Delicias Piri-Piri Peppers, 3-Ounce Jars

Use sliced or chopped for stir frying, sauces, marinades and dips. Ideal in Thai, Mexican and Indian dishes. Product of Spain.

Quick facts

  • appreciated by amateurs and professional cooks alike
  • red chili peppers use sliced or chopped for stirfry sauces marinades and dips
  • Mediterranean flavor genuine Mediterranean product
  • Very Hot !!!
  • ideal in Thia Indian or Mexican dishes

Top reviews

For Flavor YES, For Heat… Nah

The flavor on these little suckers is great, but there isn’t a HEAT. More of a warmth. I ate a few of these out of the jar and was surprised to find how mild they are. However, I do like to incorporate these into recipes with other peppers because I find that they add some good depth and help to round out the heat in a spicy dish.
OlimpiaTipton, IA

They have no heat

I bought some of these peppers and they have no flavor or heat what so ever . They are a waste of money.
CristineSimon, WV

Simply the best

These peppers simply outclass the dry reds and the flakes in your spice rack. The “heat” is subtle as opposed to the direct and high heat of other red pepper products. Try them with your next Italian recipe.
RefugiaMayfield, MI