Deer Rack Snack, 100-Percent All Naturally Shed Deer Antler Chew

Our Antler Chews are 100% naturally shed and foraged by hand from the woods in Maine and New Hampshire USA. Our Antlers are foraged, pressure washed, and cutup. No additional processing is needed. Antlers are one of the most easily digested forms of calcium available and are regularly consumed by the wildlife including rabbits, squirrels, skunk and mink. Since our antlers are never farm raised these antler never contain steroids, antibiotics, preservatives or any artificial additives. It is important to properly size our antler products to your dog and your pets overall desire to chew. Our Moose Rack Snacks are considered the premier antler on the market today due to the superior density of the antler. Moose antlers do not tend to chip or splinter like some cooked and raw bones do. Given this above average density, we sell our antlers based on overall size and not by weight to ensure that you get maximum value for your money. Additionally, we never cut our antlers in half, as this too can compromise the integrity and durability of the antler. Moose antler is your best choice for the most aggressive chewing dogs regardless of size. Rack Antler Dog Chew 100% naturally shed antlers from the USA

Quick facts

  • Recommended for aggressive chewers does not chip splinter or peel as cooked bones do
  • Small recommended for breeds under 15 lbs
  • Great source of calcium zinc manganese and potassium help keep tartar knocked down on teeth
  • Great indoor chew, leaves no greasy mess on floors does not develop odor like hooves or bully sticks. No animal was harmed in the making of our chews.
  • Natural product of the U.S.A.

Top reviews

Only One?

I thought I was buying a bag full of these for $9 but there was only one 4″ antler piece in the bag! If my dog’s last name was Gucci, Rockefeller, or Gates, this might make sense. But I am just an average guy so the price (including shipping) was rediculous for what I got. As they say, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. Never again guys
MarisaMexico, ME

Product does not live up to reviews

Over the last several months I have been hearing about deer antlers and I’ve done a lot of research and read lots of reviews before I decide to try this product. I have three black labs that have a chew product every night to help keep their teeth clean and thought this might be a way to save money and give them something new to chew on. Although the cost was kind of expensive, I felt it was worth trying.
I was excited to receive this product after reading all of the reviews. The deer rack was a good 7-9 inches or more long as described, had very little smell, and is very hard compared to something like rawhide or other types of bones one might buy. These antlers were more then twice the size of the ones I seen at local pet stores in the area and only about 1/3 of the price.
Needless to say, all three of my girls chewed on their antlers for about 10 minutes and have not looked twice at them again. I might not be surprised if my dogs were picky but I find it interesting since my girls eat anything and everything. Perhaps if your dogs have never had anything to chew on in their lifetime they might like this product. Other then that, the product is a waste of money.
KaleyOakdale, IL

Gigantic Waste of Money

Don’t bother with these….dogs go through them so fast! I have a small boxer that chewed an entire antler in 1.5 hours and the darn thing cost $20!
WilburnPanacea, FL

pup love this, his teeth did not

a natural way to clean pups’ teeth that isn’t messy or smelly and that lasts a long time- my dog carries his around and will chew it for an hour at a time

Editing review: my small dog, who had healthy teeth before I gave him antlers to chew, now has fractures on 4 molars from chewing. Give these chews with caution, if at all, tooth extraction is a painful & costly result of his enthusiasm for these chews.

NorikoPerry, ME

Not worth the price!

I ordered this product expecting it to to look like the picture shown. When I received the antler it was about 4inches long and extremely thin (in width). I have bought antlers for my puppy in the past who is an aggressive chewer and they have lasted for months. This one is almost gone and it has only been a few days! Definitely not worth the price and not as pictured!
AuraWest Sayville, NY


I adore this chew. Two years ago I gave up chewing tobacco, the wife and the doc teamed up on me and finally convinced me it was time to stop playing chew Russian roulette. It was tough to quit, I’d been chewing since I was eleven and half. The idea was, give up the chew first and then tackle the cigarettes. Well I’m happy to announce that last July with the help of hypnosis, the Patch, and plenty of nicotine gum, I am a non smoker! Now watch, I’ll get hit by buy a bus 🙂 I’m just joshing. Sure I put on a few pounds, a hundred and thirteen to be exact. My shrink said I had an oral fixation and suggested a number of remedies, rebirthing, joggin, getting my jaw wired shut, tummy tucks, fake cigarettes, you know just something to stick in my kisser, hell I tried the works, but nothing seemed to do the trick. Until accidently I stumbled upon these Antler Chews. I had bought a couple for my dog “Swiderski,” and one night while he was enjoying one at my feet, I was having myself a plate of ribs watching the Braves game. And you know me, all thumbs, I dropped a rib to the floor. Well I reached down real quick to grab it and accidently picked up Swiderski’s antler. And Lawdy lawd I tell you what, I was home. These are TAAAASSSSSTY, I’ll never buy a pack of beef jerky again. I’ve dropped eighty eight pounds to date, and I don’t go anywhere without my new chew. I keep one in the glove box of my truck, and I’ve got em in every room in the house. Hell I’ve fallen asleep sucking these chews. I know it’s somewhat of a cliche but they do taste a little like chicken, and I stress, they are not overwhelming. I couldn’t tell you how many packs of smokes I’d go through when I’d get to drinking my beer, but now I can go a good three or four months with just one antler. Whew baby! For any of you out there with an oral fixation or those who just wanna drop a few pounds, these deer antlers’ll do the trick. My compliments to the chef. God does work in mysterious ways.
PatrickSedgwick, ME

