Dentyne Pure Mint with Citrus Accents, 9-Count


Quick facts

  • Artificially flavored Sugarless Gum.
  • Helps keep breath fresh and mouths happy!

Top reviews


I almost ALWAYS limit my reviews to just the product but to warn others from making my mistake; BE CAREFUL ABOUT ORDERING THIS ITEM!

If you purchase from Amazon Warehouse (based on my experience), you end up with just ONE single pack of gum. The photo is of an entire box and the price is practically the amount of an entire box at what I paid for but you receive one single pack of gum in the most ridiculously un-eco-friendly large box. I mean, the box I received it in had more packaging and air bubbles than the actual gum and I could have fit my head in the box. Really ridiculous of Amazon.


The actual gum? It taste fantastic. It has the gooey inside that sort of oozes out when you bite into it and has a refreshing taste to it, not at all weird. Very down to earth and the citrus flavors are subtle and not overbearing. It won’t last long but is something good to chew and that’s mainly what I use it for while I’m doing work so my mouth isn’t idle and keeps me from wanting to munch on something unhealthy.

TynishaMarianna, AR

Look Out!!

This is for one single pack of gum. It is not for a box like the picture. Do not buy. This is the first scam that I have seen on Amazon.
BennieAllen, KY

Buyer Beware

This is one single pack of gum. I thought I was purchasing a box with nine packs and thought the picture backed this up. You will receive one single pack with nine pieces of gum.
KeelyAlto Pass, IL


before ordering this item thinking it might be a good deal, realize it’s a scam. Show a picture of a different product then screw the customer.It’s only for 1 3 bucks and buy it at the grocery store.
SibylBlanco, TX