Diet Pete’s Choice Soda Mix

Sodamix syrups are highly concentrated. Each bottle of concentrated syrup, when mixed with carbonated tap water, makes 12 liters of soda, the equivalent of about 33 cans. That means no more cases of bottles and cans to lug, store and recycle. And you’ll pay just pennies per glass! All SodaStream regular sodamix uses a mixture of Splenda® and sugar. Diet flavors are sugar-free, sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener.

Quick facts

  • One 500ml bottle of concentrated Sodamix.
  • Makes 12 liters of soda, the equivalent of about 33 cans.
  • Save the earth from countless plastic bottles!
  • All SodaStream regular sodamix uses a mixture of Splenda® and sugar. Diet flavors are sugar-free, sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener
  • You pay just pennies per glass of delicious sparkling soda!

Top reviews

Oh, Yes….

There are so many beverages that people can drink. Ginger ale is one of them.
ClaireLawrenceburg, IN

Contains SPLENDA – yuck

The product description claims “It contains no high-fructose corn syrup in regular flavors and no aspartame in diet flavors.” This is true – instead ALL of the 12 sample flavors we got with our machine contain SPLENDA (sucralose), whether “diet” or not! You have to read the fine print to discover this. Prior to reading the fine print, we tried the root beer: hmm, tastes like root beer but with an artificial after-taste. Then the “Dr. Pepper”: hmm, tastes like Dr. Pepper but with an artificial after-taste. Checked the fine print: sugar, PLUS SPLENDA. Who would have thought the NON-diet flavors would contain SPLENDA? We threw the remaining 10 sample packs out and will look elsewhere for flavorings that don’t sneak artificial sweeteners in – Monin syrups come to mind.
DamonFreeport, ME

Unhealthy ingredients for a healthy drink

I love my SodaStream seltzer maker. I purchased the syrup mixes to give my drinks a little flavor. I was very disappointed with the ingredient list: artificial flavors, sodium benzoate, acesulfame potassium, and Red #40 and Yellow #6.

I drink seltzer instead of soda because I want to avoid these artificial ingredients. These syrup mixes were not worth the money.

StevieCrooksville, OH

Warning, non-diet syrup contains Sucralose (Splenda)

This stuff would be pretty good if it wasn’t for the artificial sweetener. I’m not sure why they insist on putting sucralose into a product labeled as non-diet, especially after touting that it contains real cane sugar. It does, in fact, contain real sugar. But the advantage is negated by the unmistakable aftertaste caused by the sucralose.

I think they’re trying to keep the calorie count down by creating a “half diet” drink. But I don’t like diet drinks. I’ve never had one that didn’t have some sort of weird taste or aftertaste. I don’t drink a lot of colas either, but I like to treat myself to one every now and then. So, when I do drink one, I want one with real sugar, no HFCS, and no artificial sweeteners. I used to seek out Mexican Coke for this, and I was hoping to get a similar product with the Sodastream.

I think a lot of people are attracted to the Sodastream by the prospect of getting a purer product. They’re going to be disappointed by the presence of artificial sweeteners in these syrups. It’s not a big deal to me because I mostly use the Sodastream to make plain seltzer, but I’m sure their syrups would sell better if they would get rid of the sucralose.

CiraFalse Pass, AK

After taste from nutraSweet Aspartame

I’m sorry to say even the non diet syrup uses nutrasweet as a sweetener, sadly this makes for a poor taste. I use the original Coke cola Syrup but now having trouble finding it.
From the looks of it all SodaStream syrup has Nutrasweet so be warned if you don’t enjoy the taste.
FaviolaPeaster, TX

Not ecological

Sodastream bills itself as an ecological alternative to disposable bottles. However, if you look at the fine print on the bottles, the syrups are made in Israel. An item that’s mainly water is being shipped half way around the world. I think that cancels out any eco benefit on this end.
MarnaLinthicum Heights, MD

Are they kidding with the price?

Either I’m missing something and this is a double pack, which the description does not seem to support, or these people are insane. There are loads of places to get this same product for $3.99, $4.99, even as high as $5.99. What are they thinking?
MollyClinton, AR

What Every Consumer Should Know – NOT Economical

The taste of SodaStream diet cola does not match that of mainstream brands. This becomes especially noticeable for frequent drinkers of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. Yet that isn’t the main problem with the SodaStream offering. The truth is simply that consumers are paying way too much for C02 refills — sixteen times (16x) too much.

