Diamond Crystal Salt Sense Iodized Salt – 12 Pack

Diamond Crystal Salt Sense Iodized Salt

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  • Diamond Crystal Salt Sense Iodized Salt

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Great Tasting Low Salt Mix

I recently bought some of this at a local market. I decided to try it because for quite some time now I have purchased Morton’s Light Salt to cut down on the some of the sodium I take in. This Diamond Crystal blend is not only cheaper than the Morton’s for a generous amount more, but it also taste better in my opinion. Like the Morton’s, it contains a full one third less sodium. But where the Morton’s uses the popular substitute Potassium Chloride that has a slight metallic taste to it, the main substitute ingredient in this Diamond Chrystal blend is Silicon Dioxide, which to me has a much more natural salt taste. I prefer it over the potassium chloride, and as already mentioned, you get more for your money with this blend making it a sure deal. It took me no time at all to get used to it, and I use it in my cooking as well as in the shaker as well. If you have trouble finding it locally, I suggest you pick it up by the case here on Amazon and you will be set for a year or more. A real good salt substitute, (that does contain real salt as well) that I recommend…
KumGilmer, TX