Deluxe Vegatable Soup Blend, 4 oz.

DeluxeVegatable Soup Blend, 4 oz.

Quick facts

  • Dehydrated, 4 oz
  • This vegetable soup blend can be added to vegetable or meat stock to make a great vegetable soup or use to enhance your soup recipe.
  • Save money with combined shipping by ordering several items from Barry Farm.

Top reviews

Don’t walk, BUT run away…

If you’re the type of person that likes to be mugged or have your purse stolen, then go ahead and buy from these people. OUTRAGEOUSLY Expensive for what you get.
TericaVandervoort, AR

Convenient…..But Expensive Is Right

I was along on a camping trip with my sons scout troop when someone brought along a half dozen or so of this vegetable blend. It was very convenient since it required no refrigeration, plus it was surprisingly flavorful for a dry blend when made into a soup or stew. Unfortunately I have to go along with the other reviewer here when he calls it a major rip off. Even for an average size soup that is about 2 quarts, two bags of this 4 oz size would be needed. That makes it far more expensive than it is worth when you can add canned vegetables at 10 oz. (minus the water) for about a dollar a shot. At the same time I cannot honestly put down all of the Barry Farm products, thus the extra star I added. I have bought and used several other dry products from Barry Farms including their bouillon and powdered eggs and have been very satisfied with them, both price and product wise. Unfortunately as for this particular veggie blend, I cannot recommend it despite its fairly decent taste. Way too expensive. Even if bought at a case at a time…
LashayLyons Falls, NY


Having bought dried veggies at my food co-op, this is the same price! Dried veggies are expensive everywhere and not easy to find.
ShaunnaSawyer, ND