Dogs love these dang things

We got this one for our small dog, our big dog got the Moose Antler offered too. Keeps intense dogs happy and content for hours. We’ve bought several of these things over the past year.

They may seem expensive, however compare what you pay for rawhide chews over time, and these are well worth the money for how long they last. Rawhide chews are not bought by us anymore, and we’re saving money even after buying these. Do the math.

ChelseyWanatah, IN

My Dogs LOVE these

There are several things I like about this product, including that these are naturally shed antlers that are collected, cleaned, packaged and then sold without involving killing to get them. Somebody goes out and collects these and that is probably part of why they are fairly expensive, even on-line…I first found these in our local pet store…but forget about the retail price, (IF you can even find them,) the price at the pet store was twice what I found on-line, and the antlers were not nearly as large. None of the big chain pet stores carry these, at least not in my area so far. I ordered these through Amazon and was amazed and delighted that they arrived literally the next day.

That said, my dogs simply ADORE these things.
They keep my new, and very young 100# rescue lab busy literally for hours, but do not “slime” my floors or carpet, (or our bed or couch.) He loves to set one on my desk as an “offering,” which I actually don’t mind since they are VERY clean compared to all the more traditional bones, hoofs and chews.

Additionally, they double as a great “fetch” toy in the yard.

Essentially my guys just chew them down to the nubbin’s, but without any damage to my stuff. Highly recommend if you want a clean chew/toy that will keep your dog busy for hours without wrecking the party, and helps with tarter build-up on their teeth in the process.

Really a great idea, and a great product.

JacklynLyons, IL

Good . . . and over priced

My dogs like these. Everything the positive reviews say about them is true . . . they’re a really good option because they don’t splinter easily and it takes a good while for my pack of sniveling, snarling, white hot balls of canine terror (wiener dogs) to wear them down. They eventually get small enough that they become choking hazards and you have to toss them.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending deer antlers as a chew for dogs. It’s only that after first buying this brand, I then ran across real, honest to goodness deer antlers that were comparable to these in every way at a local pet store for almost exactly half the price of these. If you can’t find real antlers locally or online for a better price, these are absolutely fine. But do look around first.

GarthBroadwater, NE

Cracked teeth

I gave my( medium size ) dog antlers sporadically over the past 8 months. Now, even with limited use, she wound up with 2 cracked molars which had to be removed. I would be very careful with any antler product.
DeadraMenan, ID

Excellent purchase, and much bigger than expected

After reading the reviews about how some customers received an antler piece that was too small, I was concerned that the same thing would happen to me and purchased a medium sized chew for my Japanese Chin. When I received the chew, I was surprised to see how big the antler piece was! My dog definitely loves the chew toy; she sniffs at it, and tries to chew on the end. However, it’s much too heavy and long for her to carry around happily, and she will inevitably give up on the chew. I will be giving this chew to my friend’s dog, who is a Destroyer of Toys (bit the nose off a rubber squeaky pig) to see how she likes it. I have already ordered a small sized chew for my dog.

I guess my only complaint is that the size estimate is really too vague. 4-6 inches for the medium? Well 6 inches is 50% more than 4 inches. I’d like to see the sizes more exact.

MauricioFalls Creek, PA

BEST Dog Chew!!!

My 85-lb lab destroys anything he decides to chew, including the biggest, toughest rawhide, smoked bones, rubber tires, even granite kitchen countertops…that is until he got these moose antlers. He stays occupied for hours. He has been chewing consistently on two antlers for over nine months now. Needless to say, these are WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!! (As a comparison he just mowed through $10 worth of tennis balls in less than a weekend).

Definitely will buy again and highly recommend!!

