Diamond Bakery, Hawaiian Crackers, Original Hula Creems, 5 Ounce

What started off as a dream between friends has grown to become Diamond Bakery, a household name in Hawaii. The company, located on Oahu, was founded in 1921 by three Japanese immigrants, Hidegoro Murai, Kikutaro Hiruya and Natsu Muramoto, who all enjoyed baking and had a vision to create Hawaii’s first bakery focused on the perfect Hawaiian-made cracker. They named their bakery Diamond, after the famous Diamond Head landmark. Although the friends encountered several obstacles in the early years of the business, it was the company’s good fortune to hire experienced baker Sam Dunphy to oversee production. In 1937, Diamond Bakery mastered its ability to bake crackers and cookies to the highest levels of taste and texture. Most of the same products baked back then are still found today in the kitchen cupboards across Hawaii, creating a sense of nostalgia for many people in the Islands. These timeless, iconic products include Graham, Salty, Saloon Pilot, Royal Creem and Soda crackers, along with Ruff ‘ Ready, Coconut, Candy Bead, Coconut Taffy, and Animal cookies.

Quick facts

  • Hula is a special dance that shares the unique lore of Hawaii’s culture – where every movement tells a story and is shared with casual elegance
  • Inspired by this traditional dance, Diamond Bakery’s Hula Creems are simple, mildly sweetened crackers that have been part of Hawaii family stories since the old plantation days
  • Carefully crafted to bring out a distinctive, crunchy yet creamy texture
  • Traditionally eaten with tea, coffee, covered with natural fruit jellies
  • No high fructose corn syrup

Top reviews

Hawaiian Soda Crackers

The crackers reminded me of a time long forgotten…..when we were young. It was the best after swimming in the Pacific ocean then having strawberry soda with crackers or having a cup of tea and crackers Mahalo Amazon for giving me memories with every bite. It was ono-licious. Now if only you can get more of the Cream Crackers. That would be over the top. Aloha Iwalani
LoidaSilt, CO