Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning, Chipotle-Habanero, 8-Ounce Bottles

Fourteen all-natural ingredients, masterfully balanced for one perfect Bloody Mary. We call this pack size The Traveler. Make one Bloody Mary at a time with enough Seasonings left over to marinate a few steaks or make Bloody Marys! We love hearing from ou

Quick facts

  • Each bottle of Demitri’s 8-ounce pack size makes 4 quarts of Bloody Marys
  • Will outperform your current Bloody Mary mix for flavor, appearance, and body
  • All-Natural
  • Award winning
  • Made In Washington

Top reviews

Just Heat

I am such a fan of Dimitri’s Classic and Extra Horseradish recipes (they are TREMENDOUS!)so I ordered the Chipolte/Habanero hoping for a smokey pepper version of the same stuff.

I am extremely disappointed. This stuff is SO hot that it totally overpowers all of the other flavors… might as well just squirt hot sauce into tomato juice, it would be a lot cheaper and the tast would be about the same.

I like hot stuff, but not when the heat is all you can taste. Perhaps some folks like this blend. Not me.

DoloresEllendale, TN

hot but mmmmmmm

This product is so tasty, but make no mistake about it- IT’S HOT! I found it tastes better with V-8 than regular tomato juice. These lil bottles are prettty great but I do wish I’d tried the ready made first. I will order again. Oh and it arrived 2 days early, i love that. 🙂
VincentEmpire, LA

Best Bloody Mary Mix

I use one tablespoon of this with two tablespoons of the chillies & peppers mix with half tomato juice and half vegatable juice to make a great bloody mary mix. Also this is great to use when marinating chicken wings .Marinate the wings for about two days in the refrigerator with plenty of salt and spices. This stuff is really HOT so use sparingly.
OlivaThurston, OR