Deer Antlers Dog Chew Treats – 3 Large Deer Antlers

Authentic Deer Antler dog chew treats from Flint River Ranch are long-lasting deer antlers chews for your dogs that come straight from Mother Nature! Deer, elk and caribou naturally shed their antlers every spring. The naturally shed antlers are gathered, power washed with water, and then cut and trimmed to remove any sharp edges. Flint River Ranch Deer Antlers chews for dogs provide your dog with a healthy, safer, all natural chew. Each deer antler is sold by weight and will vary in length and diameter from piece to piece, just like nature intended. The deer antlers dog chews are available in packs of 3 or 6, depending on the size and are packaged based on weight rather than size. Most packages contain varying sizes of antlers.

Quick facts

  • 100% All Natural Dog Chew Treat
  • No Odor, No Grease, No Mess
  • Long-Lasting, Non-Fat Healthy Treat
  • Will Not Splinter Like Dog Bone Chews
  • Won’t Stain Carpet or Clothes

Top reviews

Best dog treat ever

I have a 90 lb dog and a 20 lb dog and they both have been chewing on these antlers for weeks now. Well worth the price!
RobertoBennington, NE

Dogs love ’em!

Once I received these in the mail, the dogs went nuts! I have two boxers and a yellow lab, who are avid chewers, and I needed something that would last. The rawhides give them loose stools, so I was searching for something that wouldn’t upset their G.I. tracts. Overall, they have lasted quite some time without damaging the teeth as the nylabones have been doing. Being in the vet business previously for 12 years, I would highly recommend these for the hearty chewers. Make sure you obtain the proper size for your breed (I ordered the 3 large for my guys who are 50, 70, & 80 lbs). They do not seem to splinter while chewing, but I would not leave the dogs to chew on them unsupervised to reduce the possible hazard of choking. The vendor also shipped the items out in a timely manner, and compared to the other antlers on the market, I believe that the price was very reasonable.
DeandraCadiz, OH

Dogs showed zero interest

I bought these antlers for my adult Doberman, my Catahoula Leopard Dog, and my Doberman puppy. All three like to chew on pig ears, rawhide, busybones, ect. After reading reviews about antler dog chews, I thought that purchasing the antlers may offset the cost of constantly buying rawhide since the antlers are supposed to last about a month. Unfortunately, none of the dogs even gave the antlers 5 minutes of chew time. This product may be better for people with heavy duty chewers. I read that the inside of the antlers are the best tasting for the dogs, but it doesn’t look like my dogs will ever get to the inside. I will not be purchasing any antlers again, and I’m out $30+. As for the seller, I did receive this product in a timely manner. Note that the antlers are placed in an envelope without any packaging.
MeghanWhitingham, VT