De De Instant Thai Tea with Cream and Sugar, 12 count

Delicious instant drinks, enjoy thai tea anytime, just add hot water. Add ice after for cold drink.

Quick facts

  • product of thailand
  • just add water
  • 12 individual packs

Top reviews

Pretty good

This instant Thai tea did not taste like the Thai tea I’ve had restaurants, but it was pretty good. I liked it hot rather than cold. It’s pretty sweet. I decided to add a very small amount of Cinnamon to it and it came out great. A bit high on calories-180 calories per packet. I would buy it again.
AjaCarteret, NJ

Not bad.

Like the first person who posted a rating, I believe this stuff is pretty good. It isn’t exactly like the real stuff you get when you go out, but it’s a great substitute. Not bad at all for making and keeping at home.
NapoleonRinggold, GA


This tastes just like the Thai tea I get from Thai places. I make it hot & then put it in the fridge or freezer for a couple hours. It is so good when it’s cold!
BuddyLeeper, PA

tastes okay, but nowhere near restaurant quality.

Doesn’t even really taste like Thai Tea. What you get is a rather non-descript sweet powdered drink. Even adding copious amounts of cream or condensed milk didn’t help.
LorenaSpringer, NM

Not Quite it, but VERY convenient.

I thought this was pretty decent for an instant gratification type of item. It is a little on the sweet side but I found that adding a little extra water helped quite a bit. I also like that is comes in convenient single servings, so it’s easy to just pick-up and go.
ZofiaPlainwell, MI

Not restaurant quality, but good for instant.

This is nowhere near as good as fresh brewed Thai Tea with cane sugar and evaporated milk. But it’s quick and easy, especially when you’re in a hurry in the morning or on a camping trip (excellent addition to coffee and hot cocoa for variety when camping).

It’s not as good as what you’ll get at a restaurant, but when you’re out hiking and packing light, it’s good.

JanelleNorth Pole, AK

Pretty good for instant

Is this going to give you Thai tea exactly like what you’d get in a restaurant? No. But is it good? For what it is, yes. I bought it to keep at work so when the craving for Thai tea hits me, I can have it. Obviously I can’t brew my own Thai tea and add in the ice and condensed milk at my desk and then stick all of that back in a drawer. But I can grab a packet of this instant mix. I am going to figure out how to make real Thai tea so I can have it whenever I want, not just when I’m at a restaurant or bubble tea place with it on the menu.
FranceneKirkwood, DE


I absolutely can’t believe the number of reviews for this product saying “It’s not as good as what you get from a restaurant, but good enough in a pinch!”…. No, it isn’t. It’s not decent in any way. It tastes like sugar and creamer with literally not even a hint of thai tea, when you smell the powder there is no hint of thai tea whatsoever. There was one other review saying this when I purchased, but I didn’t listen because of all the positive reviews. Completely revolting product, waste of money, avoid.
LeishaParkton, NC

Not Thai tea!

The key word here is INSTANT. Don’t expect a real Thai tea experience with this instant beverage. It’s okay. It doesn’t taste bad… Just like Starbucks and instant Taster’s choice taste different, so does this with a real Thai tea.
IsaacBrooklyn, KY


My wife and I really enjoy this tea. It is super sweet and easy to make. I enjoy it cold. I just mix a small amount of hot water to melt the powder and then top it off with plenty of ice and cold water.
SueannSan Marcos, TX


I simply love this brand of thai iced tea. It is a good summer drink. My friends loved it too!
AshleighVanzant, MO

We love this Thai iced tea

The taste is pretty close to the ones from restaurants or what I made from the real tea leaves mixture. My only complain is that it’s slightly too sweet, however, my family love the convenient Thai iced tea.
SadeBrighton, IL

Handy for travel

While nothing can beat a real Thai iced tea, this is pretty good. I carry these with me to use while I’m in the cafeteria for convenience. They have a nice creamy texture, and are quite sweet.
RonniBridgeport, IL

first thai tea, delicious!!

I found this at a local asian market where I buy fresh ginger for my chai tea, funny, ha.

Try to find this product locally, I paid less than 5 dollars for the 12 pack. Like others have said it is sweet, and you can taste the vanilla/anise. I never thought to add cinnamon like another has siggested, but it is definitly a winner!

Another thing you can add is cardomon powder. I mix cinnamon powder and cardomon powder together and sprinkle it on top.

Recommended, plan on buying again. Eventually I will look for something more in bulk.

TheoCapshaw, AL

Thai tea is thai tea

This is instant thai tea. It is not the real thing, but it tastes pretty close. Just like lemonade, we buy these instant packages because we don’t have the time to make the real thing and it’s messy. This does the job when I’m craving thai tea, but I’ll just have to wait until I go to a thai restaurant to get real thing.
CindieClaverack, NY