DeBoles Spaghetti Pasta, 8 Ounce

DeBoles Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta, Spaghetti Style, 8 Ounce (Pack of 12) is made of a unique blend of durum semolina and our signature Jerusalem artichoke flour. Jerusalem artichoke flour naturally contains inulin, a prebiotic that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacterial in the digestive tract that in turn aids digestion and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Our signature recipe has a subtle nutty flavor and light smooth texture that is never sticky. Since 1932 DeBoles pasta has been the brand of choice for those seeking healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families. Our extensive line of pastas offers great variety in shapes and flavors to please every palate, including those with special dietary needs. DeBoles maintains its dedication to producing unique and delicious pasta products from the highest quality, all natural and organic ingredients.

Quick facts

  • Made with Jerusalem Artichoke Flour
  • 2g of fiber
  • May help to lower blood pressure & cholesterol
  • 7g of protein per serving
  • Certified kosher
  • All natural spaghetti pasta
  • Perfect for your favorite Italian recipes
  • Made with Jerusalem artichoke flour, which contains prebiotics that aid in digestion
  • Unique nutty flavor
  • Light smooth texture that is never sticky

Top reviews

Fabulous and Healthy

I have been eating this pasta for a year now and I have never found one that’s better (and I lived in Italy for years). It is lighter and much less sticky than regular refined flour pasta and also adds beneficial bacteria to your intestinal system (or so they say). I wish I had known about it before trying every gooey whole wheat or regular pasta on the market.
BennieAndreas, PA


Amazon is incorrectly advertising this product as “gluten free”. The first ingredient of this product is Durum Semolina, which is well known for having the highest gluten content of all wheat products.

So, Celiacs and people with gluten-allergies, DO NOT ORDER THIS! This pasta will only make you sick!!!!

SanaVirginville, PA


I tried this product after trying to convert my husband to healthier eating. He put his foot down on Wheat Pasta in Spagetti, so after hearing Dr. Oz mention this is the Pasta they use at home, I decided to try it and immediately We both were sold, no more white flour for us!!! It’s great, light tasting. My only suggestion is the cooking instruction time is a little off. For me it’s done at 8 minutes, so the first time you make it keep an eye and check for your desired doneness. I highly recommend this product!!!
AyakoPineland, TX

This Pasta Queen Loves It!

I was watching Dr. Oz on TV and saw that a person who loves pasta didn’t want to give it up in order to loose weight. Dr. Oz said that his family eats Artichoke Pasta and he thinks is a great alternative to regular Semolina pasta. The woman who loves eating pasta said that it was very good and that she would start eating the Artichoke pasta instead of the Semolina pasta due to the nutritional value of the Artichoke pasta. I have to agree that I could NOT taste a difference! This review is coming from and Italian woman. I have been eating pasta since before I could talk so I am not pulling your leg that this stuff is good. It is expensive so I will use it as much as I can afford to but if you want a great alternative to regular Semolina pasta that you and your family will like, buy some Artichoke Pasta! I think you will be surprised at how it taste nearly identical to your regular store bought pasta but with much more nutritional value.
AleshiaCoward, SC

Good Alternative to white flour

This product was recommended on the Dr. Oz show so I imagine that a lot of people will be looking into it. I’ve been using this as an alternative to white flour pasta for quite a while now. I’ve tried the whole wheat brands and just have not been able to find any that I like. The De Boles Artichoke Spaghetti has the taste that I crave without the downside of the other choices. This is a good product.
JacqualineRains, SC

Good taste

Has a nice taste and consistency to it. It is very slippery after its cooked, so it definately does not stick like regular pasta. Feels a little lighter in the stomach as well, not like a giant glue ball like regular pasta. Seems to be a nice healthy alternative.
GennyKinney, MN

Not what I ordered

I ordered the artichoke spaghetti pasta (which I’ve ordered before and liked), but was sent rice gluten-free angel hair pasta in error. I see that what I was sent costs several dollars more than what I had ordered, so I will keep it and, hopefully, enjoy it as much (or more). My point–check your order for errors. Apparently in the Amazon shipping departmetn, a DeBolles is a DeBolles is a DeBolles.
PorscheMiddleburg, FL

Great Pasta & Healthy!

I tried this pasta after viewing the Dr. Oz show. I purchased a couple of boxes and tried it out on my husband. He loved it! On top of being healthy, it has wonderful flavor which is very important to me. After trying this I purchased a dozen boxes. I will continue to buy this product because it is fabulous. Thanks DeBoles!
JuliannNowata, OK

Thanks Dr Oz

Thanks to Dr Oz, I also discovered this good pasta. It is lighter, nice and slippery, and doesn’t leave your
stomach feeling bloated. I love it. I don’t know how long it will take me to use up 12 boxes of it, we’ll see. It’s still better than driving to the grocery store. finding it in the store, waiting in checkout, etc. I love Amazon!!
WinifredRolfe, IA

De Boles is the best

This pasta is so good.Saw it on Dr.Oz show so i knew it had to be good.Love it. Thanks Amazon.
SherylLime Springs, IA