Decorative Silver Dragees, No.8 Sphere, approx. 2oz

Ingredients: sugar, pasta in powder, glucose, gelatin, acetic acid, seed oil, silver. Used for decorating Kolyva or Memorial wheat trays. Product of Greece.

Quick facts

  • Silver dragees are decorative items
  • Used for decorating Kolyva or Memorial wheat trays
  • Not to be consumed and keep away from children
  • Product of Greece

Top reviews

Product labelling?

These are great. They won’t cure cancer or solve world hunger, but they’re good dragees.

One complaint: They arrived in a plain, unlabelled plastic container. The legal disclaimer on the page here says (paraphrasing) “Don’t trust this web page, trust the product packaging, for ingredients, etc.” But there is no product packaging, no label.

EmmalineCordova, NC