De Cecco Tri-Color Farfalle, 16-Ounce Boxes

Farfalle tri-collore belong to the tri-color specialties meant to add creativity to add creativity to your recipes through the flavor of special ingredients, such as double tomato concentrate and the tender spinach leaves. Farfalle come from Lombardy and Emilia and are named after their bowtie shape, with a little frill right in the middle. They are at their best with delicate sauces.

Quick facts

  • One pound dry pasta yields 2.6 pounds cooked pasta
  • Family owned company
  • O.U. Kosher certified
  • Made in Italy
  • Please note: the date printed on the box is the production date. First 3 digits refer to the Julian Date (001= Jan 1, 365 = Dec 31), next two digits are the year. Shelf life is three years from production date.

Top reviews

You can really taste all three flavors

The best tricolors I’ve found. Be sure to use plenty of water cooking it — this is one pasta that it doesn’t pay to skimp. Good for sauce or chilled in salads.
JanellWest Linn, OR

My Favorite Tri-Color: Watch for Amazon Sale Prices!

This is another product I keep on the shopping list to wait for sales. Luckily, it recently went on a smashing sale and I grabbed it up for almost half the normal price. When you combine free shipping, this is really an excellent way to get a favorite that is sometimes hard to find in your local market.

For these tri-color Farfalle, you’ll need to ensure you use LOTS of water. They need it and deserve it. When done, these have a texture not seen in most dried pastas and is perfect for pasta salads as well as hot dishes.

In terms of flavor, I often find that tri-colors are just that…more color than flavor…but that isn’t the case here. You get the subtle yet distinct flavor differences you’re meant to. Perfectly balanced.

In terms of shipping, these weren’t quite how I usually get pasta from Amazon. The five boxes were packaged loosely within a plastic bag so that the boxes got all jumbled up inside the box with other products ordered. That means that the boxes got very dinged and crunched, though none were punctured or open. Still, to go into the pantry I had to combine 2 of the boxes into another container because they were so very banged up. Perhaps I should take a star from it for that, but the pasta itself is what I’m reviewing and that is certainly deserving of 5!

LissetteRedford, NY


I am reviewing this product out of years of constant unequaled quality. I have tried many brands over the decades and no dry pasta has the proper firmness, taste and consistency. Amazon makes it so easy to order all the varieties I need.
IrishYorkville, OH