While the general idea of at-home carbonation is solid, consumers should understand that they are grossly overpaying for SodaStream carbon dioxide refills. In fact, the prices charged are sixteen times (16x) wholesale costs or many, many times more expensive than the prices a restaurant would pay. In Europe, frugal consumers are aware of such markups and actually purchase their own restaurant-sized CO2 refills. In the US, we aren’t so frugal.

Other than the outrageous costs for the CO2 refills, there are other issues with the SodaStream Fountain Jet. One is the construction quality is quite low with very thin molded plastic and little weight. Additionally, the taste of generic soda flavors do not match that of the brand name products.

Below is the calculated cost per two liter for the output of SodaStream soda. This includes the cost of the consumables AND the equipment costs. I have used very generous assumptions, including a low discount rate (i.e. cost of money).

Transportation costs were not factored because 1) purchases of typical groceries should more or less overlap with soft drink purchases 2) grocery delivery has long been available in many areas 3) most people live closer to a grocery store than to a home furnishings store (I walk 100 ft. for groceries and drive one mile for BB&B) 4) the reverse logistics for the CO2 refills is an extra expense for the retailer that has to be factored into its profit margin and will ultimately be borne by the consumer.

One of the reasons Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Crate and Barrel choose to carry SodaStream is that they want the consumer to make MORE FREQUENT trips to their establishments for consumables. Instead of going to such establishments once every 3 to 6 months, customers will now visit once every 1 to 2 months. That makes an enormous difference for generating impulse purchases at such retailers. One could argue then that transportation costs could increase for the individual consumer.

Total Costs = $1.73 per Two Liter — More Expensive Than Retail

Flavor cost bottle of concentrate $4.99
Liters of product per container 12
Flavor/l $0.42

Volume of CO2 130
Cost of CO2 per refill (130 liters) 29.99
CO2 cost per liter $0.23

*Sodastream Equipment Costs – Amortization Per Liter
Equipment cost $89.00
Equipment life (years) 5
Discount rate (cost of money) 8%
Liters per month 10.00
Monthly amortized cost $1.80
Cost of equipment per liter $0.18

*Water Cost with Brita Filtration
Municipal water costs per liter in US $0.0004
Brita filter three pack (454 liters of water output) $16.95
Brita cost per liter $0.0373
Water and filter costs per liter $0.0377
(assumes you already own Brita Pitcher so no equipment costs, just incremental filtration)

***TOTAL COSTS PER TWO LITER = (Flavor + CO2 + Equipment + Filtered Water) * 2
SodaStream Total Cost Per Two Liter = $1.73

Without filtered water:
SodaStream Total Cost Per Two Liter = $1.65

*****What does CO2 Really Cost????


*Restaurant Carbonation (note distributor prices, so there is still a distributor profit)
weight of CO2 contents of large restaurant CO2 tank: 50 lbs
weight in grams: 22,680 grams of CO2
cost to refill – Summer 2011: $35

CO2 grams/liter of carbonated water: 7 grams

*Efficiency of Restaurant CO2 Carbonation
losses: 10%
available CO2 in tank (residual is required for pressure): 85%
net accessible CO2 of total: 77%
usable grams of CO2: 17,350 grams

carbonated liters of water: 2,479
cost per liter in USD$: $0.014

*SodaStream Output
SodaStream Refill: 130 liters (quoted end product)
Cost per refill: $30.00
cost per SodaStream carbonated water: $0.231

*SodaStream Markup Economics
ratio of SodaStream to Restaurant prices: 16.3x
SodaStream inflation price over restaurant pricing: 1534%
math: [y/x-x] to give increase over base case restaurant pricing

This is an incredible 1500% markup

Saves plastic
Allows flexible mixture of flavors

Cost of output is not compelling
Grossly inflated CO2 refill costs
Another store trip required for refills separate from grocery store visit

***Disclaimer: I am an investor who has used the product multiple times. At the time of this review, I did NOT have an investment in SodaStream either short or long. In the past, I have both owned the stock and shorted it (bet against it). I may be on either side of the trade by the time you read this — I am not very sentimental.

