Decaf SWP Organic Mexican City Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

Unlike most of our decaf coffees, these beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. The Swiss Water Process is a 100% natural alternative to the methylene chloride process that has become the industry standard. We roast this variety to a full City Roast to bring out the fullness of the body. Our Mexican features a moderate body and solid acidity with nutty undertones. There is only one SWP facility in the world, located in Vancouver, Canada. Why is it called “Swiss” and not “Canadian?” Well, because the process was originally developed in Switzerland in the 1930s.

Quick facts

  • A Decaf Swiss Water Process Mexican Coffee roasted to the City Roast Level
  • Packaged to ensure optimal freshness
  • Coffee is roasted fresh immediately prior to packaging and shipping from coffee bean direct’s facility
  • Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out a fuller, more even flavor
  • Geat for personal use. Ideal for chefs and food service.

Top reviews

Makes a good cuppa

I had been buying Kirkland decaf beans brewed by Starbucks when COSTCO stopped carrying them for awhile. I found these to be excellent and will buy them again. I like my coffee strong but not bitter and these were very flavorful. Price can’t be beat.
CariPeach Bottom, PA

Organic Decaf Coffee

Great coffee for an excellent price! I decided to give this coffee a try because it is organic decaf and such a great price, and I was pleasantly surprised by its rich flavor without any bitterness. I can make a strong cup of coffee without the flavor being bitter. If you like a medium roast with rich underlying notes, and you drink decaf then this is definitely worth trying!
ZachariahBangor, ME

great value, good taste

I’ve tried several brands of organic SWP decaf, all ordered from Amazon and this is the best value. I didn’t give it 5 stars just because it’s not super-memorable, but the flavor competes well with the other brands. The package states that the beans should be used within a month for best flavor. (I transfer small amounts into a coffee can for daily use, and keep the bag tightly sealed.) I hesitated at first to buy such a large bag……what if it was awful? So I was pleasantly surprised. Give it a try !
LoreneRapid River, MI

SWP or not?

Photo on Amazon shows package with SWP for Swiss Water Processed.
However, when I got mine I ordered it only said Mexican Decaf Organic.
Was coffee beans I ordered Swiss Water Processed or not?
ReathaLawton, MI

not vacume packed

I expected the coffee would arrive in a vacuum sealed bag. By the smell of the package I new it had a leak.There was a small tear in the bag. I have ordered from coffee direct and it always comes vacuum sealed every time. Order your coffee From coffee direct it will arrive sealed.
AideLyons, SD

coffe bean direct

This Mexican decaf roast is a great choice with full-bodied flavor. You’d never know you were drinking decaf and neither would your friends. We love it
ParkerVilas, NC

a really good decaf coffee

This is a very good full bodied coffee, I’ve read that swiss water process coffee is weak, well this one isn’t. It’s probably the best decaf coffee I’ve had to date.
KermitBlooming Grove, NY