Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs, 40 Pound Bag

Lamb protein provides optimal nutrition for dogs that prefer the taste of lamb, or are sensitive to chicken or corn. Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice Adult Formula Dry Dog Food contains guaranteed levels of vitamin E and selenium to ensure that your dog receives optimum antioxidant nutrition, while omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids keep the skin and coat healthy and shiny.

Quick facts

  • Antioxidant Formulation
  • Balanced Omega Fatty Acids For Skin And Coat
  • Crunchy Kibble Helps Clean Teeth and Reduce Plaque

Top reviews

Yes, great ingredients. But Diamond Pet Foods are RECALLED

This is not a true review about this products features per say…..but I feel that everyone needs to know that this company has recalled their products and it is going on right now.
To begin with, I want to say that I know that unfortunately there are plenty of human products that get recalled too and that is the most important thing. And yes, I know that every time we go eat out or buy any type of store bought food…. that it is a gamble too.
But, my family considers our dogs as part of the family and this is very important too.I too love Grain Free dog food and love that the first ingredient is actually the real meat.
My baby girl loves “Taste Of The Wild” in Bison mainly.
I searched relentlessly for a reasonable priced food that has no by-products, dyes and are grain free. Which my lil’ white Maltese needed for her allergies and tear stains.
But, now Diamond Dog Food has been RECALLED for “Salmonella”
This company makes various products that have been recalled too.
Such as:
Diamond Naturals, Wellness, Natural Balance, Taste of The Wild, Apex, Chicken Soup Soul, Canidae, Country Value, 4Health, Natural Balance, Kirkland Signature, Natural Balance, Premium Edge, Professional and Solid Gold.

I am saddened that we actually spend more money on these “better than store” dog food and they keep getting recalled!
So many families have unfortunately lost their fur babies babies and have spent thousands of dollars on Vet bills….when all we are trying to do is buying the “better” which are higher priced, dog food ingredients.
I am pretty thankful that I had signed up online,for emails about the latest dog food recalls last week.
My hubby and I was devastated to see that Diamond Dog Foods, Taste Of The Wild was on the list now.
I am sickened by these companies being so careless. When the reason we buy their higher priced food is cuz they are suppose to be healthier!
I just wanted to write this and try to stop another baby from getting sick or even worse dying.

JunkoBeallsville, OH

RECALL ISSUED for this brand of pet food

There is a RECALL OF THIS BRAND OF FOOD, as well as Chicken Soup for Soul Dog food and Little Friskies. I recommend Blue Buffalo Wilderness food. I have not had any problems with this brand. Good Luck.
DreamaKinzers, PA

Good ingredients – our dog allergic

The ingredients in this food are good quality. Our dog is allergic and still scratches his skin. Switched to a salmon sweet potato dog food and it has helped.
AshleeHalsey, NE

Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs!

My 7 year old border collie has a very sensitive stomach. Purina, Benefit, Science Diet, and even home made dog foods (rice, oatmeal, carrots, chicken) would give her diarrhea and/or make her vomit. She hates peanut butter, cheese, apples, carrots, and all the standard treats dogs usually love. But once I put her on this stuff, she eats regularly, never gets sick, and has bowel movements with no troubles at all. This food is great! And the price is amazing for the amount you receive.
ThuyMather, WI

Tasty dry kibble cuisine for Finicky eaters!

My high energy Siberian Husky loves only this teeny tiny kibble (She wolfs down the larger kibble and gets a tummy ache.)… This wonderful dog food might actually have a higher quality? fat content? (I could be mistaken? maybe that’s why it is so appealing , so tasty to my high energy Husky?) I prefer this food to the other brands. There is less input AND less output (both) with high quality food. The inexpensive grainy food ends up being eaten in greater quantities, and of course, more mess, more clean up after wards., ew.
AlexSeverna Park, MD

Excellent value for a highly rated dog food

Independent websites rate this dog food very highly and the price is certainly good. Our Newfie loves it and her itchy skin seems much better.
VadaLithopolis, OH

Clancy gives it two paws up

Review sites list this close to the top for pet health. The only disputed content is tomato pumice and that is argued over. That’s even less likely to contribute because it is well down the ingredients list. This ranking places it well above many vet and feed store premium items.
CharmaineMorrisonville, IL

Great food for allergic dogs

Our three year old German Shepherd suffers from severe food allergies which cause itching, redness, and hair loss. We tried many different types of food, including the most expensive, all natural, and allergen free types on the market. This is the ONLY food he can eat. After two weeks on this food his redness was gone, his hair was growing back, and the itching was practically gone. He has been on this food exclusively now for a year and a half and is doing great! The Amazon price is high, we buy ours at the local farm supply store where it is $26 for a 40 pound bag.

If you have a dog with allergies, at least give this food a try. This is a premium food at a bargain price. I have read reviews of many dry dog foods, and this one ranks 92 on a scale of 100 for quality, healthfulness, and safety. For the price, you cannot get any better.

KeiraVenedocia, OH

Likewise…Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

After several concerned trips to the vet because our dog couldn’t keep food down, and after staying on-site for observation at the vet’s clinic, the vet finally diagnosed that it was just a sensitive stomach. Shopped Amazon, ordered Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice, and Volia!….no more cleaning up dog puke! Thank goodness. A great price and free two-day Prime shipping; unbeatable! Comes via UPS and the box is always VERY beat up, but out of three orders so far, haven’t had a tear or puncture in the bag itself.
BriceCedar Lane, TX


BryannaLeonville, LA

Great food!!!

I have two German Shepards and one with an allergy we thought to wheat, but after ear infections and severe itching we changed foods again……….and we have seen a huge improvement in her health. Highly recommend this food to parents of dogs with allergies. Great value and definitely a healthy food.
ElliotMoundville, AL

Excellent value

This is an excellent valus and having the free shipping is great also. I have 6 dogs so I use a lot of dog food. This is by far an excelelnt purchase.
ManuelaGlennallen, AK

love it!

Amazon thank you for carrying this product for my dog. Pet smart doesn’t carry it. My dog is able to have a healthy meal every day thanks to you guys. He’s allergic to soy, wheat and corn and Diamond Natural has been the only dog food I’ve giving my dog since he was a puppy. He’s a year old now and growing strong, with a beautiful coat and teeth. Thank you once again, without you carrying this product I don’t know what I would do.
ChongWest Dennis, MA

Great product..Dogs love it

I researched many varieties of dog food that are considered are very good quality food. I never realized what I was feeding my dog was the most nasty stuff, as most Purina products are. My dog was having bad allergies to the food and vomiting. Looking over all the ingredients and vet highly recommended, I decided to try it. I can’t say enough good about this product. Take a look at the attached breakdown of this food and compare to others out there.


BeataMavisdale, VA