Diamond Dry Food for Adult Dogs, Hi-Energy Chicken Formula, 50 Pound Bag

Diamond Hi-Energy Sporting Formula Dry Dog Food is a meat-based, highly-concentrated, power-packed formula that provides highly-active dogs with the stamina to endure.

Quick facts

  • Complete And Balanced Nutrition
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Formulated to Maintain Weight and Stamina

Top reviews


Terrible shipping from this seller. Food came unboxed , bags ripped. But thats not why I am rating it a one star. The food made my dog throw up , and caused diarrhea. 3 Vet visits because we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. When I changed the food to Royal , within 2-3 days my german shepherd was feeling much better. Would not recommend. I now have one full bag, and 3/4 of another bag sitting in my kitchen as dead weight.
JenetteSharon, CT

Decent Quality Dog Food

This is not the best quality dog food. Our dogs are used to chicken / rice food that we used to purchase from Costco however we recently moved and the nearest Costco is now almost two hours away so we hardly ever go anymore(in fact I haven’t even renewed my membership that expired months ago).

I see Diamond has a chicken / rice one too that is more expensive and 10 pounds less so I decided to try this one. The dogs have had no issues with it at all. One of them has been sensitive to food in the past and she loves this one. No changes in them at all.

SalinaHimrod, NY

good food, but price recently sky rocketed

This is a good quality dog food. About a month ago it was $31.79 with free shipping. I purchased two bags. It’s about the same price as Purina and Pedigree, but a much higher quality product. It was one of the only meat-based dog foods at under $1/lb that I could find. However, the price has sky rocketed and is now $52 for the same size bag, so I didn’t reorder. Instead, I purchased Intimidator dog food by Hi Tek. It was only about $35 for a 50 lb. bag with free shipping and has similar nutritional value to this dog food. I really hope Diamond Hi Energy costs go back to normal because I’d love to switch back, but not at this price.
LyndiaJelm, WY

Great value

Best value for dollar based on reviews/analysis of dog foods at Dog Food Advisor website. Right to the door for this price is amazing. Dogs love it but they eat deer droppings.
DeonBena, MN

Excellent dogfood

I love the product,you’ll see the difference in few weeks,I will stick with it for a while.
And the price for the big bag is pretty nice,love it got it have it always.
JosefaEbensburg, PA

Fine product, Good price

This dog food is a fine product at a good price. My 4 dogs love it and they eat it up as fast as I serve it. I understand from some experienced breeders that it is a healthy product. Amazon shipped it quickly with no shipping cost.
PameliaHaswell, CO

Great value for good food

My dogs do great on this food. They eat less than when I had them on another lesser brand, so I’m actually not paying any extra a month because this food cost more than the other. Bottom line, 50lb bag of food, delivered in 1-2 days, you can’t beat the shipping and the good food.
MagdalenAmanda Park, WA

Diamond dog food

The qualitys not as good as the lamb and rice but it didn’t seem to bother his stomach, you get 10 more pounds and it is cheaper wich is a plus for me. You can always ad your own rice and veggies. Its fresher that way and better for him in my opinion. Plus if you you can get it deliverd to your house for free its even better. Gotta love pitbulls
SonaClarkdale, GA