Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs, Extreme Athlete Chicken and Rice Formula, 40 Pound Bag

Some dogs just seem to be born as natural athletes. Other dogs work long and hard to develop their endurance and skill. No matter which category your hard-working dog falls into, feed him the best with Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Chicken & Rice Formula for Dogs. Dogs that work hard need higher levels of protein to maintain their lean muscle mass. Protein is required not only for strong, lean muscles but also is needed to maintain the vital organs and a healthy immune system.

Quick facts

  • Rich In Protein And Fat For Optimal Energy And Condition
  • Antioxidant Formulation Contains Glucosamine And Chondroitin
  • Balanced Omega Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat

Top reviews

Awesome Food…Well worth the money

I have been using this food for the last year and it has just worked miracles on my two German Shepherds. Lots of energy (sometimes to much, lol), great looking coats and my dogs love it. My female will eat anything you put in front of her but my male is extremely picky. They both eat this food like its desert. I have recommended this food to several other friends and Shepherd breeders in the area and they have all had positive experiences. A friend has a 4 year old Shepherd who is allergic to items such as corn and grains, he has been using this food for less than 2 months and his dog has completely stopped itching, has not had a hot spot and has less odor. His coat has also started to really turn around from the dry blotchy coat he had before. This food is basically Taste of the Wild with Diamond’s packaging and name put on the bag but cost about $15.00 less and you get 10 extra pounds. I would tell anyone if they are looking for a grain free, highend food, then as far as cost, quality and product is concerned, this is the best food on the market.
SashaPrattsburgh, NY

Yes, great ingredients. But some Diamond Pet Foods are RECALLED

This is not a true review about this products features per say…..but I feel that everyone needs to know that this company has recalled their products and it is going on right now.
To begin with, I want to say that I know that unfortunately there are plenty of human products that get recalled too and that is the most important thing. And yes, I know that every time we go eat out or buy any type of store bought food…. that it is a gamble too.
But, my family considers our dogs as part of the family and this is very important too.
I loved this company’s Grain Free dog food.
I loved that the first ingredient is actually the real meat.
My baby girl loved the food, by the same maker, named “Taste Of The Wild” in Bison mainly.
I searched relentlessly for a reasonable priced food that has no by-products, dyes and are grain free.
Which my lil’ white Maltese needed for her horrible allergies and out of control tear stains.
But,I am saddened now because Diamond Dog Food has now been RECALLED for “SALMONELLA CONTAMINATION”
This company makes various products that have been recalled.
Such as:
Diamond Naturals, Wellness, Natural Balance, Taste of The Wild, Apex, Chicken Soup Soul, Canidae, Country Value, 4Health, Natural Balance, Kirkland Signature, Natural Balance, Premium Edge, Professional and Solid Gold.

I am saddened that we actually spend more money on these “better than store” dog food and they keep getting recalled!
So many families have unfortunately lost their fur babies babies and have spent thousands of dollars on Vet bills….when all we are trying to do is buying the “better” which are higher priced, dog food ingredients.
I am pretty thankful that I had signed up online,for emails about the latest dog food recalls last week.
My hubby and I was devastated to see that Diamond Dog Foods, Taste Of The Wild was on the list now.
I am sickened by these companies being so careless. When the reason we buy their higher priced food is cuz they are suppose to be healthier!
I just wanted to write this and try to stop another baby from getting sick or even worse dying.

JamieTulsa, OK

Great Dog Food

Here’s some info that was important to me. The first few ingredients are; chicken meal, chicken, brewers rice, chicken fat, egg product, cracked pearled barley,… Crude protein 32%, crude fat 25%. 4710kcal/kg (2143kcal/pound)(470 kcal/cup)ME. Feeding Guide on the bag suggests about 4 cups/100 pound weight of an adult dog. I paid some cents over $1.00 a pound.

We have 6 dogs, combined weighing 550 pounds. We live in a rural area where the dogs can run a lot. One of our dogs is under weight by 20+ pounds. After lab work the vet’s determination was a high metabolism.

The Thin One doesn’t have the time to stand around a food bowl for the 10 to 12 cups other dog foods were suggesting. She can deal with 5 to 6 cups of the Diamond Extreme Athlete. I’ve been researching and trying foods for over a year. I’ve feed elk, deer, bison, cow, goat, chicken, no grain, with grain, the list goes on. While the debate over “quality” ingredients rages on, nothing works if it’s left in the bowl.

I’ll buy it again. A 40 pound bag lasts me like 100 pounds of some other brands. The price is very good, and it was delivered UPS. The most important thing is that all 6 dogs like it.

CoyAustin, NV

Food for Life!

Very satisfied with the service. Our dog loves this food! There was even a slight discount for purchasing more than one bag. Unfortunately, in my haste to “click to buy,” I neglected to notice the size of the bags. So you can imagine my surprise when the UPS truck delivered eighty pounds of dog food to the house. Now our neighbors think we might have bought a pony. . . Oh, well, our poodle puppy now has food for life! P.S. – This food was actually recommended by our breeder.
AltheaNichols, FL

Working dogs

I have a farm and one of my dogs is a service dog doing mobility work for me. Our farm is literally on a mountain. It’s really hard to keep weight on the working dogs, much less my youngster who ALSO goes everywhere with me with a backpack constantly balancing my weight! We have used this food for a couple of years now. I understand it is used by some mushers (sled dog trainers). Given the choice I honestly would use some of the higher quality diets. Every few months we get a batch that seems to make a few of my more sensitive dogs slightly under the weather. Diamond (rolling eyes). Overall, however, this is a far, far better food than most grocery store brands, ANYTHING I have ever seen at Walmarts, and better bang for your buck on calories per dollar (do the math sometime, it’s very revealing with regard to some of the “cheap foods”).
GabrielleHarrison Township, MI

You can smell the difference to run of the mill!

My puppies(Pitbull terrier-2.5 years/40 lbs & Pitboxer-8 months/40 pounds and growing)absolutely love this stuff. With pedigree sometimes it would sit in the bowl, until they got hungry enough to eat. With this stuff they come running & scarf it down. The older one has a very high metabolism. With the old stuff her weight would fluctuate; it was a challenge to get her to keep weight on. I’m sure its a combination of the high calorie content/the fact that she eats all of her food regularly that has helped her to now maintain a good weight. I know this food costs more than the run of the mill brands but there’s no way I can make my girls go back to that other garbage. It even smells fantastic(for dog food), like it probably is full of flavor.

*Addendum* We’ve been feeding this to our dogs for about 3 months now and they still love it! But even better, their coats have improved so much. The older one has allergies to dirt and it appears also perhaps to certain grains used as fillers in many low end dog foods. Since we’ve switched her food her balding spots are filling back in. The younger one has much coarser fur than the older one, but her fur has gotten softer/smoother to the touch, too. And as far as the cost goes compared to the lower end brands, with Diamond we go through a 40 lb bag in just about a month to the date versus 2 bags in a month with the lesser stuff which equals out to about the same price give or take a few dollars.

RosalynBelmont, OH