CorineIstachatta, FL


The Soda Club machine is great. We enjoy all the flavors (excluding the mango one). I read the other reviews, my family doesn’t understand what after taste they are refering too. I have been drinking Pepsi all my life. It is finally great to have soda without aspartame and corn syrup! Plus, I am saving lugging 2-liter jugs from the grocery store and have cut down on the amount of garbage I throw out. There are a lot of flavors at […]. Yeah for Soda Club!!
BarbraDyer, AR


The non-diet flavors all have Splenda. In addition to sweeteners. Tastes awful. If I wanted artificial sweeteners I would’ve bought the diet sodastream. Ick.
AlfrediaHecker, IL

Tastes fine, but 2X price of buying soda at store.

First, I LOVE the sodastream machines. They work great for sparkly water anytime you need it.
The syrups taste good–just like store bought sodas. But, the price for the syrup is insane! Each bottle makes the equilalent of 6 2L bottles of soda. Every supermarket I go to has 2L bottles of soda for $1 regularly–so the store bought equilent is only $6.
ShalaPerrysville, IN

Regular flavors contain Splenda

I’m very dissappointed that the regular flavors of these soda syrups contain artificial sweeteners. Not all of the regular flavors are available in the Natural flavors so you tend to miss out on many of the varieties. Too bad. I might have to look into making my own syrups.
BrendanHobart, NY

Great Idea, but it is not very good.

I like the taste of coke and pepsi, if I had to choose between both of them I would choose Pepsi. The soda stream cola is awful. I can normally drink any soda, but this one is almost undrinkable. I gave it two stars because it is better for the environment.
IdaliaMount Arlington, NJ

Disgusting Artificial Sweeteners in All Sodastream, even non-diet

I squinted on the product picture and made out that sugar was the first ingredient as one would hope in a non-diet drink flavoring. Imagine my frustration when I discovered Splenda and acesulfame potassium among other chemicals I choose not to ingest! Why offer a diet version and non-diet version if everything has nasty artificial sweeteners?
LatonyaWest Greenwich, RI


I don’t like diet coke but my husband does and it tastes just like it so if you like diet coke its for you lol
SueLimerick, ME

Misleading discription-bad taste

They advertise that they contain ‘no aspartame in diet flavors’ and boldly state ‘no high fructose corn syrup’, but the regular flavors contain sucralose artificial sweetners making it taste awful. No disclaimer on the front of the bottle. How can they legally NOT call it DIET if it has artificial sweetners? Anyway, unless you like and can drink diet drinks you will not like ‘regular’ flavors either.
SharitaColumbus, MT

Diet Lemon Lime- flavor

I have tried this flavor and it tastes a lot like Sprite. I like that it has no aspartame. The price on Amazon is Double what you can get these syrups for elsewhere, so I will not buy it here.
FeltonPalmer Lake, CO

It has splenda in it

I puchase regular soda because I am allergic to artificial sweeteners. Why is there artificial sweetener in a regular soda syrup?
StaceyJohn Day, OR


I have worked for a major retailer for the past 20 years, we sell Soda Stream and all its accessories. I even performed ALL the product samplings this past 4th quarter. I bought one for myself. I like it okay but slowly came to realize that every time I drank the diet cola my face would erupt with cysts that were huge and raw. I thought it was stress or something else. I went to an allergist and tested with very strong reaction to “sulfites”. everyone, I mean EVERYONE look at your bottles of syrup and despite all the “healthy” mumbo jumbo find the small print “contains sulfites”. My Dr. told me to stop drinking the soda stream diet cola (I believe all the flavors have sulfites, but I could be wrong) for several weeks. I complied and stuck with good old Diet Coke. My face cleared up within a few days and was cyst free. Them my Dr. instructed me to make a batch of the diet cola in the 1 liter bottle and drink it throughout 1 day. The next day the cysts were forming again and then progresively got worse. Stopped using soda stream products completely and have had NO flair ups since. I would be very careful as sulfites have many bad side effects. I truly loved the product, its simplicity and sold tons of it because I thought it was great. Little did I know I was selling something tainted with sulfites. If you have noticed any strange blisters, cysts or acne do as I did with my Dr.s instructions and see for yourself. I am male so don’t insinuate it was a “monthly menstrual cycle”. BEWARE.
TyraUnion Hill, IL

