Dewars White Label 1 L

The long-celebrated DEWARS White Label was created by John Deward & Sons first master blender A J Cameron in 1899, and has been the companys leading blend for over 100 years. Only the DEWARS Master Blender can unlock the secrets of this closely guarded recipe, which has been passed down from Master Blender to Master Blender and continues to produce a smooth, perfectly balanced taste taht never varies. A blend of up to 40 single malt and grain Scotch whiskies, White Labels distin ctive heather and honey notes evoke the rich heritage of the Scottish Highlands, thanks to the fine Aberfeldy single malt at its heart.. The nose reveals a dry, earthy whisky with accents of toasted grain offering scents of corn and oats with accents of caramel, toffee, and vanilla. Medium-bodied with a grain centric core, toasted bread, leather, mineral, and black pepper.. 40% alcohol Liquor

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This is one great Scotch ! It is smooth and very much like old English Scotches. I love it !
ReyCambridge, ME