Delallo Penne Rigte Whole Wheat Pasta, 16-Ounce Packages

The George DeLallo Company was founded with the ideals of offering true authentic Italian foods with integrity and consistency. Started in the mid 1940s, George DeLallo began selling Italian grocery items door-to-door. Today, DeLallo’s original retail store remains a vibrant and beloved part of the community as are the DeLallo products distributed throughout the country.

Quick facts

  • Made from the best wheat in Italy, grown on the farms of Puglia and transformed into thin, ridged tubes by a pasta-making family with generations of experience

Top reviews

Best Textured Whole Wheat I’ve tried

We love this stuff- it is really a nice texture- you just have to make sure you cook it long enough, of course. Great flavor, I buy by the case.
BongWills Point, TX