SodaStream Jet

My family LOVES the sodaStream fizzy water, and HATES the flavors SodaStream makes- there is a definite aftertaste of Not-Sugar (sucralose) in the concentrates, which can trigger migraines in sensitive people (like us). However, we have found that mixing the fizzy water with half juice (real cranberry is a favorite, and even the V8 V-Fusion juice blends) gets us drinking more water and less juice without sacrificing taste. For lightly-flavored waters we do use a small amount of natural flavor extracts (we like McNess- no propylene glycol) rather than the fruit flavors offered by SodaStream. Definitely get an extra 2-pack of bottles, though, to keep chilled water ready for fizzing in the fridge. The gas cartridge refills are quite easily found, as well.
AntonioGrant, CO

Product not sealed

This product arrived and I found it a little odd that a liquid food product such as this is not encased in a cellophane shrink wrapping. Then I opened the top and found that there was not even a seal across the top of the bottle. I promptly threw the stuff out!
ShenaMinneapolis, MN

Nasty tasting splenda

Get that diet taste in a non diet soda…….. enough said.
If you use the Soda Stream, buy the bag in a box brand name soda syrup.
PauleneArlington, KY

Diet lover’s delite

I should have read the product description better. The artificial sweetner in the Lemon Lime mix creates a drink along the lines of Diet Sprite (or other lemon limey diet drinks). If you like diet lemon lime, then it’s probably fine. I don’t.
KatheyCumbola, PA


We enjoy our soda stream alot.
But the syrups you get from them all have a bitter after taste, which is from using the Splendia.
Currently looking for better syrups.
JohannaMount Vernon, IL

not as it seems

I purchased the Soda Stream cola mix because it seemed “all natural” from its list of ingredients. When I received it, however, the ingredients listed things like acesulfame and sulfites, which I’m allergic to. Not happy.
JacquesAlbion, IN

great product

I purchased the Soda Stream (Starter Kit) as a Father’s Day gift for my husband. We both enjoy soda water, but there are only a few brands we’ve found which do not taste “soapy.”

We’ve only had it for a week, but this little gadget works as advertised. It is easy and quick and effective to use, and we all like that we can control the level of “fizz.” I like more, the kids like less. I bought extra bottles and flavorings (for the kids) so everyone could do their own. We use it mostly with filtered water, although the tap water works perfectly well too, as long as you have good tap water.

The flavorings will be used not as much around here, although they seem good and the kids like them.

I would highly recommend this product. The only caveat I would give at this point, is make sure you want more “gas” in your life. My entire family is doing a lot more belching and burping than we ever have before, but we like this machine!

JaleesaOakland, TN

Some are good, some are not so much.

Some of the flavors we have tried:
Diet Cola
I do not like diet cola. I don’t like diet Coke, diet Pepsi or diet other drinks. We bought this flavor so we could make diet drinks for someone who might like a diet cola when we were making our own soda. However, this is really one of the better diet drinks that I have tried. If you make your own soda, this is a good one to try.

This is the best one by far of all of the flavors we have tried. This flavor tastes just like the fanta orange soda. We love this one.

This cola flavoring is ok. It’s not great. You can easily make simple syrups that will not be a cola flavor but will taste much better than this flavor. This is the equivalent of RC Cola. Ok but it’s not near as good as other name brand colas.

DonitaSedalia, NC

Warning – Non-Diet Flavors contain Splenda

We love our Soda Stream and usually drink the bubbly water plain or make our own syrups (very easy to do), but I purchased the Root Beer flavor on a whim. We poured the recommended amount of syrup into the carbonated water and slurped. It was OK for a split-second, THEN came the after taste – YUCK!!!

If you are NOT of the persuasion that Splenda is natural and don’t enjoy aftertaste and don’t want to acquire a taste for fake sugar, then this product is NOT for you.

From now on, I’m not buying anything without reading the label first.

RyanBonaire, GA

Bad taste

This product is sweetened with Splenda, and tastes very artificial. Maybe if you like diet soda you will like this, but the 3 people that sampled it did not.
AguedaBurlington, TX

great idea, needs work

Just recently purchase as I like the soda taste but not the amount of sugar in Soda. Have tried all flavors and regardless of soda, they all have the DIET aftertaste. If you suffer from migrains (as I do) the artificial sweetener used in the soda syrups will only cause more pain and surprisingly quickly. There truely needs to be an alternative to the artificial sweetner for this to be a soda substitute.
MartinaPittsburg, IL