Desert Gardens Dip Mix Jalapeno & Cilantro, 0.75-Ounce

Desert Gardens Dip Mix Jalapeno and Cilantro comes in 0.75 ounce pack. One of most popular, this dip mix combines two of the best Southwest flavors. Use it as a dip, or for spicing up your favorite dishes. Desert Gardens Chile and Spice Co. offers the Southwest in every bite. We use unique flavors of Jalapeno, Green Chile, Chipotle, and Habanero chiles to make outstanding dips, soups, and bread mixes.

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best dip ever

my niece introduced me to this dip mix a few years back. Unfortunately I could not find this mix in my home state so I was happy to find it on amazon . I top it off with peach salsa and it it a hugh hit at partys. enjoy!
CucApple River, IL