheeses with a touch of curry or saffron.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 8.8-ounce, total of 35.2-ounce
  • O.U. Kosher certified
  • Family owned company
  • Made in Italy
  • Please note: the date printed on the box is the production date. First 3 digits refer to the Julian Date (001= Jan 1, 365 = Dec 31), next two digits are the year. Shelf life is three years from production date.

Top reviews

Delicious Spinach Pasta

I prefer my homemade spinach pasta but this De Cecco product comes close enough in a pinch. Nice, delicate flavor that goes with traditional and seafood sauces.
QueenieCatawba, WI

Premium pasta

De Cecco is one of the better commercial pastas from Italy. The spinach tagliatelle is an excellent egg pasta. It’s firm texture and substance enables it to stand up to strong sauces as well as a simple preparation with butter and ricotta. The unique “nest” portion takes the guess work out of the amount of pastas to prepare per person.
IndiaShannon City, IA

Very good ready-to-cook green noodles

I love green noodles, but it is such a pain to make your own starting from scratch. De Cecco is a valid alternative: one of the highest quality brand in Italy, this pasta is good, cooks in only a few minutes, and is delicious with any standard tagliatelle sauce (mushroom cream, sweet peppers, traditional ragú alla Bolognese, etc.)
RexBellwood, IL


I have had to drive miles to find this product and pay more for it than I did now……………Love it…Thanks Amazon
KamiCallaway, VA

good pasta product

because its de checco, you can’t really go wrong. i would have wished the pasta to be a little thicker as i’m used to with tagliatelle in its white stage but all in all have enjoyed its taste. texture is important to me in pasta though.
RosaliaDelta, AL