De Cecco Whole Wheat Fusilli, 16 Ounce Boxes

In Abruzzo, Italy the De Cecco brothers began a pasta factory over a century ago. They began making the best quality pasta in the region and their passion grew the company. We have been producing pasta for over 120 years and has become synonymous for superior quality and Italian authentic taste around the world. There has been no change in the will to pass on, safeguard and consolidate the Founder’s original principles of production and quality: selected wheat, fresh semolina from the Molino, bronze plate drawing, low temperature drying and constant quality control. Every De Cecco act, today, like back then, comes from deep passion and tenacious search for perfection starting from pasta and going forward.

Quick facts

  • Linguine look like a small flat and thin tagliatella and come from the Liguria region of northern Italy
  • They are flat and narrow and are between 0.057 to 0.062 inches thick
  • Best paired with fresh tomato-based sauces, or with hot sauces made with olive oil, hot peppers and anchovies
  • Perfect matches are fish-based sauces with shell fish and seafood, and with creamy white sauces
  • Made in Italy

Top reviews

Palatable, but cheats on the wheat.

I’m loyal to De Cecco for regular semolina pasta. Unfortunately its whole wheat fusilli (this product is fusilli despite the wrong picture) is only better than OK. The taste is fine, not bitter at all, but the texture is difficult to get right, and resists binding with sauce. I suggest creamier sauces that bring their own cling. Note also that De Cecco’s “whole wheat” pastas are not made with 100% whole wheat, but “enriched whole wheat” flour — an euphemism for highly processed wheat.
ChrisHuron, SD

DeCecco Whole Wheat Fusilli Pasta

Another very fine whole wheat pasta product. Worth the little extra you may have to pay. Taste and quality are excellent.
MaudNordheim, TX