RosieSandown, NH

Good quality, dense, long-lasting

I’ve now tried various antlers for my dog from several different companies. Some were much smaller than advertised, and/or old and chalky, and some splintered severely. This antler was sized as advertized, and is holding up very well. My strong chewer is only able to slowly wear down the ends, and it doesn’t make a mess or splinter.
ZaneCanalou, MO

Dog chews

My dog eats couches and chairs and rugs…These antlers are the ONLY THING she loves better! Wish I’d known about them before spending 100’s of dollars on dog toys
SundayDragoon, AZ

The dog loves it

My Golden Retriever is a heavy duty chewer. We’ve had this about a week and she’s knawed off about 2 inches…but no large pieces have broken off and it hasn’t split or cracked. Highly recommended with the caveat that it’s a bit pricy.
MarchelleOak Park, CA

good value

Have ordered several deer antlers from different sources, this was the best value I have received based on size and cost.
TeressaFalcon, MO

Pleasure for the dog and Sanity for me

I have an 18-pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is addicted to chewing bones, toys and anything that might be questionable by a human. He absolutely loves these antlers and I am happy to buy them for him. This is my third purchase and the medium lasts my boy about 3-6 months depending on where he “hides” them. This is one of his absolute favorite chew things (other than that blue monkey which ended up in the garbage). I love this product because I do not worry about him choking or if it is okay for him to be eating plastic. This product also gives me some peace and quiet since my buddy is entertained for so many hours, he does not bark at me. WE BOTH LOVE THESE!
DeanAgate, ND

My Dog Loved this

We have purchased antlers in our pet store and have had very mixed results. We first found this brand of antlers at a local Pet Expo and our dogs love them. These are the perfect size for our Yorkies. They have eagerly chewed them and they have been chewing on them for two months already. I highly recommend this product!
LindseySpringer, OK

.Well worth the price

Well worth the price. Lasts a very long time and my dog loves to chew them. One piece of rawhide lasts a few minutes and is a source of fat and hard to digest. Here he is cleaning his teeth, getting calcium and he has it for months.
AlethiaCreole, LA

Decent size, dog took to it immediately

Seems to be holding up to claims that it lasts longer than regular chews, which is good since it’s pretty expensive. My dog took to it right away, and as long as she doesn’t lose interest before too long, I plan on getting more!
PansyQueen City, MO

Puppy Loves it

My 13Wk old Mastiff puppy loves these. I’ve already ordered two mainly because she runs off and chews on them under the beds then I can’t find it later when I want her to stop chewing on people. The price wasn’t bad for me $12 I think for the Med. I think that is mild in comparision to all the other chew toys i’ve bought that she wont even look at! The antlers dont smell and she has been chewing on one for about a month and it has barely made a dent. As long as she continues to be a chewer, I will always reccomend these!
MarlineZimmerman, MN

definitely not my idea of xtra large

This was thin, unlike the last xtra large that I ordered from this supplier. I think it will still work for the dog to chew, at least until is shrinks 2 inches or so. Since my dog is a mastiff, I’m afraid that he’d try to swallow the thing whole if it gets too much smaller, due to its thin diameter. So far, he hasn’t shown much interest in chewing it. I think he likes the taste of the elk and moose antlers better.
JeneEarly, IA

Big and tasty

My dog loves these antlers and this is by far the biggest one I’ve gotten from a seller. I’m impressed. They last a long time too and don’t chip off and leave splinters to get in my feet. They also don’t smell or make my dog’s breath smell. Our home will buy nothing else from here forward. See the picture I posted of our Schnauzer to the board with his new antler. 🙂
MajorSparks, OK

Deer Antler for Dogs

Our dogs love these. They will keep quiet and chew on them for at least 2 hours while the majority of our household is sleeping
ArnitaClarksville, NY

Long-Lasting Chew Toy

We bought this for our 2 chihuahuas. One of them did not like it at all, but the other one chews on it often. We’ve had it over a month now, and she has not even made a dent in it. If you are looking for a long-lasting chew toy, this is it!
CaylaLarkspur, CO

FINALLY something that my girls can’t chew through in minutes!

We have two dogs that are just over one year old (a Yorkie and a Pomeranian.) And boy do they like to chew. When they were puppies we could get away with the conventional chew toys, but as the girls got older, their chewing muscles got stronger. They now destroy any plastic chew toy in minutes. Eventually we found bully sticks, which are wonderful distractions for those evenings when the girls have more energy than I do, but the sticks would still only last about 60 minutes. And then we met the deer antlers…PERFECT! The girls love to chew on them and the antlers last and last and last. The antlers arrived and were approximately 6 inches long. I didn’t have much hope of them lasting since they seemed kind of small and the girls really went to town chewing on them. But for weeks now the girls have chewed on the antlers and there is still barely any gone. Oh deer antlers…where have you been all my life? 🙂
CesarVidalia, GA

Tillie’s bone

Tillie loves her deer antler! She goes kind of “crazy”. She just chews and bites and chews — keeps her busy for quite some time. The antler doesn’t split or break in pieces. It’s great!
MegCatonsville, MD


I am a huge fan of antlers. I was recently in Florida visiting my wife’s Aunt. They have a dog and only seemed to have interactive toys. I had one of these sent to their house and their dog loves it. As do mine
SherrieLewistown, IL