Dennis Farms Maple Coated Almonds, 4 Ounce Bags


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I love Dennis Farms Maple coated almonds. They are a crunchy and sweet snack, a nice pick me up for afternoon slumps, and a healthier alternative to candy. They are delightfully delicious and have just the right amount of sweet maple to complement the nutty taste. The ingredients? Only salted almonds, (roasted in expeller extracted peanut oil) and pure maple syrup. That’s it!
LakishaHazelwood, NC


I sent these to my son who is in college to keep in his pocket for a quick bite between classes. I wanted him to have something better than the junky pop tarts he’s been grabbing from the vending machine, but I also needed him to feel like he was still getting a “treat” in a way. These fit the bill nicely. They are full of sweet maple flavor and chock full of protein for energy. He loves them and has already asked they be sent monthly.
ColeneHiggins, TX