DeliDirect Gourmet Meat & Cheese Basket

Gourmet Meat & Cheese Basket This basket will be the hit of your party. Included inside a woven wicker basket are: Wisconsin 16oz Garlic Summer Sausage, Wisconsin 16oz Beef Summer Sausage, Bert’s Pepperoni Stick, Deli Market Mustard 12oz, Gourmet BBQ Sauce 19oz, Wisconsin Cheese Spread 2 – 8oz, Perl Creek Hot Pepper Cheese Block 7oz, Perl Creek Tomato Basil Cheese Block 7oz, Perl Creek Onion N’ Garlic Cheese Block 7oz, Gourmet Crackers, Gourmet Thin Mints, Cambridge & Thames Candy Tin, Cutting Board & Cleaver

Quick facts

  • Great Gift for The Holidays
  • Includes Woven Wicker Basket and Cutting Board with Cleaver

Top reviews


Excelente, Muy buena presentación del producto,Estaba Delicioso!!! todo llego a tiempo, y el regalo fue muy bueno, muchas gracias por el envio.
RupertTolleson, AZ

DeliDirect Gourmet Meat & Cheese Basket

Low end quality! Do not buy it! Go to your grocery store and for better quality foods. It is an insult to the taste
ClydeKeansburg, NJ

Thank you for supporting our troops in a time of need.

Let me start by saying thank you to DeliDirect for shipping this basket out to our troops in Afghanistan. This basket arrived the same day riots happened over in Afghanistan and I received multiple thank you messages from our troops as this basket was actually taken into a bunker with our troops during a rocket attack. As I was told the cheeses and meats were shared by soldiers huddled together in a freezing bunker and helped immensely in the moral as they sheltered from incoming rocket fire. I also have to say I had ordered from Swiss Colony another basket alongside this one, but Swiss Colony notified me 5 days after I ordered that they canceled because they would not ship items to APO addresses, so again DeliDirect, Thank you so much for supporting our troops when another would not.
Soldiers mentioned they loved the Pepperoni/ Peppered Cheese/ Grained Mustard Combination. The Havarti Cheese and Merlot were also big hits. There was one comment that said soldiers joked, “Hey if this is my last meal I am glad it’s Wisconsin cheese and not that MRE Peanut butter.” You guys are Awesome!
RaeannGlenmont, OH


I received this product 2 weeks expired…. the only thing edible was the cheese which was nasty quality. Go to your local stores x10 cheaper too..
GusCollege Station, AR